Every Time I Raise My Fees I Feel Like a Fraud

A client who is a great coach asked me a question. Do I really need to fill my practice to raise my fees?

If you are new to coaching, I highly recommend filling your practice first because from that place it is far easier to raise your fees, when you do not ‘need’ a client. (I know far too many new coaches with high fees and no clients. And as we say in the book, a coach with no clients is not a coach!)

And there’s no single answer to this question. Several times over the past few years I have raised my fees because inspiration struck, I decided to play a bigger game or I simply wanted to.

What I found interesting is that almost every time I raised my fees I felt like a fraud. No one is going to pay me that… Until the first person does. And then I have the very same next thought every time, Well, that was just a fluke. No one else is going to pay that… Until they do. And only then do I begin to own my new fee. (Until the next time I choose to raise it, of course…)

The clue that my fee is too low has always been that too many people pay it without questioning it. The clue that my fee is too high has always been that too many people question it without paying it!

Over time, I have discovered that my fee has become a filter to weed out clients who are not truly committed to their vision, personal growth, professional development or their business. And for clients who are ready to invest I always let them know that coaching with me will cost a lot more than money. They will need to invest their time, energy, focus and commitment. And if they are ready to invest all that, well then we have the beginning of a Hell Yeah coaching agreement.

What is your biggest challenge around coaching fees?

Love. Rich


  1. Jason Amoroso says

    Great stuff, Rich Litvin! I had the exact same experience. When I first started coaching, my fees were high because I compared myself to other coaches and said, "If they are charging that much, I'm worth at least this much." But I had no clients. I lowered my fees and started filling my practice. And just as you say, got the confidence and eliminated the neediness…which allowed me to raise my fees (and people have paid). I also agree that our fee can be a filter for clients, but why do you make it about them and that they are not truly committed to their vision, etc. What if they just don't want to pay your fee? One thing I've learned (from personal experience) is that a high-fee coach is not necessarily a high-quality coach…or at least the right coach for me. It just seems unfair and inaccurate to say that if a client won't pay my fee that they are not committed. To me, there are other factors at play as well. Thanks for sharing! You are a powerful coach because I have experienced you! I bought the Kindle version and I'm getting so much value from it…but most importantly, my coaching practice has thrived because I've bee applying what I've learned. On to prosperity and making a difference!

  2. says

    Since People here in Mexico does not know what a coach means and above all, what can a good coaching sessions can do for them, I will start with a fee that is reasonable to whomever wants to change his/her life. I have NO PROBLEM RAISING MY FEES mainly because I am saving every penny to pay for my coaching…..so here I will give the best I have and in return I want to see results and my fees. Ariel

  3. says

    I will keep you posted regarding this issue. I feel like the shoemaker who arrived where nobody wear shoes…."I have a shift" load of work….. I will follow your advice: go slow and make my agenda as if it was full.