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10 Fundamental Decisions of a Prosperous Coach

I’ve been reflecting on this for quite some time.

What does it take to be a prosperous coach?

There are 10 ways I believe Prosperous coaches distinguish themselves by making certain fundamental decisions about their world.

Prosperous Coaches distinguish themselves by making 10 fundamental decisions:

1. I take total responsibility for my financial well-being.
2. I create my lifestyle first, then my career.
3. My financial security comes from my ability to serve, to sell and to save. And I’m dedicated to mastering all three.
4. Money is the most perfect expression of my creativity.
5. I expect no opportunity (or payment) in life unless I first create value for someone else.
6. My secret weapon is patient execution of what everyone knows they should be doing, because that actually is a competitive barrier.
7. I have cash projects as well as sexy projects.
8. I use money as feedback — for my actions, not my emotions.
9. I’m an entrepreneur and I run a business. That requires significant investment of money, time, energy and learning. And also significant time away from the business, to take care of me — physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.
10. I know that the most successful coaches operate in a way that is dramatically different from most coaches. I’m finding and honing my own unique, inimitable way.

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