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4 questions to get kick-ass testimonials!

Here are 4 questions to help you draw out amazing testimonials from your clients. 

You’ll see, in a moment, that none of the questions ask about how you do what you do, as a coach, consultant or advisor. Why? Because no one cares!

Seriously. Nobody cares if you’re an ontological coach, you’ve studied the 3Ps, or you’ve got a photo standing next to Tony Robbins. 

No one cares about the number of letters after your name.  Most clients don’t even care whether or not you have a coaching certification, or which coaching school you went to. They’ve never heard of these things. 

All they want to know is – do you get me? And – can you help me?

So, you want your testimonials to allow your current clients to tell your future clients that you do get them and that you can help them… 

Here are the four questions:

1. What was life like before you started working with me? (What was your biggest fear? How did you doubt yourself? What were you struggling with?)

2. What did you try that didn’t work?

3. There was a moment just before you sent the payment to work with me. What was the main reason, doubt or insecurity that was holding you back from signing up?

4. Where are you now? (What successes have you had? How has life changed? What were the tiny insights that made the biggest difference?)

Love. Rich


PS. More transparency here: almost 20 years into my coaching career, I still get nervous every time I launch a new program. When the first person signs up, it always feels like a fluke! And it’s only after the second person is in that I believe it’s real.

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