The 90-Day Money Game

Raise Your Fees, Boost Your Confidence and Master Client Creation

What if you could charge higher fees and easily enroll high-performing clients for life?

Imagine if you were no longer held back by the confusion and overwhelm of finding ideal clients. Imagine if you finally had the unshakable confidence to charge higher fees and uplevel the caliber of your coaching clients.

You’d be finally enjoying the thrill of creating the clients you desire. You wouldn’t spend years missing out on the income and impact that come with charging what you’re worth

Over the past 15 years, I’ve made this reality possible for thousands of coaches and consultants all around the world. Learning to sell the experience of coaching, not just the concept isn’t a mystery. Coaching is a relationship business. That’s simple but not easy.

And when you master the time-tested Prosperous Coach framework, this reality can finally happen for you, too.

You may believe that using the latest online marketing strategies is what creates dream clients.

If you are overwhelmed and keep spending money, time and energy on internet marketing courses, or learning SEO, or designing beautiful websites and business cards that get you nowhere, it’s not your fault. You’ve been sold the lie of the “easy” path.

Impactful coaching is meant to be high-touch, not high-tech. You don’t need targeting, leads or gimmicks. The reality is that all high-paying clients are created one conversation at a time. You need to serve someone so powerfully that they never forget your conversation for the rest of their life.

You don’t need to spend a lifetime feeling frustrated, underpaid, or unsure of the real skills needed to create dream clients. I am here to remind you that you are more powerful than you know. You already have what it takes to change the trajectory of your coaching business over the next 90 days.

If you want to build a word-of-mouth business with a few high-performing, high-fee clients, don’t worry about social media, just honor the person in front of you.

Are you ready to build a powerful coaching practice that brings you predictable income?


The 90-Day Money GAME

For over a decade, I’ve taught my private clients a tool called The 90-Day Money Game, a fun and energizing way to master the time-tested skill of client creation.

Week after week, for 90 days, you’ll focus on the 4 core elements of the Prosperous Coach Approach: Connect — Invite — Create — Propose. You’ll get powerful insights and distinctions that will forever change how you view creating clients.

You’ll develop the tried and true skills to enroll high-performing, high-fee clients you can apply for the rest of your life. The word “no” won’t scare you anymore, and you’ll get excited to make powerful coaching proposals.

I practice the same Prosperous Coach Approach to this day to enroll my $50K-$185K one-on-one clients.

If you are fed up with the challenges of creating clients, enroll in the 90-Day Money Game now and join a group of coaches committed to up-leveling their client creation skills.

Stories from 90-Day Money Game Clients

“I signed my first 45k Client short after the end of the game”.

"Rich, thank you for the 90-Day Money Game Program.

I signed my first 45k Client short after the end of the game. Last week I made my first $100k and $50k proposals for an 8.5 / 10 client. I got NO's but i took it was an oppotunity to make him a $30k proposal , to which he said yes.

I received the money in my bank account today".

Kévin Fornier
CEO Coach

“I love Rich’s vulnerability and seeing the behind-the-scenes of his process.”

“I gained a lot of practical advice that I put into practice straight away and had opportunities to have my questions answered by Rich or be coached on.
There are many layers to Rich’s programmes. Not only are you being coached, but you’re learning powerful coaching skills and priceless practical advice on how to grow your coaching business. It’s a no brainer.
Since taking part in Rich’s programmes I’ve started my first group coaching programme, noticeably up-leveled my coaching skills and expanded a client beyond the original scope of our work together.”

Carly Ferguson
Human Potential Coach & Consultant | Leadership, Career Transformation & Team Dynamics


“This was one of the funnest 90 day money games I’ve ever played”

“This was one of the funnest 90 day money games I’ve ever played. Standing shoulder to shoulder as entrepreneurs, we got to share our experience, highs and lows and support each other to bringing our gift to the world. That is Extraordinary.
Learning on the power of No. I am really good at getting yes’s, so for me to continue to lean into the no is edgy and exhilarating at the same time. I am now attracting more and more entrepreneurs that desire or bring that fire.”

Tony Bonnici
Founder of Zen Men and the Creator of The Dojo- Integrated Leadership

What Makes The 90 Day Money Game Program Unique

The 90-Day Money Game is the solution to the biggest challenge that coaches face – enrolling great clients. As a coach, you may spend months or even years developing your skills, but if you can’t enroll clients, you won’t have a thriving coaching business.

The Prosperous Coach Approach is a time-tested framework for creating clients, and the 90-Day Money Game is a fun approach to mastering it.

During the 90 days you will:

By focusing on the process of connecting, inviting, creating, and proposing, you’ll navigate the ups and downs of building a successful coaching business, and the community feel of the game will help you stay on track.

This approach has been proven to work with clients for over 15 years, and it will work for you too.

Stories from 90-Day Money Game Clients

“The #1 benefit of The 90 Day Money Game is that I learned to think bigger, easier and outside the box…”

“Through The 90 Day Money Game one of my biggest insights was that I actually know people who could write one check for the entire amount that I wanted to create. It helped me to think bigger and to look beyond the types of clients I had been seeking prior. I liked being a fly on the wall and observing powerful coaching and the results of it.
For me the #1 benefit of The 90 Day Money Game is that I learned to think bigger, easier and outside the box. Another benefit is the emphasis on tracking lead indicators. You’ll be sure to miss out if you don’t join!”

