October 24-27, 2014 – Los Angeles

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Give Me 3 Days, and I’ll Take You Through the Advanced, “Behind-the-Scenes” Strategies—And Ways of Being—That Have Made Me a Highly Sought-After Leader in the Coaching World.

These strategies have helped me work with influential clients…create a great lifestyle…co-author a book…do charitable work…build a tribe of engaged leaders…and run live seminars that sell out in days.

Whatever your biggest dream or “next-level” is…these strategies can help you get there, too.

Hi, Rich Litvin, co-author of The Prosperous Coach here…

Over the past 8 years, as one of the most exclusive success coaches in the world today, I’ve been fortunate enough to work with elite clients including Olympic athletes, presidential candidates, Hollywood film directors, emergency room physicians, British Special Forces soldiers, and millionaires in the business world.

Through apprenticeships and my Intensives, I’ve also had the chance to work with hundreds of other extraordinary individuals in the coaching world.

Individuals who were already professional coaches, but determined to take their practice to the next level.

Individuals who had a track record of success in other fields, but wanted to coach as a way to give back and help others.

After working with me, these individuals take their coaching practices to levels they never thought possible. And if you meet my requirements, which I’ll get into later on, I can help you do the same.

But don’t take my word for it…

“$31,000 into my account…And the impact and effectiveness of my work has massively increased.”

Destin Gerek

“Since your event, I have traveled to Japan and Nepal with private clients, all expenses paid plus an additional $31,000 into my account. I am currently in Australia working with another one of my clients (3 months coaching, plus a week in their home in Australia for $25,000 +expenses), and just enrolled another client for a six month $27,500 agreement. Some other things too, but I consider these the big ones. And best of all, the impact and effectiveness of my work has massively increased, as well.”

—Destin Gerek

“This year, I billed around $400,000 in coaching fees. The year before I billed just $15,000…I turned my vision into a reality…”

Terrance Thames

“Before coaching with Rich, life felt very average and capped. I thought I had already made my biggest dent in the coaching world, with little more to look forward to. And then I Apprenticed with Rich and created some extraordinary results: This year, I billed around $400,000 in coaching fees. The year before I billed just $15,000.My clients are by invitation and referral only and I still don’t have a website. I am much more relaxed around money. And I have a deep inner knowing that I can create money whenever I want to, when I follow what I have learned in our time together.

—Terrance Thames

“My first Hell Yeah to a $10,000 proposal…”


Wow. Just got my first hell yeah to a $10,000 proposal – 5 days of 1-on-1 coaching on the Big Island of Hawaii. And, Jason is one of my favorite (past) clients!

—Paula Padmakshi

So how did these coaches take their income to unexpected levels, land their dream clients, and go on to live their dream lives?

It certainly wasn’t the latest marketing fad like social media, email lists, blogging, or SEO.

It wasn’t cold calling, or handing out business cards at random networking events to “get the word out.”

What they did was actually quite simple. They just continued doing what they love most, and what you probably love to do most.

They coached.

But it wasn’t just coaching as you may know and understand it. They learned and mastered the art of Deep Coaching.

What do you want next for your coaching practice?

Do you want to go from making $1,000 proposals to $10,000…$20,000…or even $50,000 proposals?

Do you want to work fewer days so you can spend more time with your family and loved ones while not taking a hit in income?

Do you want that one dream client you’ve been nervous about approaching up until now?

Or do you just want to make a bigger impact and transform more lives using your gifts somehow?

Whatever it might be, Deep Coaching can help transform your practice and reach your “next level.”

As you may already know, my coaching career was not an overnight success.

I’ve sweated and struggled and cried. And cried some more. I’ve fallen flat on my face. I’ve failed and I’ve screwed up. I’ve used up all of my savings—more than once.

I’ve panicked many times when it looked like I wouldn’t cover my rent. I got so close to asking my family for a loan that my gut churns with embarrassment even now.

But you can’t take a client any deeper than you’ve gone yourself.

