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3 Powerful questions to create your life

Most people live a Reported On Life. A life full of excuses. A life that happens to them.
Yet, a few people learn to live a Created Life. A life that is created by them… 

A Reported On Life is about reacting to circumstances. Life happens and you show up passively and react to its ups and downs. My boss is mean… My wife doesn’t listen to me… My industry isn’t like it used to be… 

A Created Life is one where you choose how you will respond – despite the circumstances. In fact, A Created Life begins with your thinking about life. A Created Life begins with the words you choose to describe your world, instead of the world happening to you.

Every morning, when you awake, ask yourself 3 questions:

  1. How will I create myself today? 
  2. How will I create you today?
  3. How will I create the world today?

1. How will I create myself?
I make a conscious choice how I want to show up that day. 

Eg. I am courageous… I am curious… I am calm and confident… I am extra attentive to my wife… I am super present with my kids… 

2. How will I create you?
I make a conscious choice how I want to show up with whoever I am connecting with that day. Instead of passively responding to who shows up, I consciously ‘create’ them. 

Instead of ending the day with, My wife didn’t listen to me… My client didn’t show up on time… Or, My kids didn’t listen to a word I said…

I begin my day with, My wife is appreciative of me… Or, My clients are far more powerful than they know… Or my kids are playful and fun – and I love that about them!

3. How will I create the world?
I make a conscious choice how I want the world to be, that day. Instead of ending the day with thoughts such as, The economy is in a terrible state… People are so negative… The world is so scary… I consciously ‘create’ the world. And I begin my day with, There are so many business opportunities, if I look for ways to serve people deeply… People are so gracious and fascinating… I am seeking out positive stories, today…  

Last week, I was feeling devastated by the unfolding tragedy in Ukraine but I had a desire to make a difference. 

I didn’t know how to make a difference but not knowing how will never stop you, if you have a big enough why

I woke up on Monday morning with an idea. What if I was to offer a matching donation, to see if we could raise funds for humanitarian relief funds in Ukraine?

I spoke with my wife and we agreed to offer $5,300. 

As soon as I mentioned this to my team, my business partner, John Davy and his wife Marisa Peer agreed to double our matching donation.

Suddenly we had $10,600 on the line.

I was excited. And nervous. 

What if no one donated? 

I tried to tell myself that would be OK. At least I would have contributed a small amount. But I was still nervous. 

I remember pressing send on a couple of Facebook posts and wondering what would happen next…

Almost immediately, those posts received a handful of likes on Facebook.

I remember wondering, What the hell does that mean?! Do you simply like my post? Do you plan to donate?

At the end of the day, I asked a member of my team to check if we had any donations. She replied that we’d raised a few hundred dollars.

Oh well, I thought, at least we made a bit of a difference.

A few minutes later she texted to say that she had looked at the wrong email account. In fact, we’d raised a few thousand dollars by that afternoon.

Wow. I was blown away. People from our community were really stepping up. 

Yesterday afternoon, I checked again. 

We had blown past the matching donation… 

We’ve now raised $39,473.

And the donations from the community keep coming in.

What can one person do?
More than you think…

Matching donations are now complete but if you’d still like to make a donation to any Ukrainian humanitarian relief fund by Friday – please send the receipt to [email protected], and we will include your donation in the total raised by our community.

I sign off feeling proud of this community and very humbled.

Grateful to all of you. ♥️♥️

Love. Rich


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