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1 Step to Overnight Success

How many times have you seen an ad like this in your Facebook feed:

Last month I was homeless. Now I’m making 7-figures.  A week! I’ll teach you to do the same – in just 5 easy steps. Sign up here… 

Sound familiar?!

How about posts like this on Instagram:

Here’s a photo of me in my private jet. And another of me in my 12 bedroom mansion. Oh and one of me in my high end sports car. 

For just $2,997 you can join my private online club where I’ll teach you my 17 Steps to Success. 

Sign here to watch my webinar. The clock is ticking.

Oh my gosh, I see new versions of these ads in my social media feed almost every day. 

Even if it was true, (and, by the way, you can rent a grounded private jet with a photographer for $244 an hour) success doesn’t work this way…  

If it did, you could just read the autobiography of Branson, Buffett or Oprah and you’d be a billionaire, too. 

No one with a billion dollar net worth ever read “The 7 Steps to be a Billionaire”. 

Don’t get swayed by the overnight success stories of people on YouTube, on X-Factor or in the news. 

You only hear about overnight success because they are the exceptions. 

Most overnight successes take at least 10 years. 

Morgan Freeman became an “overnight success” when he was nearly 50 and had played in countless acting roles since he was 9 years old. Samuel L. Jackson got his first break out role when he was 43, over twenty years after he started acting.  

JK Rowling was a single mother living on welfare whose unknown story about a young wizard got rejected 12 times before a publisher offered an advance of just £1,500.

And it took me 46 years to be an “overnight success” as a coach! 

There’s one way to be an overnight success.

Put in the time.

Where do you want to be in 10 years?

Love. Rich


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