So I studied, and I trained and I studied some more. And I sought out coaching by many of the best coaches and trainers in the world.

I invested thousands of hours of my time and energy, and focus and attention. I read constantly. I never stopped learning. I risked everything. I failed far more than I succeeded.

My first paying client paid me $10 a month.

And quite honestly I was thrilled with that—because no one had ever paid me for a service like this before. And I was excited and I wondered if I could really create a lifestyle working as a coach.

Well, it turned out I couldn’t.

I made just $4,500 in my first year, and about $20,000 in my second year as a coach.

I was frustrated. I was upset. And I was scared. But the thing was, I was committed.

I studied, trained, applied and practiced. I failed, failed, failed, succeeded. And failed again. And then I studied, trained, applied and practiced some more.

People asked me, “Why do you need to keep learning more?”

They were shortsighted. They didn’t understand the principles of Deep Coaching, which I was studying and learning at the time.

For the past 8 years, my plan for creating clients has been one line:

Meet fun and interesting people.

That’s it. No blogging, SEO, or building an email list. I just try to meet fun and interesting people. I built a successful practice just by going deep with one person at a time.

Now this is MY way of creating clients. It’s based on my strengths and my personality.

I’m an introvert. I hate large gatherings where I need to make small talk. But I love engaging in deep conversations with one or two individuals.

YOUR way of doing things will be different. But you must be willing and able to go deep. You must go high touch instead of high tech.

I do not give a specific set of steps you can follow to achieve a result. But I will help you discover the way that feels best and most natural for you based on your strengths and personality. I’ll show you how you can be yourself, how you don’t need to change, and especially how you don’t need to become a marketer.

This discovery process and the dive into Deep Coaching won’t be easy.

If you want to take your coaching practice to the next level, you must be prepared to feel uncomfortable and maybe even take a step back. Believe me, things WILL get tough and you WILL feel uncomfortable.

Because what got you here, won’t necessarily get you there—where you want to go.

A surprising number of coaches want a way to make the sales process easier. If you’re one of these coaches, then I’ve got news for you…

The sales process is meant to be tough.

If you want the best clients and the highest fees, you must earn their respect. It takes time. But that’s what Deep Coaching can help you do.

How John Morgan used the principles of Deep Coaching to go from $20,000 to $200,000 in two years.

John Morgan was a full-time coach earning just $20,000 a year. He was getting by on this along with some other income.

Then John started working with me. Now, here’s where most “gurus” will tell you that things got better for John and how he started making more money and scoring the best clients, but not me.

Things actually became worse for John.

John was doing more coaching in a month than he’d done in his entire life. But he was actually making less than ever. His girlfriend at the time—and now wife—asked him, “What are you doing?!”

She started losing faith in the approach. In fact, John wrote me an email one night when he woke up in a cold sweat because he was worried and anxious. Other people would have already reverted back to their old ways. But John kept faith and stuck with things.

In his own words, what he was doing “just felt right.”

Even though John was making less money. He was making huge, bold proposals in the amounts of $15,000 to $20,000. More money from a single client than he had ever earned before in a year of coaching.

The first 75 people all said no.

But here’s the thing…

95% of the people wanted to say YES.

They trusted him.

They respected him.

They just didn’t have the money at the time.

John was learning the process of creating clients and taking his practice to the next level through Deep Coaching.

He started working his way up the social and financial ladder. Then he eventually created a new client. Then another.

In the past two years, John has worked with 2-3 dozen clients. And when he recently checked his income for the year he was surprised to discover he had billed over $200,000.

Now, John works 3 days a week with only exceptional, committed clients that come through invitation and referral only.

It didn’t happen overnight. It took hours and hours of deep, powerful conversations with hundreds of individuals to form connections and build trust. He slowed down, and he was able to charge more and work with his ideal, dream clients.

Best of all, because John went deep himself, he was able to take his clients deeper than ever before and transform their lives. That’s what I want for you.

Listen to John tell his story:

Master the Art of Deep Coaching so you can take your coaching practice to the next level and achieve your biggest, boldest dreams.

