Coaching Apprenticeship


  1. a person who works with another in order to learn an art, trade or profession.
  2. Historical: a person legally bound to a master craftsman in order to learn a trade.

I love the ancient definition of an apprentice.

You see, when coaches began to approach me to ask if I could teach them what I do, I knew I didn’t want to offer a traditional coach training. There are already hundreds of coach training programs out there. And I teach by modeling. I teach from the context of full immersion

Instead, I’ve created an apprenticeship. A personalized apprenticeship for a coach who is ready to master the art of both Deep Coaching and the art of Creating a Highly Successful Coaching Practice.

I am very excited to have created what I believe is the most powerful model on the planet for an already successful coach to take their life and their business to a world-class level.

Master the Art of Deep Coaching

Transformative coaches get that it is possible to go far deeper than helping clients simply achieve goals and build skills. Transformative coaches know that if you are willing to go deep with your clients – really deep – they will watch their lives absolutely transform.

I have spent over a decade learning and training with world-class coaches, from California to New York, from London to Singapore. I have invested hundreds of thousands of dollars in my own learning.

And I have captured the essence of everything I have learned in order to support my apprentice to develop their own transformative coaching skills to a world-class level.

Master the Art of Creating a Highly Successful Coaching Practice

Becoming a world-class coach is one thing. But its irrelevant if you struggle to create clients and a lifestyle you love.

I have created a highly successful coaching practice with a small number of clients. I have no business card. I use no internet marketing. And I have no email list. I take up to two months of vacation a year. I work just three days a week.

My clients are by referral and invitation only. And my colleagues are the world’s very best and most successful coaches. And in the past five years I have lived, worked and played in London, Thailand, India, China, San Francisco, New York and I am currently based in Los Angeles.

My apprentice is a coach who intends to work with a small number of highly successful, high net worth individuals who are ready to transform their lives.

There’s no internet marketing, Facebook or Twitter for this venture.

Remarkable people hear about what you do; they experience what you do; and they speak about it to their friends and colleagues. Then those people call you.

The Principles

Our only guideline is that your program is built around 3 powerful principles:

  1. Be YOU
  2. Do what makes you feel alive
  3. Lean into your edge

The Disciplines

To become highly successful as a coach, you need to master three disciplines:

  1. You need to become extremely adept at Deep Coaching (a willingness to vulnerably lead your clients in the most powerful way possible);
  2. You need to master the business of Creating Clients (in fact, to be highly successful, you need to LOVE creating clients as much as you love coaching clients). My personal choice is to build a coaching practice by invitation and referral only; no internet marketing, no email list, not even a business card!
  3. You need to be willing to work your own process – and do the Deep Inner Work necessary, so you can see your own blind spots. (The world’s most successful coaches all have their own coaches. You see, you can’t take your clients any deeper than you have been able to go in your own life).

A journey into becoming a highly successful coach requires a significant investment – time, money, energy and more. And as my Apprentice you will learn to master all three of these disciplines as we work together, week after week, over 13 months.

The Parts

Here are the five parts of your Apprenticeship:

  1. You will create a powerful VISION around two themes:
    1. Building a Highly Successful coaching practice
    2. Developing Deep Coaching skills
  2. You will create your own SUCCESS PLAN, so step-by-step and day-by-day you know exactly what action to take & what action NOT to take.
  3. You will work on your MINDSET – so you can let go of your limiting expectations and beliefs. Instead, you will create EMPOWERING beliefs that really serve you.
  4. You will work on your SKILLSET – so you can develop powerful Client-Creation skills, by referral and invitation only. And you will develop your ability to take your clients deeper than any other coach.
  5. You will work on your ENERGY – so you will have a life with only the People, Places and Things that truly raise your energy and make you feel fully alive.

Your Practice.

You will create a thriving practice by invitation and referral – growing both your coaching practice and your revenue. You will building sustainable skills that will allow you to create money and clients whenever you choose, from now and forevermore.

    • Your Coaching Launch Pad

      We will begin with a two-day Private and Personal Intensive just for you—to launch your program in the most powerful way possible. We will meet at the beautiful Hotel Casa del Mar in Santa Monica this August.

      We’ll clarify your vision, deepest desires and impossible goals. We’ll zero in on any obstacles that might be stopping you or slowing you down and begin the process of identifying what makes YOU feel Fully Alive. We will identify your unique gifts and strengths and bring them to the forefront of your life.

    • Your Agreement

      Your Deep Coaching Agreement will run for 13 months—from the beginning of August 2014 to the end of September 2015.

      Hiring me as your Coach isn’t for the ‘time’ we spend in conversation because I coach around INSIGHT. And a single insight can be life-changing.

