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$20,000 an hour clients…

Imagine having clients who pay you $20,000 an hour.

Want to know how to create them? You draw out a $20,000 commitment from people, however much they pay you, right now…

I just wrapped a community call that ran for TWO HOURS. We had over 400 people on live and a couple of hundred who asked to watch the video later.

I started the call by explaining that my personal coaching clients pay up to $20K/hour for their coaching. So I made an invitation to everyone watching to pay as much attention as if they had invested $20K to be there.

Did you know that you can draw out massive commitment from clients on a free coaching call? You can. But you have to dig deep and show up really powerfully to do so.  

I have an invitation for you… Click this link to watch the video of the session. Or click the link but listen to the call, on your next walk, run or gym session.

If you pay attention as if you had invested $20,000 to be there, I promise it will change your life…

You’ll learn:

  • Why my clients invest up to $185K to have me as their personal coach. Hint: it is not unconnected from the fact that I have invested over a million dollars in my own professional development in the past ten years. I also turn clients away on a regular basis and that oversubscribed mindset is curiously attractive to people…
  • Why going $100,000 into credit card debt in 2018 was the reason I created The Deep Dive. How I ran the first one with no support from my team (I couldn’t afford it). Oh, and how it has generated $1.5 million dollars, despite a 3 year pause during the pandemic.
  • Why I was terrified to launch 4PC. How I completely messed up the first time I told people about it. And why Allison said, “I still don’t understand what 4PC is but I trust you, Rich. I’m in!”
  • Why burning out led to me creating my flagship program, Project Kairos. And how I had the insight that 72.9% of the value of Project Kairos comes from the members of the program, not from me.
  • Why I am paid $9,000 for a 30-60 minute call that draws out your story in a way that you could not do for yourself.

Here’s some of the fastest feedback I have ever seen on a call like this: 

This year is my 20th year as a coach. And it’s the 10th anniversary of The Prosperous Coach.

I’m on fire right now. And, with my team, we’re changing the coaching world. It’s the perfect time to work with me. Remember: a little scary is good!

Love. Rich

PLUS, here are 4 more ways you can drastically increase your impact and your income:

  1. Become a Prosperous Coach… with me as your coach for 8 months in our flagship program, Project Kairos.  Plus, you’ll get a gift ticket to my upcoming program: $100K Clients! Reserve your spot now.
  2. Become an Influential Coach… sought out by dream clients, at the once-a-year 4PC Accelerator. Plus, you’ll get a gift ticket to my upcoming program: One Milllllion Dollars!
  3. Join my 2 new programs, $100K Clients and One Milllllion Dollars!  There’s a button at the bottom of either page that allows you to join both programs and save almost $300…
  4. Want to work with me but not sure where to start? Check out our coaching journey and pick the program that suits you best.


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