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Meet the 4PC Hall of Fame

Great leaders celebrate and elevate their people.

Great coaches celebrate and elevate their clients.

We have just wrapped our annual 4PC Accelerator. In a sold-out event, in front of 70 high-level members of our community, I was honored to announce the 4PC Hall of Fame, Class of 2022. 

The 4PC Hall of Fame honors prominent community members who have made extraordinary contributions to the field of coaching. These are leaders who have demonstrated courageous thinking, vision, innovation and inspirational leadership. They have been 4PC members for a minimum of 3 years and they continually stretch the 4PC community to rise to a stronger and higher level. They are leaders who excel in their field. They call attention to the power and impact of high-level coaching, consulting and thought leadership.

I am thrilled to announce the 4PC Hall of Fame 2022 to over 40,000 people, who read this newsletter or follow me on social media. 

These coaches are regarded by their peers as being among the world’s best coaches, as evidenced by empirical accomplishments in client results, professional contributions and intellectual capital.

Welcome to The Hall of Fame, Angela Tennison, David Taylor-Klaus, Hayden Lee, Matt Chavlovich, Parissa Behnia and Sarah Albritton. I’m truly honored to know you. 

My world transformed when I stopped seeking clients I can inspire and I began to filter for clients who inspire me. 4PC is a community of coaches who inspire me

I’ve committed to leading 4PC for 25 years and we’re about to begin Year 9. 

If you’d like to be considered for entry in 2023, apply now. We have a single spot for February start and a few spots left for August start. 

In 2023, 4PC will be meeting in Curacao and in Italy. There’s group coaching by me, over Zoom, twice a month. You get a gift ticket to our annual Intensive and the Accelerator. You get a gift ticket to every virtual program I run during your membership. And you get access to an incredible community. 

Imposter Syndrome is literally an entrance requirement, as you’ll be joining a talent hotbed of powerful people. That’s a little intimidating but it’s a feature, not a bug!

There’s a $25K annual investment and we ask you to make a personal internal commitment to be in for at least 3 years because that’s when the magic truly shows up.  

Be aware. There is no curriculum. This is not a course or a program. 

In 4PC you become a student of your own mastery, with me as your guide. It’s a place where you can never get too big and never get too messy. And that is priceless. 

Love. Rich


PS. Download the Client Creation Dashboard and turn creating clients into a game!

PPS. Wondering why I keep using the phrase Powerful Coach? I’ve just finished writing my next book… The Powerful Coach: How to coach the world’s most successful people will be published in early 2023. Watch this space!


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