      There is no coaching from mid-Dec 2014 to mid-Jan 2015—it’s important for coaches to model to their clients taking time for rest and family during the holidays. We will also take a break of one month during Summer 2015.

    • Deep Coaching Sessions

      We will schedule three 45 minute phone calls each month—the first 3 weeks of each month.

      We’ll get together by phone at a pre-scheduled time to identify obstacles, discuss progress, and help keep your energy, passion, and vision alive.

      The last week (or sometimes two) of each month is a Self-Coaching Week—where there is no scheduled coaching call. And calls are scheduled for 45 mins but coaching is about Insights and new Perspectives and not about our time together so please block out 60 minutes for these calls, to allow us to go as deep as we choose to.

      Your Weekly coaching calls can include some or all of the following:

      • Deep Coaching: Your own personal coaching.
      • Coach training: dedicated time to debrief and review your coaching, and build your coaching skills (this may include time for us to review recordings of you coaching your clients).
      • Curriculum time: whilst there will be no ‘curriculum’ for this program I will encourage you to read and review some of the very best books and videos I can recommend that are designed to build your coaching skills and practice-building skills. Many will ‘appear’ to have nothing to do with coaching!
      • Client Review time: we will take time to focus on your clients in detail – to discuss ways for you to serve them in the most POWERFUL and CHALLENGING ways possible.

      The coaching, training, reading and assignments I set you will catalyze our time together and teach you wealth-creation and client-creation skills that reflect who YOU are, forevermore.

    • “Virtually Unlimited Coaching”

      Included in this Program is my “Virtually Unlimited Coaching” agreement: you’ll have access to my private number and my private email address. I am basically like your business partner in this new venture of yours. So I am here for you when you need me. We can schedule additional laser calls when you need them.

      Remember, hiring a coach isn’t just for few minutes a week – it’s for your life.

    • Self-Coaching

      You will write a written report to me each week by Sunday at noon. We will use the report to focus us on your vision, deepest desires, impossible goals and competing commitments. Have this report be as important as a report to your Board of Directors.

    • Action vs Perfection

      Please note that I filter for clients with a bias for action—so it will be your mission to turn our coaching into powerful action in the world.

    • Serving vs Pleasing

      Please note that my coaching is intense and it can be high flame. I am not here to be your friend. I am here to support you creating what you really want—not what you ‘say’ you want. I am here to serve you, not to please you.

    • Special access to ALL of my events and Intensives

      As my Apprentice you will have full access—as my special guest—at every Intensive and group I run during the course of the Apprenticeship.

    • Library of Resources

      Your Apprenticeship will include access to all of my audio-visual resources. You will have access to the recordings of the past 4 Prosperous Coach Intensives, and all the audios in my personal library for coaches, as well as my Apprentice Reading List.


This is a tailor-made Apprenticeship so we’ll work this out in detail, once you are in. Your personal invitation will have more specific details and an outline of your program.

Most people die with their music still inside them.
Not my clients.

The more successful you become, the higher you rise, the less people around you are willing to tell you what you really need to hear. Your family and friends love you – so they want you to stay ‘safe’. I am often the only person in my clients world, who is not here to please them. I won’t sugar coat it. I won’t let your fears hold you back. I won’t believe your ‘stories’. And I won’t buy into your bullshit. I’ll tell you how it is. I’ll say what no one else in your world is bold enough to say. And I’ll do that from an authentic and vulnerable place because you are the expert on you, after all.

I rarely take on new clients who haven’t been referred to me.

My coaching is not from a template.
And it is not for everyone.

EVERYTHING I do is highly personalized.
EVERYTHING I do is tailor-made for the person in front of me: My client.

My Promises

I will not promise you success—that’s out of our control.
And I will not promise you results—that’s up to you.

I will promise to see you as the powerful person I know—no matter what.
I will promise to see you as the powerful person I know—even when you forget to believe in yourself.
I will promise to see you as the powerful person I know—even when circumstances ‘appear’ to be out of your control.

You will know that—no matter what—there is someone over here who believes in how powerful you already are.

Your Investment

This is a 13 month Deep Coaching Apprenticeship.

It is a $75K investment.

But this opportunity will cost you far more than money. You must be ready to invest your energy, your time and your commitment to creating something so powerful in your life that it will have a life-long impact—on you and every one of your clients.

I work with those whose word is more powerful than any contract or document.

And all compensation is non-refundable.

If we agree that this is a Hell Yes decision for both of us, you make payment, you feel a rush of energy (probably through your entire body!) and we are ready to go…

And your life will transform.

If you have any further questions, call or email me.