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The $400K Secret: Your Playbook for Defying the Odds

There’s one thing between you and a six-figure coaching income.

It’s a single bold decision.

Are you ready to make it?

Imagine breaking free from your 9-to-5 job – no matter how much they pay you… Imagine launching a new career… Imagine skyrocketing your income… 

That’s not a fantasy, it’s reality for many courageous members of my community. 

If you’ve ever felt shackled by your job, trapped by financial limitations, or held back by a lack of mentorship, this is for you. 

Today, you’re going to meet some trailblazers – Jason, Laurie, Shannon, and Nicky – who shattered expectations and emerged as powerful coaches, earning upwards of $400,000 in their first year. 

This is not just another success story article; this is your playbook for defying the odds and creating a life you didn’t think was possible. 

Imagine making $400,000 in a year of coaching… 

Now imagine making $400,000 in your first year of coaching… And imagine doing that while working no more than 35 hours a week… And spending a whole month away with your family… 

Meet Jason Hietbrink.

In March last year, Jason was fired from his high profile role as the Director of National Training & Development at the Inc. 5000 company he’d been with for his entire working career. 

In Jason’s words, “Truth is, I was totally miserable at that job and had been for some time. But the golden handcuffs had kept me there for far too long. I didn’t know it at the moment but being let go was one of the greatest gifts they could have given me!”

Jason is an expert in sales, training, launching and building franchises and supporting small business owners but he had always dreamed of being a full time coach. 

And he had no idea where to start… 

“I interviewed dozens of coaches picking their brains and trying to figure out how to grow a coaching practice from scratch. 

Most of them told me I needed to do funnels and online marketing and mass group sessions trying to sell my services. Some of them recommended I spend hundreds of hours getting various certifications – and on and on it went.”

One day he was given a book by a friend who started her coaching practice a few years earlier. It was called The Prosperous Coach… 

“Within the first few minutes, I was hooked. This man was speaking my language. His heart for the profession and the way he thought about our role as a coach to serve was so powerful to me. 

I listened to the book a second time. Then I started consuming everything I could find from Rich. And the more I listened to him, the more I wanted to model my coaching after what he had built over the last 18 years.”

Jason scheduled a call with me to discuss what it would look like to work together: 

I knew I wanted to become Rich’s Protégé and work with him 1:1. 

I wanted him to help me create what he had – a powerful world-class coaching business, built on word-of-mouth referrals, one conversation at a time. 

When I spoke to Rich, I had signed my first 7 clients but I was nowhere near replacing the income I had from my prior career. 

I needed a coach who could help me become a masterful coach and also help me build a successful coaching practice. And I needed someone who could coach me powerfully on my life and my business.”

I asked Jason about the tangible results after working with me for a year. He replied: 

In my first year of coaching, based upon the support and coaching I’ve received from Rich, I’ve made over $400K. 

I did this working less hours than my full-time job –  and I also took a full month off this summer. 

I am far less afraid of failing than I used to be. I’m learning to welcome failure in the process of where I’m going. 

I’ve become a far more powerful coach for my clients from all I’ve learned from Rich. 

I have learned enough being Rich’s Protégé to 3X my business even more, if I just keep following what I’ve already learned! That’s how much of a game-changer his community is and how much value he brings as a coach…” 

Imagine surpassing your annual earnings from a 31-year corporate career, as a coach…

Meet Laurie Arron, who was a senior leader at a Fortune 10 company for over 27 years. She was a trusted advisor and executive coach to C-Suite leaders and Chiefs of Staff. 

I asked her about life before she joined 4PC, my community of leading coaches:

“Before 4PC, I was immersed in the comfort of my corporate job—a position I had known for 31 years. It was like a second home but also a golden cage. 

It provided financial stability and a predictable routine but I felt a gnawing sense of ‘Is this it?’ 

My heart kept pulling me towards my real passion – coaching senior leaders and chiefs of staff, a niche I knew I could excel in. 

But every time I contemplated leaving my corporate job, the idea seemed too risky, almost foolish. 

The fear of leaving the familiar for the unknown held me back. So I remained stuck, not growing, not truly living… 

I even justified to myself that it was all ok, yet deep down, I knew it was not.”

Finally Laurie made the shift. She left her corporate world and launched her new business as a trusted advisor. 

She had my support and the support of my 4PC community. 

I asked her to share the top principles she has learned from working with me to build a top 4% coaching business…

Courage Over Comfort: You helped me realize that real growth happens when you have the courage to step outside of your comfort zone. 

