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The dark side of high performance. When you’re “the smartest person in the room”…

Adam Quiney is an obsessive perfectionist. His brain races faster than most and he strives for flawlessness.

Having an ability to set incredibly high performance standards is common amongst top performers.

And it has a dark side.

It can be accompanied by critical self-evaluation and concern regarding others’ thoughts about you.

As Adam puts it, when you’re “the smartest person in the room” you can be “exquisitely efficient, driven to perform, and financially successful, but find suffer from a lack of fulfillment, engagement and connection.”

That’s where Adam comes in.

Because he understands, from the inside out, the challenges that incredibly smart people face—especially those people who are highly verbal and who can effortlessly use words as a smoke screen.

Adam has been a software developer, a business analyst, a technical lead, a project manager, an attorney, a consultant and a coach. And it’s no coincidence that his clients are also high-performance professionals: lawyers, accountants, physicians, CEOs, and entrepreneurs.

Adam is also one of the founder members of 4PC and he has just re-signed for his 4th year in the program. He is also the co-leader of the Coaching Team at our Rich Litvin Intensives. Leadership is what he loves.

Watch this video to hear Adam’s distinction between leadership and coaching—and why heartbreak is an essential part of leading.

please note that there’s a little ‘adult’ language in this video, so if you’re sensitive to this it may not be for you

Love. Rich

P.S. Adam is a leader who understands the power—and the gift—in willing to be uncomfortable and lonely as a leader. That’s precisely what we teach in 4PC:

P.P.S. Learn more about Adam and connect with him here:


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