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26 Ways To Sign A 6-Figure Coaching Client

A member of 4PC asked me for advice on 6 figure proposals.

What I love about 4PC is that they aren’t just wondering “How can I make six figures?” 

They want to know “How can I make six figure PROPOSALS?” 

So, how do you make 6-figure proposals?

1. Treat 6 figure proposals like 4 figure proposals.

Watch The Art of The Proposal, where I take you through the steps of crafting a proposal.

2. Share your WHY. Tell your Origin Story and the deep pain behind the reason you do what you do.

You can’t move people to action unless you are willing to feel moved.

3. Serve the client so powerfully that they never forget your conversation for the rest of their life. 

4. Find out their Secret Dreams. And their Secret Fears. 

5. Ask them to imagine what it would be like to have you on their side, turning turning their dreams into reality and handling their fears, for ever. 

6. Remember that they need YOU more than you need THEM. 

7. Find a way to get 6 figures of value out of this experience WHETHER OR NOT they become a client! 

8. Hide nothing. Hold nothing back. 

9. Be bolder than you’ve ever been. 

10. Look for what no one else can see. 

11. Tell them the things that no one else would dare to say. 

12. Be more vulnerable than you’ve ever been. 

13. Remember that the ONLY things in YOUR control are: Serving Powerfully and Making Bold Proposals. 

14. Coach them WITHOUT ATTACHMENT to what happens next. 

15. Get out of your head. Do a workout that makes your heart race and your body sweat before your coaching session with him. 

16. Say LESS than you think you need to say. 

17. Read Getting Naked by Patrick Lencioni and Selling The Invisible by Harry Beckwith. 

18. Tell them what you’d say if you already had a waiting list of dream clients. 

19. Charge them what you’d charge them if you already had a waiting list of dream clients. 

20. Create 3 Options and make the current six figure proposal in your mind, the MIDDLE option.

Eg. There are 3 ways to work with me: (1) A tailor-made, year long engagement that includes 3 private retreats in exclusive resorts—alone or with a partner—in Fiji, Iceland and Necker Island at $255K. (2) Private Coaching with me for a year at $105K. (3) A one-on-one private retreat in an exclusive resort for $55K.

21. Be willing to walk away from 6 figures if they are not a 10 out of 10 for you.

If you are willing to do this, I promise you, you’ll have more 6 figure clients than you ever desire!

22. Successful people and wealthy people often value TIME more than money.

Resist the temptation to put more ‘stuff’ into the proposal.

When your coaching is INSIGHT-Based rather than Time-Based you can simply let them EXPERIENCE the power and impact of what you do.

Then have them reflect on future Return On Investment.

23. Don’t be afraid to help them see how your coaching will impact: their relationship, their body, their business, their sex life, their income. 

24. Bring humor and curiosity to your conversation. 

25. Remember that when a supermodel goes to a bar alone, she’s approached the least and conversely the easiest to ask for a date! 

26. HAVE FUN! 

>> What’s your biggest insight if you have already made a 6 figure proposal? 

>> Or which of the above ideas will you apply to any proposal you make in the weeks ahead? 

Love. Rich 



I posted this article in one of my private Deep Coaching Salons a few weeks ago and a coach messaged me:

“The question for me whenever I see these big numbers is; what kind of coach can I become to demand this type of figure or how can I become the type coach that commands this type of figure? 

This feels like the golden egg in the coaching industry but I don’t hear enough about the skills that are required to get the results to command such a fee. 

The calibre of client that can pay this fee/or get resourceful enough to pay this fee would demand a lot more I think. That’s what interests me.”

I replied:


“What kind of coach can I become?” 

Are you open to the possibility that is the wrong question to focus on? 

1. Have you ever invested $100,000 in your own Professional Development? (I’m gonna hazard a guess and say that—over time—I bet you have). 

2. Would you ever consider INVESTING $100,000 of your own money to pay a coach for a year of coaching? 

I’m turning your question upside down and inside out. 

Have you ever chatted to someone who has invested $100,000 in paying their own coach? 

Go out and interview a few of these people and come back and let me know your insights. 

Then we’ll talk. 

When you can discover what it would take for YOU to become the kind of person who could become resourceful enough to create over $100,000 to invest in your own coaching, you’ll know everything you need to know about $100K clients. 

And maybe, just maybe, they’ll be closer than you think…

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