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5 Themes of Leadership

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1. LEADERSHIP IS ABOUT POWERFUL COACHING: Are you willing to go deeper than your clients have ever been? Are you willing to say what scares you? Are you willing to hide nothing and hold nothing back?

2. LEADERSHIP IS ABOUT POWERFUL ENROLLMENT. Are you willing to seek clients who inspire YOU—not clients you can inspire? Are you willing to set a high bar for your clients? Are you willing to turn away 9.9s to get your 10s?

3. LEADERSHIP IS ABOUT MAKING A CONTRIBUTION. Are you making a contribution to something bigger than yourself? Are you helping your clients to do the same?

4. LEADERSHIP IS ABOUT POWERFUL LANGUAGE. Communication is never about intent—it’s only ever about how your message is received. Do you communicate with clarity? Do you create clear distinctions in your world? Do you CREATE your world—and your clients—with the power of the spoken and written word?

5. LEADERSHIP IS ABOUT EXPONENTIAL SUCCESS. Do you know the difference between an exponential life and an incremental life? And are you willing to lead your clients on a journey beyond their DEFAULT FUTURE into a CREATED FUTURE?

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