Being an extraordinary top performer is one thing.
Being surrounded by them is another.

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Do you experience one or more of the guilty secrets of most top performers:

  • Despite the admiration of your peers, do you have a sensation – deep down inside – that so much more is possible for you?
  • Is everyone around you astonished by what you accomplish but secretly you feel lazy?
  • Does it rarely feel that you have to work that hard any more?
  • You’re not lonely – but do you sometimes feel really alone?
  • Do you miss – or even crave – being surrounded by a community of true top performers?
  • Have you been super successful in life but now you’re bored?
  • Are you an intensely bright spark who learned at a young age to turn the spark down?
  • Do you experience success in one area of your life whilst in another you are still caught up in struggle

I get it. Me too.

I’ve been a top performer, I’ve researched and studied top performers and I’ve created and led communities of top performers. And being a top performer is a world of paradoxes that most people do not see.

The paradox of success is…

… that everything you have done to get you to your current level of success is holding you back from your next level of success.

Quality Problems

Here are the kind of challenges I hear on a regular basis from top performers:

A professor at an Ivy League school at the height of her career, confessed to me she was bored. She said:

“I could do this with my eyes closed. I want something more.”

A woman with a multi-million dollar business, respected by everyone in her field, shared with me:

“I’m not lonely. But I’m very alone.”

A hedge-fund manager with a multi-million dollar net worth and friends who were world-leaders told me his secret fear, something he’d not told another living soul:

“There’s no one else I dare share this with but you.”

Being a leader can be lonely

As a high achiever, the challenges you face are wrapped up in your gifts. You face a range of high quality problems.

Most people would dream of having your challenges but, for you, they are simply life.

We run on adrenaline. We dare not show our vulnerabilities. We’re surrounded by people saying what they think we want to hear.

We dream so big we sometimes frustrate the people we lead.

We’re the ‘hero’ in our business, sometimes unconsciously creating problems just so we can swoop in and solve them.

We’re top performers who are sometimes even under performing because there’s no one in our world able to really challenge us.

Being a high performer brings its own challenges

To be an extraordinary top performer can often mean that, despite the admiration of those around you, it often doesn’t feel like you’ve ever had to work that hard for the things you’ve accomplished.

Alternatively, you’ve been working incredibly hard for most of your life, you’ve attained a lot of money or recognition and accomplished most of the goals you’ve set but something is still missing.

Or, you’ve experienced success in one area of your life whilst in another
you are still caught up in struggle. Your business is successful but romance is missing from your life.

Your bank account is full but your kids rarely speak to you. You’re known as an accomplished leader but you never got the love from your parents that you really craved.

You must be ready to forge a new path

To get to your next level of success, you must acquire a new kind of power. You must put at risk the success you’ve become. You can’t copy anyone else. What if you could examine every one of the qualities that has made you the success you are today? What if you could discover how your very successes are holding you back the most? What if you could handle every one of them? Forever.



Success in your DNA
Despite the admiration of those around you, it often doesn’t feel like you’ve ever had to work that hard for everything you’ve accomplished.
It’s easy to misinterpret the nature of rapid attainment, and feel like you’re hiding a “dirty little secret.” High performers often feel like the laziest person they know.

You’re an extremely talented problem-solver
You’re energized by challenges and threats. It’s why you sometimes avoid things – taxes, relationships, income, etc – until they reach problem-level status.

You’ve never needed help
People are astounded by what you create. You are one of the highest-performing people you know. And you definitely don’t need support. In fact, you actively keep it out. You work hard to keep it out. But there’s a difference between “wanting” help and “needing” it.

You’re a perfectionist
As you get closer to what you want to achieve, your ability to distinguish gets more highly attuned. So, the closer you get to what you really want, the further away you feel. The barrier to start each subsequent project becomes unbearably high, because each time, your bar is reset to an even greater level, based upon the rewards of your previous project.

You’re a powerful visionary
You can dream so big that you get overwhelmed. Or you create so many options that it’s hard to even begin a new project.

You’re the leader
The higher you rise, the harder it becomes for you to open up to the people around you. And the higher you rise, the harder it becomes for the people around you to speak their truth.

You are always in action
The Gray Zone refers to a pace set by a runner that is too fast for recovery and too slow for growth. A pace like this can feel like a tough workout. But running in this zone, run after run, will actually lead to a decline in performance. Your challenge is that in your version of the Grey Zone, you’re still creating so much more than the average person.

