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11 Undervalued Superpowers

  1. The ability to DISCONNECT in a world that is always connected—is an undervalued superpower.
  2. The ability to go HIGH TOUCH in a world focused on high tech—is an undervalued superpower.
  3. The ability to SERVE in a world that is always selling—is an undervalued superpower.
  4. The ability to CREATE LEADERS instead of creating followers—is an undervalued superpower.
  5. The ability to BE THE ONE WHO LOVES THE MOST instead of giving 50% and waiting for 50% in return—is an undervalued superpower.
  6. The ability to BE TRULY VULNERABLE in a world that praises confidence—is an undervalued superpower.

  1. The ability to put ACTION OVER PERFECTION—is an undervalued superpower.
  2. The ability to SLOW DOWN when everyone else is speeding up—is an undervalued superpower.
  3. The ability to CREATE THE FUTURE instead of responding to circumstances—is an undervalued superpower.
  4. The ability to build QUALITY CONNECTIONS when everyone else is focused on the quantity of their connections—is an undervalued superpower.
  5. The ability to ASTONISH CLIENTS in a world that’s focused on getting clients—is an undervalued superpower.

What’s your undervalued superpower?

Love. Rich


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