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3 stories about enrollment

When you create clients instead of “getting” them, the possibilities are endless… I have three stories for you.

Enrollment story #1

A coach messaged me: “I am not trying to acquire clients right now. I want more than just a coaching business. Would you still recommend your Masterclass?”

I responded:

“You tell me

You may have noticed that I never recommend my programs when people ask me for my thoughts or recommendations.

Instead, I draw out people’s COMMITMENT.

It doesn’t matter what you are committed to but commitment has power behind it.

I don’t teach how to “get clients.” I teach how to create clients. It’s called ENROLLMENT.

You are always enrolling people.

I enrolled my wife in saying yes to marrying me, 10 days after we met. (We are about to celebrate our 14th wedding anniversary).

You enroll your kids. You enroll your partner. You enroll clients, direct reports, bosses and your board of directors.

Or you don’t.

It’s enrollment all the way down.

And I either just enrolled you or I didn’t. And both are perfect.

You’ll know what to do.”

Enrollment story #2

A coach messaged me: “I want to do both of your programs. But I just checked the time slot for the calls and they are 3am and 5am in Sydney, Australia.”

I responded…

“Most people live a Reported On Life. A life that happens to them. 

A handful of people learn to live a Created Life. A life that is created by them, no matter the circumstances… 

It might surprise you to learn that we have people signed up for both of these courses who live in Australia. They’ll be waking up at 3am. 

That’s commitment.

I have clients in Australia who get up super early or stay up late to be on our coaching calls. 

And I have clients who have taken over 24 hours to travel 7,500 miles—each way—from Sydney to Los Angeles to attend a 3 day event with me. That’s commitment.

It’s all a question of perspective. 

Make your choice. 

But don’t make excuses. 

You’ll be fine whatever you choose. 

You CREATE your life. Make it a great one.  

Enrollment story #3

A coach messaged me: “I’ve been dragging my feet for a month about enrolling in the 4PC Accelerator. My strongest concern is whether I am clear enough within myself about what I’d like to create. I have an ability to enroll in programs and realize quickly that I’m not internally clear. I’m also questioning if I’m at the caliber of the group. 

I’d appreciate any insight and clarity. That is, if there is even a spot left.”

I looked up her website. 

Always do your research

I filter for fascinating people and she was fascinating. 

I responded…

“I see from your website that you’ve dived out of a plane, thousands of feet above the Earth. You’ve written a book. You’ve been consulting and coaching for over 25 years. You’ve been a Vice President of Sales. You’ve been an entrepreneur for over 20 years. You founded a Feng Shui school. You’ve worked with leaders and celebrities. Being courageous isn’t just your tagline. It’s who you are—from the inside out. 

How can I support you?”

She didn’t respond but simply signed up the next morning and she got the final spot at the 4PC Accelerator. 

That’s commitment. 

Enrollment story #4: Join me in Dubai… 

I know I said I’d share 3 stories but sometimes life offers you the unexpected, right? 

I ran four Deep Dives before lockdown. There were only 10 spots on each. We held them in Croatia, Canada, England and the US. And every single one sold out.

Well, The Deep Dive is back—with an expanded format! 

We begin this December—and over the course of two months, including two days in Dubai—you will join a small group of committed people, with me as your coach. 

I created The Deep Dive for 3 reasons:

1. Space is where miracles occur… 

  • Every entrepreneur needs time away from their business more than they think. 
  • Start 2022 refreshed and revitalized, with a clear vision and a bold action plan.

2. Success can be surprisingly lonely… 

  • If you’re the most interesting person in the room, you’re in the wrong room. This can be hard to admit but you feel it when it’s true. 
  • Join a new community, to receive the support you truly need. 

3. First you create your environment, then your environment creates you…

  • Your thinking is constrained and your vision is limited when you do the same things every day.
  • Take a risk and get out of your comfort zone, to refresh and innovate your thinking. 

Every leader—every coach—needs someone to challenge their thinking. And the higher you rise, the greater the challenges you face. 

The Deep Dive is for you if any of the following feel true:

  • If you secretly feel exhausted…
  • If you find it hard to accept help…  
  • If leadership ever feels stressful… 
  • If success feels lonelier than you imagined… 
  • If you sometimes feel more scared, the more successful you become… 
  • If you have big dreams you still want to realize… 

During the Deep Dive, I will provoke your thinking and challenge the way you see the world. 

You will… 

  • Create a clear vision for the future
  • Take bold action steps
  • Join a small group for powerful, mutual support
  • Recharge, refresh and revitalize
  • Visit one of the most extraordinary countries on earth—to shake up your thinking about what is possible in your life. 
  • Make a powerful commitment to a created future.

The first spot has already gone. Learn more and join me, here.

Life is created

What are you committed to?

Love. Rich 

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