With your guidance, I found the bravery to make the leap, to risk the familiar and secure, for a chance at something extraordinary. I am so glad I did and I have never looked back!

Clarity Through Action: Rather than letting me remain paralyzed by indecision, you encouraged me to take action. You showed me that small steps could help to clarify my vision and build momentum. 

And you were right, Rich. Each step I took toward my new goal made my path clearer and my resolve stronger. I now teach this to my clients all the time.”

I asked Laurie about the changes that occurred as a result of working with me. She replied… 

“As a result of our work together in 4PC, I experienced a profound transformation. Internally, I transitioned from a state of apprehension to one of courage and clear intention. 

This was truly life changing. 

Externally, I took the significant step of leaving my corporate position to launch my executive coaching business. It took off quickly, filling a unique and much-needed gap in the market.

But the transformation didn’t stop there. You also challenged me to write a book, something I had never even aspired to. Guess what? I did it, and I am so glad you pushed me!

Within less than a year of starting my coaching business, not only did I gain an exceptional client base, but I surpassed the annual earnings from my 31-year corporate career, far exceeding my initial expectations.

And my specialization in coaching senior leaders and chiefs of staff has led to industry recognition. I’ve been invited to speak at events, and my book is set to launch, adding another layer of expertise and credibility to my name that I never could have imagined… 

Thanks to your guidance Rich, I can genuinely say that I have the life I want – personally and professionally. 

The journey from a 31-year corporate career to a thriving, impactful coaching business has been nothing short of miraculous. I couldn’t have done it without you Rich, and I am eternally grateful.”

Imagine what it feels like when someone truly believes in you and has your back…

Meet Shannon Sedlacek, a former trial attorney who quit because she was burned out and then, incredibly, started a new career as a firefighter!

Eventually it was time for her third act and she reinvented herself once more as a coach. 

That’s how we met. 

I asked Shannon to tell me about life before she joined 4PC

“Before I met you my coaching business was successful and I was a bit bored.  

I could feel there was way more, but I couldn’t access it alone.  

Working felt lonely even though I love my clients. I wasn’t excited about my offerings. 

I wasn’t bringing in my background as a litigator or as a firefighter into my coaching. 

I wasn’t being as daringly creative as I wanted to and my coaching bank account matched my lack of excitement. 

I am commanding fees 3x higher, with less time commitment and 10x more fun. 

You’ve taught me to give myself permission to constantly create and to make shit up. And, how fun and rewarding it is!

You’ve taught me that I don’t need to solve the problem and wrap it in a bow. Instead, my goal is to draw out the insight. 

You’ve taught me how to define success on my terms and how to include my days off as a success marker.

You’ve taught me that confidence is a result, not a prerequisite.

You’ve demonstrated how vulnerability is powerful, not weak.”

I asked Shannon to tell me the most tangible results from having worked with me…

  • “I am commanding fees 3x higher, with less time commitment and 10x more fun!
  • I am not alone. If I feel lonely, I have the 4PC community you’ve created. I can reach out any time to feel the love and support I need. 
  • I am actively collaborating and creating with others to create adventures, programs and massive value for people we serve, while having a blast doing it.
  • I am teaching skills to people that will change the world. And I am bringing in my expertise as a former litigator and fire lieutenant.”

Imagine your revenue being up 500% on your goals! 

Nicky Brown worked at Gap and Nike and TopShop for the first 6 years of her career. She then spent a decade working at Apple, which included 5 years as a leadership coach. 

She started working with me earlier this year, as she launched her coaching business, because she wanted to set herself up for success.

I asked her what she has learned in the short time we have worked together…

“Always be in service. Serve people so powerfully they never forget you. Only sign 10 clients – who challenge your thinking. Be unattached to clients saying yes and just focus on serving them powerfully.

Only make offers to clients whose values matched and excited you. I’ve turned down huge deals and stayed true to my values. 

And, in 4PC you have helped me reconnect my mind and my body. My inner peace has returned. It was the final piece of the puzzle. You also helped me find my tribe. What a community 4pc is! 

Finally, my revenue was up 500% on my initial goals for year one!

Each of these coaches has a coach – and a community – who believe in them deeply. And that is priceless. 

Their stories are a testament to what’s possible when you decide to rewrite your own narrative. 

Remember: the only limits that exist are the ones you place on yourself. 

The strategies, the community, and the mentorship are waiting for you. The question is, are you ready to step into the arena and create your own story of transformation?

Love. Rich


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