Danielle LoDuca
Trusted Advisor and Coach for Female Leaders/span>

“I doubled my income and got better at creating clients…”

"I like watching and listening to a master coach who is several steps ahead of me. Just spending time in that context helps me grow. I have found a lot of marketing guru’s who will give all kinds of advice and some has been useful for me.
But, my business didn’t really start to take off until I started applying Rich’s teaching. Since then, I have doubled my income and gotten better at creating clients. I am confident about where my business is going because I am building the skills for enrolling clients and seeing results.
My skills as a coach grow from watching Rich coach. “

Leah Zimmerman
Family Conflict Expert, CEPA

The 90-Day Money Game Program Detail

Spanning over 12 weeks and designed to be actionable from the start, The 90-Day Money Game is an engaging blended learning journey.

You’ll have access to daily pre-recorded bite-sized lessons with ideas, distinctions, and tools to stimulate your thinking and trigger insights.

You’ll get 6 pre-recorded coaching calls with Rich at different milestones of this journey to help you tweak your actions on your path to mastering the Prosperous Coach framework.

And you’ll do all this inside a supportive community where you get to share your successes and struggles and get inspiration from others.

You will start with getting familiar with the ‘Connect – Invite – Create – Propose’ framework. You will play this game week by week and track your results on the Client Creation Dashboard.

Join Now The 90 Day Money Game

What you get when you join:

Full Price: $699

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*Price Increases June 25th*

Our Policies

Cancellation Policy
We have a No Refund Policy for a reason. You see we love people who want to play full out. If you’re in, you’re in. It’s called Commitment. “Hell Yes. Or Hell No”. There is nothing else. 
The “Power of Vulnerability” Policy

Show up and be ready to hide nothing—and hold nothing back. You will triple the value you get by playing this way. As Brené Brown puts it, “Vulnerability is our most accurate measure of courage.” She says, if you take a big step and make yourself vulnerable, then it is pretty likely that the next morning you’ll wake up thinking, “Oh my God! Why did I share that? What was I thinking?”

What we say is that if you don’t feel a vulnerability hangover the next morning, then you probably didn’t go far enough. This Immersion will be recorded, so just like life, you get to choose how far you go in sharing with others—privately or in front of everyone.

The “200% Responsibility” Policy

Great coaching relationships involve 200% Responsibility. And 200% Responsibility is how we run our Intensives. On our side, we PROMISE you, that we will show up 100%. (That’s me, Rich—and my entire team.) We will hide nothing. We will hold nothing back. We will give you the most powerful, impactful, kick-ass, life changing Intensive that you have ever experienced.

On YOUR side, we REQUIRE of you to show up 100%. Hide nothing. Hold nothing back. Take action. Even when you’re afraid. Be vulnerable. Lean into your edge. Take risks. Mess up, screw up, FAIL! Again and again and again. Because more failure is the only guaranteed path to more success.

Frequently Asked Questions

The 90-Day Money Game is a program that transforms theory into action. It’s about embracing mistakes, falling on your face, screwing up, and ultimately succeeding. Failure is not a setback in this game, it’s a feature. This program provides a safe and brave space for you to step outside your comfort zone and build habits that will help you create clients for the rest of your life.

The 90-Day Money Game program is specifically designed to help coaches master the Prosperous Coach framework and overcome their struggles in enrolling clients.

Unlike most programs about “getting” clients, which are created by internet marketers, this program was designed by an introverted coach who deeply understands how high-performing clients are created – one conversation at a time.

The program is actionable from the start and is designed to fit into your busy schedule. Over 12 weeks, you’ll have access to daily pre-recorded bite-sized lessons that provide you with new ideas, distinctions, and tools to stimulate your thinking and trigger insights. You’ll also have six previously recorded coaching calls with Rich to help you succeed by tweaking your actions.

One of the most significant benefits of the program is the supportive community, where you can share your successes and struggles, get inspiration from others, and receive feedback on your progress. This is not just an information program; it’s a doing program that encourages you to take action, make mistakes, and learn from them.

You’ll learn the ‘Connect – Invite – Create – Propose’ framework and play this game week by week. You’ll use the Client Creation Dashboard to track your progress and results. By the end of the program, you’ll have the skills and confidence you need to enroll high-paying clients and build a successful coaching business that lasts.

4PC is a highly curated mastermind of the top 4% of coaches and leaders. It’s invitation only and there’s a $29K annual investment, and we ask you to commit to being in for at least 3 years.

The 100K Club is a $20,000 program with limited seats where over the span of 8 months, you’ll learn to build your professional self-esteem, your confidence in creating and enrolling great clients, and your confidence in your Deep Coaching Skills to coach them at a high level once you have enrolled them.

While 4PC and The 100K Club are more exclusive high-end experiences, The 90-Day Money Game is accessible to all coaches looking to improve their client creation skills. The program provides daily pre-recorded lessons, live coaching calls, and a supportive community to help coaches master the Prosperous Coach framework and build a successful coaching business that stands the test of time.