4PC is a hand-picked community of leaders

We think differently, we challenge the status quo, we’re unorthodox and we achieve the ‘impossible’ – on a regular basis.

I coach, study and work with top performers. Ultra-successful people – the people you would assume don’t need a coach – are the ones who call me.

My clients have included Olympic athletes, Presidential candidates, Hollywood film directors, Special Forces operatives, serial entrepreneurs and many of the world’s top coaches.

In 2014, I founded 4PC – The 4 Percent Club.

4PC is a highly curated mastermind of the top 4% of coaches and leaders.

4PC Founding members of 4PC along with guest speaker, Sean Stephenson.

4PC is a community of extraordinary leaders


  • You’re seeking a community of extraordinary people who inspire you.
  • You’re a leader with a powerful vision. You dream bigger than anyone around you. You refuse to be bound by linear thinking. It’s why people follow you.
  • You’re not afraid of failure. You’ve got a track record of making mistakes and you’ve learned from every one of them.
  • You have a mission so big that nothing will stop you. Or you’re ready for one.
  • You thrive on challenges.
  • You’re a rule-breaker. You watch what others do and you do the opposite.
  • You want to spend time with fascinating people who stretch your mind.
  • Your real goal is beyond money and recognition – it’s freedom.
  • You’re not afraid of disapproval.
  • You love to play and have fun.

Be a top performer

Our members and alumni include:

  • A personal aide to President Barack Obama
  • A coach to leaders at The World Bank
  • A retired surgeon
  • An award-winning singer-songwriter
  • A South-American shaman
  • Entrepreneurs with 7-figure businesses
  • Entrepreneurs who have sold 7-figure businesses
  • An autism expert who turned down an offer of $10,000,000 to fund her dream clinic
  • An Aikido master
  • A former Navy Seal and a former Navy bomb disposal expert
  • A coach with clients on Broadway
  • An expert in mediating for families in trauma, in the healthcare field
  • One of the world’s leading podcasters
  • Coaches with $500,000 clients
  • The CEO of a wolf sanctuary – a multi-million dollar non-profit

You make an impact. Most don’t.

4PC is the place for you if:

  • You want to literally create your future
  • You want to build exponential intelligence
  • You want to grow your business exponentially
  • You want to create a values-based business
  • You want to get more done with less experience than most
  • You want to seek clients who inspire you. Not clients you can inspire
  • You want to embrace the dark and the light of your own leadership
  • You want to charge the high fees that high performers expect
  • You want to move from people-pleasing to powerful service
  • You want to be time, money and location independent
  • You want to be a leader who makes an impact
  • You want to be a leader with a committed team
  • You want to make bold, life-changing proposals
  • You want to develop powerful enrollment skills
  • You want to put action before perfection
  • You want to embrace failure and risk
  • You want to develop the art of Deep Coaching
  • You want to build the power of storytelling
  • You want to practice the wisdom of slowing down and creating space

4PC is NOT the place for you if:

If you’re not committed to honing your brilliance and making your extraordinary talent more extraordinary every year, 4PC is NOT the place for you.
If you are not committed to being surrounded by people even more extraordinary, 4PC is NOT the place for you.
If you are not committed to investing in your professional development and your personal growth, 4PC is NOT the place for you.
And if you are not committed to creating at least a 10X return on your investment of time, money, energy and relationships, then 4PC is NOT the place for you.

Be a top performer

Components of the 4PC Program

Incredible support

You’ll have the biggest blanket of support you’ve ever experienced, with an amazing community. You’ll receive personalized coaching with Rich in a small group (approximately 2x/month). Plus, you’ll have numerous private 4PC experiences and opportunities for you to step deeper into your own leadership.

Leadership opportunities

You’ll have opportunities to hone, develop and share your unique gifts with both your peers in 4PC and with our wider community. Your membership in 4PC includes the opportunity to join our Source Team — our leadership program at our 4PC Accelerator — where you’ll have a chance to lead a small group of coaches or be on stage in front of hundreds of our community.

A world-class community

You’ll face challenges, but no longer alone. You’ll be surrounded by a ‘family’ of high-potential people who really get you. Many will become your friends for life. You’ll be a member of a private Forum, where you can stay connected and have high-caliber conversations.

