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What’s the #1 risk to your business?

I got on a call with my finance person and she asked me a great question:

What’s the #1 risk to your business, today?

My bookkeeper was with me and she assumed our biggest risk was creating clients at a time of great uncertainty.

That makes sense but I shook my head and replied,

The #1 risk to my business is not taking care of myself and getting exhausted…

When you are a coach you spend your life taking care of others.

Being a coach is like walking around with two tanks on your back. You use one tank to help everyone who needs air. 

“Helper’s high” is the name given to that feeling of well-being that follows an opportunity to support someone else. It simply feels great when you can help someone.

Imagine, each time you give someone some air from your tank, you get a little back, in return.

The other tank has air just for you and it gradually empties over time.

Eventually all you have left is the tank you use to help others. 

But at some point, no matter how much comes back in, that will empty, too. 

If you don’t take time to replenish your air, you will run out of air for you and air for others. 

When you are a coach you spend your life taking care of others. 

If you don’t take care of you, no one else will.

Before the year begins, block out time off, block out time in nature, block out time for fun. Schedule date nights, schedule time with the kids, schedule massages, schedule medicals and schedule mental health days. 

You are the #1 most important part of your business but there are some companies who spend more on carpet cleaning than you invest in your well-being.

It’s time to change that…  

Last year, my personal trainer came to my house 3 times every week. I took over 3 months off in the summer and a month off in December. I hired a nutritionist to help prepare my meals. I have a concierge medical service. As you read this I am about to spend a week with a former Navy Seal to help me work on my body.

When you are the heart of your business, make sure you take care of yourself first  

If you don’t take care of you, no one else will.

Love. Rich



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