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The 5 myths of becoming a Prosperous Coach

There are 5 myths to building a Prosperous Coaching practice. 

There’s also a super myth, hiding behind all the others that taps into our secret desire that someone is coming to save us. [Hint: no one is coming to save you]. 

#1. You need to learn online marketing to build a successful coaching practice, right? 


The oldest and best form of marketing on the planet is serving one person so powerfully they never forget your conversation for the rest of their life. (Oh, and then repeat this for the rest of your life). 

#2. Being able to sign high-fee clients means you’ve made it as a coach. 


You’ll fall into the boom-bust trap, if you are not constantly enrolling new clients. Plus, income and recognition are poor metrics for success. Make sure you take care of your happiness and your health before your wealth. And don’t wait until you’re wealthy to start giving back. There are far too many unhappy, unhealthy millionaires. You won’t be the exception unless you prepare to be…

#3. Your clients want you to solve their problems. 


You need to go upstream, to help your clients solve the issues creating the problems they bring to you. Do that and they’ll talk about you forever. 

#4. You’ve done a ton of coach trainings and you love coaching, so you deserve to have clients knocking on your door, right? 


You “deserve” nothing. Create a ton of value for people and maybe some will knock on your door. But you’ll also need to master selling if you want to sign them as clients. Serve and sell. Repeat. Ad infinitum.  

#5. Fear and Imposter Syndrome will lessen, the more successful you become. 

I hope not!

You see, fear is often a mask for desire. So it’s actually a healthy clue you’re heading in the direction of what you really, really want. And Imposter Syndrome is a healthy clue that you’re playing a big game. Without it, you’re probably not playing big enough.

The biggest myth of all… 

This is the myth that there’s a secret to creating clients hidden in your social media feed, in a post promising “7 Figures in 7 Steps…” “Easy high-ticket clients…” or “Setters who book clients for you…”

Not a chance.

There’s no easy way to get clients. And there’s no one who can do the work for you. 

You’ve got to be willing to show up every day, to serve one person at a time, to create value, to make mistakes, to struggle and even to fail. Look for longcuts instead of shortcuts. There’s no hack to success other than to be in it for the long-haul. Put in your reps. Rest. Eat well. Sleep well. Then put in more reps.

You’ve got this. 

Love. Rich


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