The science of creativity

Research shows that our very best ideas come in nature, on the beach, and even in the shower. You’ll have time for space, stillness and reflection. We’ll create ways for you to slow down (to speed up). You will re-energize in beautiful reflection.


You’ll make a contribution to something bigger than yourself to have an exponential impact – on you, your life and your business. Our community has raised the funds to build two schools in Kenya and some of our members traveled to Liberia to lead an empowerment event for 400 local teachers and to take clean water filters to villages who’d never before had access to clean water.


When people spend time in 4PC, they fly. 4PC is not a program or a seminar. It’s pure transformation that takes place over time, in the presence of extraordinary top performers. When you have goals that look impossible, you’ll be amazed at how quickly they become possible when you are surrounded by people up to something even more amazing than you.

What will your return on investment be from 4PC?

If it’s not 10X then you are not playing full out.

In 4PC you will learn to create time, money, energy and relationships that are exponential.

Members of our community have raised millions of dollars for their non-profit, signed a billionaire client, made hundreds of thousands of dollars and begun working with world leaders. What’s your biggest goal right now?

4PC was designed as a private members club for high-level leaders and coaches. Like any private members club, some members use all the resources, all the time. And others pick and choose for the value they need.

2023 is the 9th year of 4PC and new members make a minimum 3 year commitment because our track record shows that it’s in or beyond year 3 that members truly begin to fly.

4PC includes a mixture of the following experiences:

  • Private 4PC in person Intensives, exclusively for members
  • Gift ticket to the 4PC Accelerator
  • Twice-monthly Deep Coaching sessions by Zoom

Some 4PC members choose to attend every in person event. Some 4PC members attend every Deep Coaching session. Most pick and choose depending on their desire and their calendar.

4PC Intensive: August 16 -20, 2023 (Italy)
Join us in person for a 4-day 4PC Intensive in Italy .

4PC Accelerator: October 18 – 25, 2023
You get a gift ticket to the 4PC Accelerator (value: $6,000). This is a virtual event.

4PC Day: Nov 15, 2023 (Virtual)
Join us for a 1-day 4PC Intensive on Zoom.

4PC Intensive: February 8-11, 2024 (East Coast, USA)
Join us in person for a 4-day 4PC Intensive on the East Coast, location TBA.

4PC Day: May 22, 2024 (Virtual)
Join us for a 1-day 4PC Intensive on Zoom.

Our members say…

“When I first listened to ‘The Prosperous Coach’, I was hooked. The truths he articulated made sense to me. I felt like I had come home to a kindred spirt! I had moved toLA from London 5 years earlier and had a very successful business and client list. What I needed next was to know how to grow my business and still make enough space for myself to have a life. I immediately signed up for his intensive, deep dive, and his transformational mastermind group, 4PC.

In 4PC, I definitely do not feel like I’m the most interesting person in the room. Some of these individuals have been an integral part of my transformational journey with their own unique gifts. Even though most of us live in different states, countries and time zones, I feel a kindred spirit with these folks and that is rare.

Two years later, I have achieved my financial goals and created the space in my life to do what makes my soul sing. I no longer feel like a small girl from Johannesburg wondering how I’m living the life I am. I now feel the full power of who I am and what that means in the world. Can’t wait to see what the next few years bring! Thank you Rich for being who you are and doing what you do.”

Vicki Shillington

Wow, how do I write a recommendation for Rich Litvin that would or would fully express the positive impact he’s had on me in the short time I’ve known him? I’ll do my best.

Rich’s gift is shining a light on the thing I would prefer to keep hidden. He sees how I’m blocking my potential to serve others powerfully. And, he doesn’t accept good enough from me because he knows I wouldn’t be happy accepting it from myself.

Rich knows how to meet people where they are and engage with them in ways that they feel seen and heard. He knows when to champion and he knows when to challenge. As he says, he serves and doesn’t please. And serve he does.

You know what I like best about Rich, though? It’s that he is wonderfully flawed just like the rest of us and expresses his humanity in very subtle and touching ways. One becomes attracted to Rich because of how powerful of a coach he is… But the real gift is seeing him as a person. That’s amazing.

