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26 Ways To Become The Most Productive Person You Know

Over the past two decades, I have read dozens of books, thousands of articles and listened to hundreds of hours of audiobooks and podcasts about increasing productivity and high performing morning routines.

In fact, I’ve learned EVERYTHING there is to know about what to do to lead a happy, healthy, productive, successful life.

Frankly, I’m a Productivity Ninja.

Today I’m happy to share all that I have learned with you.

26 Ways To Become The Most Productive Person You Know—Whilst Escaping 9-5, Living Anywhere, Making Friends, Influencing People and Building Your Email List

1. Wake at 4 am
2. Immediately say out loud 5 things you’re grateful for
3. Then meditate for 22 minutes (using the Calm app on your iPhone)
4. Do Morning Pages in your Five Minute Journal
5. Drink a Bulletproof Coffee (with unsalted grass-fed butter)
6. Read several of Rumi’s poems
7. Do a High intensity interval training routine (HIIT has been shown to burn adipose tissue up to 50% more efficiently than low-intensity exercise)
8. Follow this by lifting the heaviest weights you can (mainly squats and deadlifts)
9. Have an ice cold shower (as part of your Wim Hoff routine)
10. Then make a green smoothie—with 30g of protein
11. Plan your 4 Hour Work Week—remember, that’s no more than 48 minutes a day
12. Divide your working day into a series of timed Pomodoro sessions
13. Then go for a walk on the beach (you’re a location-independent entrepreneur—that’s what you do)
14. Bring your waterproof laptop, so the salt water won’t damage it, as the ocean laps at your feet, while you work
15. Write a series of articles with search-engine optimized headlines, to build your email list—about how to write a series of articles with search-engine optimized headlines, to build your email list.
16. Don’t check email before noon
17. Process each email only once, making sure to get to Inbox Zero
18. Throughout the day, drink 8 glasses of water
19. Eat 3 healthy, paleo-friendly meals
20. Snack on Cricket Flour Protein Bars (they are soy, dairy, grain and gluten-free, paleo-friendly, sustainable, all-natural and developed by a world-famous chef)
21. Spend time walking in nature
22. Meditate for another two hours
23. Raise your Kundalini with an intimate eye-gazing experience with your life-partner
24. Turn off your electronics 2 hours before bed
25. Put on your blue-blocking sunglasses (blue light after sunset can disrupt your circadian rhythm)
26. Begin 9 hours of sleep on your bamboo memory foam pillow

Stay productive!

Love. Rich

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