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20 Intense Insights

It’s been an intense few days. You see, I’ve spent the past week with 300 members of our community at the last Rich Litvin Intensive for at least two years. 

Here’s some of what I covered:

1. The power of perspective. What you see is rarely what you actually see. And how you see your world becomes your world. 

2. The impact of coaching for an insight and why highly successful people will pay more for less time with you… [Hint: there comes a moment when time is a far more precious asset than money.]

3. Why, to be a great coach, you need to care so much that you don’t care…

4. Why your vulnerability is your strength. But vulnerability is only half of the equation…

Your vulnerability draws clients in but your leadership draws them through     

5. The importance of asking your clients how they will fail or bail… 

You see, we usually know, in advance, how we’re going to fail at anything. And we mostly bail out the same way from any program or community that we join. So, why not have your clients address this, ahead of time?

6. The effect – and importance – of thinking like a sloth, in an always-on world. 

7. Why most people get the order wrong:

* Impact > Income
* Value > Pricing
* Happiness > Health > Wealth
* Serving > Sales 
* Profit > Revenue
* Failure > Success
* Saving > Spending 
* Vulnerability > Strength

8. We all took the “Make Some Money Challenge.”

My clients have generated millions of dollars from playing this game over the years. 

We heard how one person in my community is now making $5 million proposals for his non-profit (and getting YESes) as a direct result of playing this game. 

Hint: the real goal is to build your muscle at collecting NOs and making mistakes. Yes lives in the land of No

9. We took the Coaching Confidence Scorecard

There are 3 aspects of confidence that hold most coaches back from true success:

(i) Lack of professional self-esteem. 
(ii) Lack of confidence in their ability to enroll extraordinary clients.  
(iii) Lack of confidence in their ability to coach extraordinary clients. 

Here’s the thing:

– Self-esteem comes from achieving something important when it’s hard to do. 
– Confidence is a result not a requirement. 
– Stop trying to get rid of Imposter Syndrome. Get good at it. 

10. Your biggest enemy isn’t the competition. It’s the status quo. 

Your biggest challenge isn’t that you can’t help clients to accomplish their goals. It’s that you’re probably helping them to accomplish the WRONG goals. 

Your job is not to shatter your clients’ excuses. It’s to find out what they want more than what they SAY they want. 

11. We identified our Competing Commitments. The (often subconscious) values that conflict with the goal you are consciously trying to achieve. 

It’s essential you draw these out from your clients before you help them start moving towards their goals. 

12. We had an expert teach us how to use our voice with power and impact. 

As Evelyne Brink taught us: Less effort leads to more resonance. More resonance leads to more impact.

13. We did Speed Coaching. You’d be surprised at the impact you can have on a client in just 3 minutes! When you can build that muscle you’ll have even more impact in your longer coaching sessions. 

14. We looked at every coaching experience through The 3 Levels of Transformation™:

  1. Identity/Environment     
  2. Mindset/Strategy 
  3. Tactics/Habits 

15. We reflected on Nathaniel Branden’s challenging yet strangely comforting statement: 

No one is coming to save you.

Or, as Naval Ravikant put it: 

Doctors won’t make you healthy. 
Nutritionists won’t make you slim. 
Teachers won’t make you smart.
Gurus won’t make you calm. 
Mentors won’t make you rich. 
Trainers won’t make you fit. 
Ultimately, you have to take responsibility. 
[You have to] save yourself.

16. I reminded everyone to “Get off the Path.” If it was simple to create a business, I’d have given everyone Richard Branson’s autobiography and they’d all be billionaires. The truth is you need to find and walk your own path, if you really want to be successful. 

I refused to answer many of the “How do I _____?” questions at the Intensive. You see, the answer to how is “yes…” And the answer to how is “Let’s find out…”

17. I taught everyone The 9 The Dangers of Scaling a Coaching Business. If you or a client are thinking of scaling your business, there are hidden traps that will lure you in, that can actually leave you with less time and money after you scale. Beware. 

18. I reminded coaches: Stop leading with your methodology or accreditation. No one cares! 

Instead, your power comes from answering these 4 questions: 

  1. What is the problem I am the answer to?
  2. Who has that problem?
  3. What is the cost of not doing what I say?
  4. What’s the specific result of working with me?

19. We discussed why coaches who work over Zoom (does anyone not, any more?!) need to be able to truly capture people’s attention. 

You need a top-class camera and microphone. You need a high quality background. You need great lighting. And you need to have awareness of your positioning in the camera frame. 

If you lead groups on Zoom, you need to be a performer – not an entertainer but a Performer in Service of Transformation

At this Intensive I was supported by a two person camera crew in my home. I had a Zoom tech specialist. I had an event manager. And I had a team of a dozen coaches facilitating group sessions. We even built our own app for participants. 

Finally, I was supported by Mini-Me, my best assistant ever… Yep, Mini Rich was there every day, challenging and provoking my clients!

20. I surrounded everyone with a community of fascinating people. The secret to running extraordinary events is to fill them with extraordinary people. 

Plus, we danced every single day with our very own DJ! 

I even hired a magician to demonstrate real magic as a metaphor for the impact of coaching. Turned out he wasn’t very good but we got even more insights from that about the coaching journey.  
And I put people on my hot seat again and again, for coaching in front of the room. Boy, does that seat get hot! 🔥

If you’ve spent the past 7 days with me, what’s been your biggest insight so far? And if you missed it, don’t wait so long next time!!

Love. Rich


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