Laurie Arron

Rich is truly a coach for coaches wanting to take their work to extraordinary heights. As a coach for 7 years, he messes with my thinking in the best way possible. And most importantly for me, he has the gift of building communities of powerful leaders. Rich is key in my journey to bring my best self in my commitment to women leaders of color.

Kanchan Prinsloo

Rich is truly a gifted world class leader and coach. We met when I attended one of his intensives last October and my life has not been the same since then. He is massively powerful – he digs deep and has the ability to hear whats not being said and shining a light right on it! He clears the pathway for powerful thinking and has enabled me to create bigger possibilities for myself and my life than I ever imagined. I consider it an honor to work with Rich and look forward to continuing to work closely with him.

Parissa Behnia

When I came to one of Rich’s live events, I had reached a “blah-teau” in my coaching practice. I loved the actual coaching part, but I was bored as hell with the business part. I came into Rich’s world looking to rejuvenate my practice.

Over the course of the first day I realized that I wasn’t bored with my practice. I was bored with playing small. I was bored with who I was being as an entrepreneur. That awareness didn’t come from Rich answering the questions I asked. Instead, Rich challenged me to live into bigger and better questions. He pushed me. And that’s clearly what I needed and when I needed it.

I joined 4PC, Rich’s mastermind community, and that journey began in January 2019. With the help of Rich and the extraordinary people in 4PC, over the first 6 months in the community I completely reshaped my practice, I elevated the work that I was doing, and changed my relationship with my work completely.

I believe that achieving more requires becoming more. Rich’s community was the perfect place for me to explore what I wanted to become and to experiment with what I could achieve from there.

Helen Appleby

Before I met Rich I had been in coaching and mentorship programs with amazing coaches and uber successful people for eight years. I was happy and successful, and still wanted more. I attended one of Rich’s Deep Dives where I was stunned at the depth of conversations and insights that resulted. Now I’ve been working with Rich for nearly two years. He and the community he has created have taken my life to a completely different level in so many ways. I’ve started writing my book because I have clarity on my message for the world, a clarity I had been seeking for eight years prior. I have high level coaching clients of my own. I am comfortable having the hard conversations with my own team and coaching them as I’ve seen him model in a variety of groups. Each of these things is a direct result of Rich’s work with me. Even better, I have real, raw, deep, and inspiring friendships with the most amazing humans and world-changers I’ve ever known. Rich’s coaching is transformational, but his ability to curate true community among the best and most impactful people on the planet is truly his zone of genius. I’m forever grateful.

Catherine Hammond

Rich is an inspirational leader. Through his insight, support, encouragement he has helped me create a life I love and future full of possibilities. He is an amazing, talented, caring, thought provoking individual. I am blessed I came across his book The Prosperous coach and followed my heart into his coaching mastermind group 4PC. The best decision of my life. Thank you Rich. Forever grateful.

David Taylor-Klaus

4PC and the Rich Litvin Intensive introduced me to a nonlinear path to success and a way to view my world that I hadn’t seen prior.

During that intensive, I came up with my big, game-changing idea, and it has been my reason to get out of bed ever since.

Being a part of 4PC is now allowing me to take that notion and begin to put it into motion. I realized I needed to be somebody different to make that notion occur.

First, I got to shed and cleanse all of the things in my corporate background that no longer worked for me. And it wasn’t until I was a part of this community that I realized how desperately I could use some new tools, and how easy it was to get them.

Before I joined, I personally interviewed 4PC members. And I knew that in 25 years of business, I would’ve never found those people to surround myself with on my own. I would never have a conversation with them in a café or at a conference. And I knew that my way of being needed to be blown up a bit, and stretched.

Claire Yvonne Hayward

Rich has taught me more about leadership in 15months than a 15yr Corporate career ever did and he did it not by what he said, but by what he modeled. He is a master at his craft and what I want to acknowledge and am most grateful for is his unwavering commitment to creating more Thought-Leaders in the world as opposed to followers. He is a rare breed and one of the most positively influential humans I have ever come across.

Matt Chavlovich

Rich Litvin is a world class coach, but saying this does not capture who he is and what he creates. When I first saw Rich Litvin coach, I knew that I had come across a very unique person, coach and leader. Rich works with high performers, with passionate and highly successful people who make a difference in the world, and he helps them to both bring more of themselves, and become more themselves. Now that creates impact! Working with Rich, I have appreciated his depth, his immense perceptiveness, and simply: his humanity. And also the fact that he helps me hold the bigger agenda of my leadership persistently and fiercely, and to go beyond what I first imagine – always. When working with Rich, expect to discover that what you came for is not what you are here for, and that you can go much further than your initial goals.

