This game is designed to get you out of your head, beyond your story, and past your fears of creating money.

Rich introduces the 90 Day Money Game

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Too many people wait for clarity before taking action.

Taking action is actually a great way to get clarity.

A reason I so often use challenges and games with my coaching clients is that it gets them out of their head and into flow.

And that’s where the magic happens.

If you’ve been coaching for a while...

If you have a pretty full practice...

If you’re ready to raise your rates...

If you’re ready to sign your first paying clients...

If you’re ready to save some money...

If you’re ready to turn pro...

If you’re ready to run your first group coaching program...

If you’re ready to sign your first high-paying clients...

If you simply want to make some money...

The 90 Day Money Game is for you.

"It blew my mind."

I first learned of The 90 Day Money Game from my mentor, Michael Neill. And when I played it for the first time, I was pretty new as a coach and I’d been struggling to create money in this new career. I figured it was worth a shot.

So I picked what seemed to me like a crazy number: $20,000. And my intention was to create it in the next 90 days. This seemed outrageous. Remember my background was as a high-school teacher—I’d only ever been paid a salary at the end of each month. I’d never asked for a fee. I’d never been paid for a service in my life other than the time I’d washed a neighbor’s car to raise money—as an 11 year old Boy Scout!

I made that $20K in about forty days. It blew my mind.

“When I set a target of $90,000 in 90 days, I felt a lump in my throat. That’s a bit ridiculous. Can I do that? I certainly never have before. Yet, I made the commitment and on Monday I hit $124,500 in 80 days.”

Destin Gerek

Focus on what you can control

It’s all about the PROPOSALS, not how much money you earn. You will focus your energy on what you can control — making proposals.

Decide on an amount of money that you would love to create in the next 90 days. Now multiply that by THREE — and that is the amount you will commit to making in PROPOSALS.

Put your numbers in your face! And track everything:

  • Track your minutes spent on client creation.
  • Track your conversations.
  • Track your PROPOSALS.
  • Track your NOs.

Keep your numbers front and center, where you can see them every day. When you DEVOTE time to creating clients, your world will change.

The 90 Day Money Game is simple. Tracking your minutes on Client Creation is simple.

But DEVOTING your time to ONE thing is the most challenging job in the world. That’s why you’re here. And by joining this game, you’ll have the benefit of peer support and additional resources.

Are you ready to play?

Get ready to feel uncomfortable. Get ready to fail. Get ready to collect NOs. Lots of them.

"My target was to make $75,000 in proposals. 53 days in, I have made $67,400 in proposals and I have billed $24,500 in coaching fees.”

Minor Arias Solis

Curriculum Schedule

Note: There is a break during late December for the holidays.

September 25 - Share your numbers and introduce yourself

October 2 - Connect Week with Kendra

October 9 - Invite Week with Giovanna

October 16 - Create Week with Rich

October 23 - Propose Week with Rich

October 30 - Connect Week with Kendra

November 6 - Invite Week with Giovanna

November 13 - Create Week with Rich

November 20 - Propose Week with Rich

November 27 - Connect Week with Kendra

December 4 - Invite Week with Giovanna

December 11 - Create Week with Rich

January 8 - Propose Week with Rich

January 15 - Celebrate! Share your starting numbers and ending numbers in the group

Choose your level of support:

90 Day Money Game

Self-study with peer support

  • You will receive 12 weekly lessons via email on Connect—Invite—Create—Propose.
  • You will join a private Facebook group with your peers to discuss the weekly lesson. You will be able to ask questions, share successes, and celebrate your “no’s” together.

Your investment for the 90 Day Money Game is $497.

90 Day Money Game

Upgrade your experience by adding on extra coaching support from Giovanna Capozza.

  • You will receive 12 weekly lessons via email on Connect—Invite—Create—Propose.
  • You will join a private Facebook group with your peers to discuss the weekly lesson. You will be able to ask questions, share successes, and celebrate your “no’s” together.
  • Six group calls, led by Client Journey Director, Giovanna Capozza. You will have the opportunity to submit questions ahead of time or apply to be coached live by Giovanna on the call.
  • You’ll join Giovanna and the other Salon Accelerator members in an additional private Facebook group, where you can ask questions and get feedback from her in between calls.

Your investment for the 90 Day Money Game Accelerator is two payments of $1,500.

Or, save $300 and pay $2,700 if you choose the payment in full option.

  • Accelerator Call Schedule

    All calls are on Wednesdays at 10am Pacific, 6pm BST. They will be recorded. If you’re unable to join live, you can still submit your questions for Giovanna.

    • October 4

    • October 18

    • November 1

    • November 15

    • December 13

    • January 10

Matthew Cooksey

Giovanna helped me to connect deeply with something inside myself. Somehow I was able to quickly move well beyond my fears, uncertainties and shame around client creation, and by some miracle, I actually started to enjoy it.

Giovanna is this incredible mix of both spiritual heart AND practical wisdom. What this means is that you feel loved, held, guided and inspired and yet pushed, challenged and called to do better. She has helped me learn to live from a place of inspired, heart-felt action. I honestly cannot recommend Giovanna more highly, she has changed my life and I’ll never forget her for it!

Matthew Cooksey
David Foster

Before I met Giovanna I'd only ever worked with business coaches, all male, who had a certain style of coaching that worked well across a lot of areas. After I met Giovanna I realized that I'd been missing something. Her style is very powerful, helping cut through a lot of the mental baggage I was carrying around. In a very short space of time of working with her, I picked up some very valuable insights that will stay with me forever. In short, I feel better and more equipped to create the life I want. She's brill!

David Foster, Founder at meta
Kasia Michaels

Giovanna is an excellent combination of coach and mentor. I reached out to Giovanna when I faced a challenge in my business. She was able to see the big picture and helped me understand that I had been too focused on something that limited my vision. I recommend Giovanna as a no-nonsense coach for anyone. Her energy and self-confidence are definitely inspiring and contagious.

Kasia Michaels