At my Leadership Intensive in Los Angeles, from October 24-27, you’ll experience Deep Coaching first hand.

To be a powerful transformative coach you need to dive far deeper than helping your clients simply achieve goals and build skills. As a transformative coach, when you are willing to go deep with your clients—really deep—their lives will absolutely transform.

Meta-coaching is the art of taking your coaching and laying it on a table to dissect it with the precision of a surgeon.

You’ll see that coaching is not about the hours spent with a client, but how single moments and single insights can transform people’s lives. This is not an informational workshop. It will be all about experience and application.

You will be forced to get out of your comfort zone.

Sound edgy? Good. It’s meant to be. We’re taking the training wheels off for this Deep Coaching masterclass.

You’ll learn the same strategies that have helped me make a mark in the coaching world and go on to work with influential, dream clients.

These are also the same Deep Coaching strategies that helped Destin Gerek work with private clients in Nepal and Japan with all expenses paid, plus an extra $31,000. It’s how Terrance Thames went from $15,000 to $400,000 per year after feeling “average and capped.” It’s how John Morgan reached the next level and went from $20,000 to $200,000 a year.

Another woman I helped transitioned from the corporate world to consulting. Her first-ever client was a top Hollywood studio and her contract was for $350,000 for six months.

Susan Andrewes reached her next level when she signed her first $75,000 client shortly after one of my Intensives.

What’s your next level? Is it more income? Dream clients? Something else?

Whatever it might be, Deep Coaching will help you get there just like it has help hundreds of other coaches.

Brad Billingsley

“The Prosperous Coach Intensive is for coaches who are ready to go big and take their coaching and their business up three levels. It is not for the feint of heart. This was the most powerful professional development experience I’ve had and has challenged me to play a much bigger game with my clients and my prospects. If you are committed to turning pro as a coach, this is the place to do it. My confidence has soared as a result of this workshop.

—–Brad Billingsley

But we’re just getting started here…

LEADERSHIP IS COACHING: Master the Art of Deep Coaching is just the first of five coaching leadership themes we’ll cover at the Leadership Intensive.

LEADERSHIP IS ENROLLMENT: Master the Art of Creating a Highly Successful Coaching Practice.

Becoming a world-class coach is one thing. But it’s irrelevant if you struggle to create clients and a lifestyle you love. This is our second theme.

As a powerful coach are you willing to go even deeper with your clients? Are you willing to say the things that no one else will say? Are you willing to make bold or even outrageous proposals?

Because you will be once you go through this part of my Leadership Intensive.

You’ll see, once you stop trying to please people and develop the mindset of serving them, your practice will absolutely transform.

We are going to bring your enrollment sessions “into the room.”

We’ll get specific. We’ll get our hands dirty.

Amir Karkouti

The enrollment process has become fun and easy and I look forward to waking up and having powerful conversations without awkwardly trying to get money from people. The shift for me was that it doesn’t matter what I say. I don’t need a script. I don’t need a plan and I don’t have to ‘set up’ before a meeting. I just have to show up. I’ve gotten more clients and more referrals from this process.”

—-Amir Karkouti

The third theme is:

LEADERSHIP IS CONTRIBUTION: Make a Contribution to Something Bigger Than Yourself

Have you ever wanted to use your coaching skills for a cause you believe in?

You will be the very first group that I teach my insights learned on my mission to Liberia. We are going to explore how you—and your clients—can increase your profits and catapult every area of your business and life through giving and developing a strategic philanthropy program.

You’ll learn how to inspire your people into action and create the foundation for further success. You’ll experience the joy and power of unstoppable giving and contribution.

One Olympic athlete I worked with was able to get around her fears of asking for money and raised $40,000 in corporate sponsorship just 24 hours after working with me. Another British woman convinced a billionaire entrepreneur to write the forward for her book and become president of her organization as a result of our coaching.

I’ll show you how all your biggest, boldest dreams are all very possible and within your grasp as we get into this third theme of contribution.