Sylvia Rohde-Liebenau

Rich is the embodiment of what it means to lead from a place of service. He serves people so powerfully and deeply that the impact of his transformation will leave an imprint on how you show up in your life. He sees you more fully than you see yourself. He sees your potential, he senses what needs to be unearthed, and the gifts that you have to offer. What makes Rich truly extraordinary is his ability to continue to create new ways to amaze, inspire, and reveal new insights as you journey along with him. Rich is a champion of leaders and a creator of magic!

Tony Martignetti

Rich is a coach for exponential leaders because he is exponential himself. He is a visionary with a unique genius for unearthing someone’s full potential. He does so to the point it becomes not only possible to realize but impossible not to. His leadership is second to none and it’s proven by the community of extraordinary leaders and coaches that align with his powerful mission. To know Rich is to know a world class coach whose work has ripple of impact beyond measure.

Alexis Artin

I had been a successful executive coach/leadership consultant for 27+ years before I read Rich’s book, The Prosperous Coach. As I read it I had layers of realization that my success in owning my own practice all those years wasn’t a fluke! I’d been doing exactly what Rich and Steve wrote about for years, but never thought it was something to write down. In fact, I figured it was luck and I better not ruin it by talking about it!

It’s subtle, but one of Rich’s tremendous gifts is not just BEING an outstanding coach to exceptional people (which he IS), but thinking about the process so carefully, thoroughly deconstructing every nuance of a powerful coaching conversation and relationship so that he can write it down. And, importantly, he DOES write it down. Thousands and thousands have benefitted from just that gift alone.

I’ve now been with Rich in person in a variety of settings, from 1:1 to 1:10 to 1:30 to 1:200+ people. He is consistently a master of being fully present to whomever he is with, listening deeply, engaging both individuals and large groups, pivoting between coach/trainer/leader/facilitator with a dash of comedian effortlessly and with boundless creativity and compassion. He plays full out, holds nothing back from his clients in any arena and calls forth the same from anyone with whom he works.

Outstanding master level coach; powerful leader of fascinating communities; loyal friend and encourager. I take every opportunity I can to learn from him and be in community with him.

Sarah Albritton

4PC is by application only

Membership is for a year at a time

Many members choose to reapply for membership – year after year.

4PC is designed to be uncomfortable and challenging. Because what got you here will not get you there. We seek leaders who ‘want’ 4PC but don’t ‘need’ 4PC. And that’s not a point of view. It’s an entrance requirement. You should be a little intimidated by us. And we should be a little intimidated by you.

If you are accepted into 4PC

I’ll be asking you to risk the success you’ve become to get to your next level of success.

If our mission inspires you and you are an extraordinary individual, I invite you to apply for membership. 4PC is limited to 30 select members and there is a wait list to join.

The first step in this journey is to complete your application.

We’ll review your application and reach out to you to schedule an interview.
I look forward to speaking to you.

Be a top performer

Hear directly from members of 4PC about why they joined and what 4PC is to them.

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4PC and the exponential success project

Rich Litvin runs a leadership consultancy for world leaders, based in Los Angeles and London. For years, he has been diving deeper and deeper into the qualities of high achievers that hold them back from what’s truly possible. Rich has worked with extraordinary clients to help them create exponential success.

His clients have included Olympic athletes, Presidential candidates, Hollywood film directors, Special Forces operatives, serial entrepreneurs and many of the world’s top coaches.

In 2014, he founded 4PC – The Four Percent Club. A group of 30 of the top 4% of leaders. He is also the founder of The High-Achieving Introvert Project, The Confident Woman’s Salon, and The Prosperous Coach Salon. A member of the Association of Transformational Leaders, Rich is co-author of the widely acclaimed book, The Prosperous Coach. He is currently working on his second book: Exponential Success – The Loneliness of Leadership. Rich’s mission is to mobilize $100Million for charity through his connections.

And when he is not working on his mission, he’s navigating a loving relationship with his wife Monique, who is a jazz-singer. And he’s a loving dad to his two beautiful little boys. An introvert at heart, Rich still gets nervous every time he walks into a party!

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