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Transform your future in 27 minutes…

I just ran a Deep Dive in Los Angeles with my friend, Daniel Priestley. He’s one of the best entrepreneurial coaches on the planet. 

Let me tell you a story to illustrate the impact of spending 3 days with us.

James purchased a VIP ticket, which meant he got to join me and Daniel in a limo ride to dinner on the first evening. 

Before we even finished the limo ride his life and dreams had completely transformed…

James is a podiatrist who wanted our guidance on how to sell his business to Private Equity in the next 5 years. 

He also wanted support to transition into a new career as a high-level coach. 

First, Daniel messed with his business thinking… 

He pointed out that any dreams of a fast buyout, followed by cocktails on a private island, were unlikely because PE firms often want to keep the founder around after the sale. 

They would want him to continue to lead and grow the business. 

In fact, they may well tie his compensation from the sale to the continued performance of the company. 

Then, Daniel put a unique business model on the table that blew James’s mind. 

He asked him, “What if, instead of trying to grow your business alone, you build a consortium of podiatry businesses?”

He put forward the idea of creating a business consortium, by enrolling 20 podiatrists, who each want to scale their business to over a million dollars. 

James would earn equity in each business that joined his consortium. 

And he would be building and eventually selling a $20 million+ business. 

Next, I messed with his thinking…

First, instead of trying to build a coaching business on the side, I proposed that the consortium members become his clients… 

Instead of slowly learning how to enroll clients and raise fees, he’d jump straight in with 20 high-fee clients, with equity in each of their businesses.

This would give him, and his clients, significant skin in the game – with a massive incentive for success for each of them.  

Second, I proposed he sets a really high bar for his consortium members… 

Based on what I knew of James, I suggested they needed to be young and highly entrepreneurial – but with the desire to play golf four days a week! 

James laughed out loud. He said he knows dozens of podiatrists who work seven days a week and are burned out. Those are not his people!

By the time we pulled up outside the restaurant for dinner, James was grinning from ear to ear. 

We’d changed his business model – and his future – on a car ride!

He’d got his entire money’s worth from the program in 27 minutes. 

But that was just the beginning of the Deep Dive!

We also took the participants to the Porsche Driving Experience in Los Angeles. 

We taught them how they can model the principles of an influential brand like Porsche. 

As we raced around the track, in some of the most powerful cars on the planet, we learned a powerful lesson for life: go slow to go smooth, go smooth to go fast…

This is what we looked like – full of adrenaline – at the end of the day…

We put each of the participants – and their business ideas – on a Hot Seat, again and again, over the next two days. 

We curated a dinner where you had to answer challenging and provocative questions throughout the evening.

We taught everyone how to become a Key Person of Influence in their field. And we taught them how to shake off all the limiting beliefs in their way. 

Fascinating People

I’ve spent the past twenty years curating groups of fascinating people, based on a quote by Margaret Mead, 

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed people can change the world. Indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.”

Now, here’s where you come in.

Imagine taking a leap that accelerates not only your business ideas but your entire life’s trajectory. 

If you’re reading this, it means you’re curious, driven, and ready for change. The question is, are you prepared to dive deep with us? 

There are two new Deep Dives coming up soon… 

  • Jan 11-13, 2024: The London Deep Dive [Influence] – with me and Daniel Priestley. We will help you to become a Key Person of Influence in your field…
  • Jan 18-20, 2024: The Los Angeles Deep Dive [Re-Creation] I will be running this very unique event together with my wife, Monique DeBose. We will help you rewrite your story and leap into your next chapter with power, clarity, and authenticity…

Remember, sometimes the biggest shifts happen in the most unexpected places – like a limo ride to dinner. Will you be next?

Reply to this email to request your spot on the Priority List for the upcoming Deep Dives. By doing so, you’ll get exclusive early access to VIP tickets and benefit from special early bird pricing. 

Love. Rich


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