If making a difference in a bigger way has been on your radar, but you haven’t taken any steps in that direction, this is a session you won’t want to miss.

Our Special Guest at this Intensive will be Cynthia Kersey.
Cynthia Kersey
Cynthia is a leader in the transformational field. She’s the bestselling author of two books, Unstoppable and Unstoppable Women—a collection of powerful stories and strategies from people, who through perseverance and consistent action, turned obstacles into personal triumph. Over 500,000 copies sold, in 17 languages, speak to their impact.Cynthia’s Unstoppable Foundation has raised millions of dollars and helped fund almost 50 schools in 3 countries, bringing education to over 5,500 children a day and delivering clean water, sanitation, health care and training to over 15,000 community members.Cynthia knows first-hand that giving is not only good for business, it’s good for the soul. At the Leadership Intensive, Cynthia will help you with a practical action plan to increase your bottom line, expand your business, create client evangelists and become completely invigorated about your life and business by integrating generosity as a business philosophy.

Next, the fourth theme is:

LEADERSHIP IS Powerful Language: Make Your Work Visible

When you work in a more open and connected way—you will build a purposeful network that makes you more effective and provides access to more opportunities.

Whether it’s through writing, video, audio or more powerful coaching we’ll find ways for you to build and communicate with your tribe and improve your work at the same time. You’ll engage your “right” people. You’ll build your social network—not a social network. You’ll interact with a broader range of powerful people and collaborate with them—and they’ll be willing help you in other ways.

You’ll learn to master the powerful language of enrollment. You’ll understand and learn to use the four purposes of communication to build your tribe—and leverage your work.

The 4 purposes of communication are to inquire, to inform, to persuade, and to serve. And, once you get through this session, you’ll walk away with experience using these in live situations in front of actual people. Your confidence will soar and people will respond to you differently.

No Photo

I started changing the way I communicated and it has already created a significant difference in the way other people are responding to me. Just coming from a place of passion and service has made it a completely new experience. I went to an event recently and spoke with a woman who sat down at my table. She ended up wanting my card after what was an easy, open and flowing conversation. This is huge for me because previous conversations about what I do always left me feeling really yucky.”

—-Vered Dell

And last but not least, the fifth theme is:


You will play—and help your clients play—an exponential game.

The painful truth about living an exponential life is that there are times it can feel painfully slow—that long flat growth line to the left of an exponential curve. It’s why so many quit. An exponential life can feel incremental. And that hurts. And yet if you are really willing to play, there comes a moment when everything can change. And it can seem to happen almost instantly.

It’s the reason great coaches coach for ‘insight’ not for information because a single insight can change everything.

As I said before, things won’t be easy. You’ll wonder if you’re on the right track, or if you’re cut out for things. But if you’re willing to brave the elements and play the exponential game, I assure you the rewards are worth it.


“Rich, you really helped me take the first step on this amazing journey and I speak so highly of you. I am currently coaching people on how to build up property portfolios and wealth creation for people earning from $300,000 to over $1,000,000 a year—and we always end up including the mindset you introduced me to.”

—-Martyn Anstey

Before you even get to the Leadership Intensive. And before you even scroll down to the signup page.

Here’s what I want you to do right now:

Set your own goal to generate at least 10X (TEN TIMES) your investment by joining me at this Leadership Intensive.

It doesn’t matter if you don’t know how yet. We’ll dive deep into these 5 themes at the Leadership Intensive to help you get there.

But if you can’t connect to a powerful intention to generate 10X your investment, this program is NOT for you.

Unlike other coaches who promise you with a step-by-step method or formula to success, I don’t believe such a thing exists.

I agree with my friend, Michael Neill, who wrote:

“If you’re looking to become a millionaire in a month or build a successful business from scratch, in 90 days, I’ve got some bad news for you—it doesn’t work that way. Really.

I know of no way around this one—if you want to produce results and you’re not starting at the finish line, you need to put in the hours.”

