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How I created a group of 1,500 coaches in a week…

When I want to create clients, I serve people.
When I want to grow my business, I serve people.
When the world gets challenging, I serve people.

A few days ago, I created a pop-up Facebook group for coaches called Serve, Lead, Serve. In just over a week, the group had 1,594 members. A member of the group asked me: “How did you create a group of over 1,500 members in days???”

I replied: “It took 15 years of serving people powerfully and creating as much value as I can – for me to create this group, my friend. It just looks like it took seven days!” 

What are you Creating?

Another member of the group asked me: “Rich, what keeps you awake at night?”

The answer struck me immediately because I was a little surprised that it wasn’t anxiety. I responded:

“What keeps me awake at night is ideas… I’m full of ideas. I have so many that I want to create, right now…”

There are two things you can be creating right now: 

  1. OFFERINGS FOR FREE – here are some of the things I have created at no charge…
    15 minute confidence booster calls for clients. A Slack group for my private clients. Weekly Zoom calls for anyone who has ever been a client. A facebook group for coaches. And I created a Playbook for Coaching in Challenging Times. Plus, I’ve given all of my clients my cell phone number and told them they can call or text me, any time.
  2. OFFERINGS FOR A FEE – get creative… What could you create that you’ve never offered before? What do people need right now that you don’t think you’re qualified to offer? What are you afraid to coach or teach people on? (Hint: get over yourself! Create it anyway. Then serve people and tell them about it).   

Coaching in Challenging Circumstances.
We’ve got your back.… 

I place a really high value on community. So, I literally cried when we put our live Intensive on hold.

But then I wiped away the tears and I got … creative!

For the first time ever, I am running a Virtual Intensive, in a few days. For 21 days, I will be coaching and teaching you, live over Zoom. I will share my very best tools for thriving in challenging circumstances.

If you’re a leader you have everything it takes to be a world-class coach or consultant. Even in challenging times. Actually, especially in challenging times… 

  • You will learn how to enroll high-performing clients.
  • And you will learn how to coach high-performing clients.
  • You will learn to lead groups and masterminds. They are one of the simplest ways to generate more revenue, as a coach.  
  • You will learn to lead transformational events online (from 10 to 100+ people)
  • You will learn to survive and thrive in uncertain times. 
  • And – even more importantly – you will learn to help your clients thrive. 

I have run Intensives for over a decade. I have built a community of extraordinary coaches and I’d love you to join us…  

I won’t pretend that I have all the answers. I have felt overwhelmed and confused myself, in recent days.

But I will tell you that we are stronger together.

There are 27 seats left. The price is $1597 until midnight on April 22. After that, it goes up to $1897. And registration closes on April 30, unless we sell out before then.

Love. Rich


PS. Join me for a full year of support to create high-performing, high-fee clients. Learn how to coach elite leaders with power and confidence. And learn world-class coaching skills in my community of high-level leaders and coaches. Get coached by me in a group of fascinating coaches. If you feel Imposter Syndrome, you’re in the right place!


PLUS… Whenever you’re ready… here are 3 ways we can help you increase your income and your impact:

  1. Read The Playbook for Coaching in Challenging Times. It’s designed to help you immediately
  2. Create a business that stands out… It’s really noisy online, right now. To be heard through the noise, you have to think differently… In this self-paced training I teach you the mindsets, techniques and tools that can take your coaching or consulting practice to the next level. 
  3. Create one client… Whether you want your next $5K client or $50K+ client, join me at our virtual Intensive, in a few days. I’ll teach you everything I know about creating clients. You get 21 days of support and an amazing community. Reserve your spot.



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