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My 25 Year Project and My Why

4PC is my 25 year project. You see, three years ago, I made a commitment to found and run 4PC for the next 25 years of my life.

I’m curating a group of the most extraordinary coaches and leaders. And over the next few weeks I want to share my WHY for doing this. I also want to share some of these amazing coaches with you.

When you hit play on this short video, you’ll hear and see me share some of my struggles over the past year. You see, one of the problems with success is that it’s very visible—yet failure is invisible. And I want to change that in our community.

Click here for my 2 minute story:

Love. Rich

P.S. Over the coming weeks I’ll introduce you to our 4PC coaches, their stories, and their impossible goals.  Check back here or join “The Coaching Confidential” in the right side bar to have these stories emailed to you.  

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