You must be willing to put in the work to find your way of doing things. You must be willing to feel uncomfortable.

Here’s what I require from you:

  • You coach extraordinary clients—or you want to…
  • You are an extraordinary coach—or you are on your way…
  • You are ready to join a community of powerful coaches…
  • You coach clients to drastically increase their wealth, improve their business, relationships or health…
  • You are ready to lean into your edge and take steps towards your fears—this is the only path of growth…
  • You have a bias for action. This is not a motivational seminar. It will be your mission to turn your insights into powerful action in the world…
  • You are willing to have fear be irrelevant to how you show up. It’s ok to feel fear—that’s called being human—you just won’t use it as a reason for not taking action…
  • You are already running a profitable business—or you have a focused professional skill-set and a huge entrepreneurial drive…
  • You have a track record of success—even outside of coaching—because success is transferable…

This is NOT a seminar about information. It is about insight and application.

I’ll show you how you already have everything you need right in front of you. But you must reach out of your comfort zone and get it.

Come ready to play full out. Hide nothing and hold nothing back and you will generate what you are asking for. Do not let anything get in your way.

Life really can be exponential. You are far closer to everything you want than you could ever imagine. Miracles are far closer than you think.

I am here for one purpose, and that’s to help you experience these five coaching leadership themes. You are not alone anymore. It’s time to put these skills into practice until you reach your “next level.”

At the Leadership Intensive, you’ll make this your reality.

And you’ll experience that being an extraordinary coach is a place to come from not a place to get to…

Kelley Diaz

This workshop dives deep into what it means to be a coach, rather than ‘how’ to be a coach. You get the opportunity to be amongst coaches of all levels who demonstrate their value of coaching by opening up and being coached by Rich in front of the group. There really isn’t any advice or information given without a discussion or demonstration of its practical application. I’ve stopped thinking I need to create the perfect system or website or really that I even need to have some official qualification to start serving as a coach.”

—– Kelley Diaz

Are you still with me?

Great! Then here are the details and everything you need to know.

Dates & Times

Friday, October 24 – 5:00-7:00pm
Saturday, October 25 – 9:00am-5:00pm
Sunday, October 26 – 9:00am-5:00pm
Monday, October 27 – 9:00am-12:00pm


Los Angeles, CA

Your Investment


Our Policies

  1. Cancellation Policy. We are interested in coaches who want to play full out. If you’re in, you’re in. It’s called Commitment.”Hell Yes. Or Hell No”. There is nothing else.If it turns out that you can’t attend the Intensive in person, we will send you the full audio recording of the event – or your fee can be used as a full credit toward any Intensive provided in the next 12 months.
  2. ‘The Power of Vulnerability’ Policy. As Brené’s Brown puts it, ‘vulnerability is our most accurate measure of courage’. She says, if you take a big step and make yourself vulnerable, then it is pretty likely that the next morning you’ll wake up thinking, ‘Oh my God! Why did I share that? What was I thinking?’What we say is that if you don’t feel a vulnerability hangover the next morning, then you probably didn’t go far enough. Show up to our Intensives ready to hide nothing—and hold nothing back. You will triple the value you get by playing this way.N.B. Our Intensives are always recorded, so you will really have an opportunity for a vulnerability hangover. And just like life, you get to choose how far you go in sharing with others—privately or in front of the whole room.
  3. ’200% Responsibility’ Policy. Great coaching relationships involve 200% Responsibility. And 200% Responsibility is how we run our Intensives.On our side, we PROMISE you, that we will show up 100%. [That's me, Rich—and my entire team]. We will hide nothing. We will hold nothing back. We will give you the most powerful, impactful, kick-ass, life changing Intensive that you have ever experienced.On YOUR side, we REQUIRE of you to show up 100%. Hide nothing. Hold nothing back. Take action. Even when you’re afraid. Be vulnerable. Lean into your edge. Take risks. Mess up, screw up, FAIL! Again and again and again. Because more failure is the only guaranteed path to more success.

