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True success is inner peace

7 truths about success

  1. Talented, ambitious, driven, successful, wealthy and intelligent people need your help more than they know and more than you think. 
  2. True success is inner peace. Stop trying to feel secure and learn to tolerate insecurity. 
  3. Stop comparing how you feel on the inside with how others look on the outside. Remember: social media is everyone else’s highlight reel. Anyone can be Instagram-famous.
  4. Take tiny acts of courage instead of trying to be more confident. 
  5. Most people never set metrics for their success. Set process metrics vs outcome metrics. “Move my body every day” beats “get to 5% body fat.” “Serve one person every day” beats “sign ten clients.” 
  6. Given the choice of being rich or famous, choose rich. Given the choice of being successful or happy, choose happy.
  7. If you’re the most interesting person in the room, you’re in the wrong room.

Love. Rich


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