My clients create miracles.
On a regular basis.

Bring your biggest dream.
Or your biggest fear.
And we’ll handle them. Forever.

You are successful and you are ready for more. You make an impact in the world (or you are ready to) and you are curious what it would be like to be prosperous in every area of your life

Most people die with their music still inside them.
Not my clients.

You see, your future is already written. It is called your default future. It is the future that will take place from moment to moment when no further thought, intention, or commitment is brought to it.

Your default future lives at an instinctive level, is rarely discussed and so it is invisible. It determines your actions. Most people live into a default future. They constantly project that future into the present. If you take where they are in this moment, you can extrapolate to where their life will be five, ten, twenty years from now.

What does your gut tell you life will be like in ten years if you change nothing? Nothing. Same job, same career, same partner, same relationship, same friends, same income, same house. Same everything. Ten years time—what will you be doing, what will life be like?

It is possible to re-write the future
It is possible to be an exception.
It is possible to live an exponential life.

When I meet someone interested in coaching, I ask them to tell me about their dreams. And then I help them to dream bigger than they have ever dreamed before. Then, I help them see a way they can really, truly create that dream in their life.

Are you ready for an Exponential Life?

Most people live an incremental life. They want to “be a little more confident” or “make a bit more money.”

If that sounds like you, you are in the wrong place.

You see, I have a powerful belief that you can live an exponential life.

An exponential life is one where you achieve things that look impossible right now.

Nobody said that change has to be slow or even hard. To live an exponential life, you have to be willing to do things differently and be open to the possibility that everything you want is closer than you think.

Life really can be exponential.
You are far closer to everything you want than you could ever imagine.
Miracles are far closer than you think.

Although I say I am in the miracle business, what I actually do is help my clients see their world differently. Because when you help someone see their world differently, their world changes.

When someone sees the world differently, they show up differently, and they create results that looked impossible a moment before. That is a miracle.

This is the place to come when you are ready to really begin transforming your life. Our work together will be intense – deep, one-on-one coaching that uncovers your hidden blocks and gives you the tools you need to succeed.

My clients make an IMPACT in the world (or they are ready to). My clients know what it means to be at the top of their game, in at least one area of their life – whether they are a housewife or a soldier, an athlete, a CEO, a physician or a coach. And my clients are ready to find out what it would take to reach the next level – or beyond. They are ready to experience true prosperity in all areas of their life. Prosperity is about far more than just money.

If you work with me, you are already successful. BUT (and read this carefully) what has helped you get to your current level of success is EXACTLY what will hold you back from your next level of success.

I’m an expert on deep, lasting, Natural Confidence.

And I have worked with hundreds of people to help them move past self-doubt, fear and insecurity (and those voices in their head that hold them back).

My clients tell me they love that I believe in them. They love that I see their brilliance. And they love that I refuse to buy into their old stories. The challenge we face is that we can’t see our own blind spots. Deep Coaching is powerful because when you help someone to see their world differently, their world changes. That’s what I do: I help you see your world differently. And your world transforms.

I have worked with clients on four continents who have achieved inspirational results, created passionate relationships and built wealth doing what they love. It’s no wonder that they’re successful.

My clients create powerful results.

  • An Olympic Athlete I worked with was struggling with her blocks around money. Within 24 hours of our first session together, she raised $40,000 of corporate sponsorship.
  • One of my clients dreamed of having a famous billionaire entrepreneur write the forward to her book and becoming President of her organization. He agreed to do both. And he just flew her to California to meet Oprah.
  • An author I coached was asked to speak at Google about his initiative around Corporate Social Responsibility. After this speech, one of the senior directors of Google joined his Board and he was invited to fly to Bangladesh for a private meeting with Muhammad Yunus, the Nobel Prize winner and developer of micro-lending.
  • A client, who is a fundraiser for a non-profit, just received his first backing from a Hollywood star and is now in conversation with one of the wealthiest philanthropists in the world about her becoming a million dollar donor.
  • One of my clients, is the mother of two boys and the founder of a UK charity. She has the backing of a host of famous and powerful people and was awarded ‘Campaigner of the Year’ by the British Prime Minister. She has worked with me to build massive confidence and take her vision to a world-wide audience.

Are you a Coach or Consultant?

When I work with coaches and consultants, I do one thing. And I do it exceptionally well. I help them create a thriving practice with just a few high-end clients a year, by invitation and referral only. No internet marketing. No email list. You don’t even need a business card. I rarely work with new coaches. My clients are already highly successful in at least one area of their coaching practice. Or they have been highly successful in a different aspect of their life. Success is transferrable:

  • A woman I helped transition from the corporate world to becoming a consultant was offered her first ever contract with a top Hollywood studio at $350,000 for 6 months of consulting.
  • One of my clients is a coach who signed her second ever paying client for $160,000. Her client paid in full and in advance.
  • One of my Apprentices generated $250,000 in the first 5 months of our work together. He recently signed his first $100,000 client. He still has no website, email list or business card.
  • Another client was offered $350,000 for 6 months of consulting – it was her very first gig after leaving the corporate world.
  • One of my clients is a consultant whose business plan is one line: “I only do sexy work and I only work with sexy people”. Last year she generated $220,000, working two and a half days a week, with time for six trips around the world.
  • One of my Apprentices just took her first ever three month Sabbatical. She took 3 months off completely, just to spend time with her family.

It Will Cost You More Than Money.

My coaching is not for everyone.
My coaching requires courage and commitment.
My clients and I work together for 13 months and their life absolutely transforms.

There is a minimum investment of $10,000 and clients pay up to $200,000. But this opportunity will cost you more than money. You must be ready to invest your energy, your time and your commitment to creating something so powerful in your life that it will have a lasting impact.

When you are ready we will talk.

And your life will transform.

Contact me to request a powerful conversation.