Just to recap, the 5 themes we’ll dive deep into at the Leadership Intensive are:

  • #1. LEADERSHIP IS COACHING: Master the Art of Deep Coaching.
  • #2. LEADERSHIP IS ENROLLMENT: Master the Art of Creating a Highly Successful Coaching Practice.
  • #3. LEADERSHIP IS CONTRIBUTION: Make a Contribution to Something Bigger Than Yourself.
  • #4. LEADERSHIP IS Powerful Language: Make Your Work Visible.

My promise to you if you said “HELL YEAH” to everything so far.

Most coaches have two very deep fears. The fear within their coaching, which is often expressed as people-pleasing instead of powerful service. And the fear of selling and enrolling clients that typically results in never making bold, life-changing proposals and having only uncommitted clients.

It’s time to handle these. Forever.

I still experience fear. But I no longer let it stop me.

And I want this for you.

You’ll walk away from the Leadership Intensive with clarity on making your coaching dreams a reality. As I said before, coaching is not about hours spent with a coach, but rather it’s about single ideas that can transform lives.

At the end of 3 days, you’ll come away with at least one life-changing idea. I have proof it’s happened for other coaches just like you.
















Allison Crow

“I’m on the plane ride home… And I feel a deep sense of appreciation for the Leadership modeled in the room. I came/was born into a professional world where beautiful thinking was taught from the stage, yet not often modeled in training or coaching calls and in life. Rich Litvin – the vulnerabilty you share… your screw ups, your fears – and you lead powerfully – that combination is more than remarkable – it impacts us all.”

—-Allison Crow
Brian Yining Wu

“This workshop has transformed the way I run my coaching practice. I feel much more relaxed around money. I no longer have the need to constantly prove myself worthy. And I know that I can create clients from a place of love and service instead of from a place of neediness. If you want to work with only a few high-achieving clients per year, and if you hate traditional marketing and sales, do yourself and your future clients a favor and go to this workshop. Rich and Steve are masters of client creation – observe how they are being at the workshop and apply it, and your life will transform.”

—– Brian Yining Wu
Lisa Grech

“After the workshop I presented a proposal to a client. She likes to negotiate, so I gave her three different options. As I sat in the review meeting with her, I listened to her talk herself into option two. I heard myself say in my head, “Stay quiet. She is selling herself.” She said she needed a few days to think on it and yesterday I received an email that she wants to move forward!”

—– Lisa Grech
Cindy Levorah

“Everyone in the room was in the same place. Some were more engaged and others still figuring it out. But no one was an expert. Each person was looking to better their services and follow their path. And I see that there is no ‘one’ path — only my path. While there are tools and many options I just have to find out what works for me. It was a life changing workshop and I truly enjoyed you and Steve and your willingness to give and give more to ensure we had an overflowing cup.”

—– Cindy Levorah
Karen Davis

“Rich and Steve are two of the top coaches in the world. They were very generous with sharing their knowledge, successes and even their failures, and it was obvious that they truly care about each person in the room. They were both very entertaining and time flew by. There was also homework prior, during and after the Intensive. If you’re serious about your practice and you’re considering taking your practice to higher levels you need to spend time with them.”

—– Karen Davis
Doug McGhee

“What a great weekend and I appreciate the time energy and thought you put forth to provide a very high level opportunity to bring specific current coaching challenges to the facilitators for coaching and forward movement. This was not a workshop to bring your world of suffering and limitations—leave those at home. I know now that I can be busy or remarkable but not both—I choose remarkable.”

—– Doug McGhee

Is it a Hell Yeah? Or No?

For those who know me well, you know I base my life around one principle: Hell Yeah! Or No. I proposed to my wife just 10 days after I met her—and she said yes!

Now, I’ll leave you with one final question: Are you in?

If you answered nothing but Hell Yeah, I’ll see you in Los Angeles this October.

Love. Rich

P.S. Every one of our Intensives has SOLD OUT well in advance—so I encourage you to act quickly to avoid disappointment.