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A 25 Year “Hell Yeah”…

If you want to enroll someone in a mission, it needs 3 things.

  1. It needs to be bold.
  2. It needs to make a difference.
  3. It needs to inspire people.

I met Monique 12 years ago at an intense training on relationships and sensuality and communication. All of our guards were down – and we shared things with one another that would normally take a decade or more to come out.

To my surprise, 10 days after we met, I found myself on one knee, looking into her eyes, saying, “Will you marry me?”

Bold? Check.
Make a difference? Check. This was clearly going to transform our lives!
Inspire them? Check. She said yes!

Later that day, Monique said, “I’m about to perform in India as a singer for 3 months. Would you like to come?”

“I’ll come!” I replied.

Bold? Check.
Make a difference? Check. This was also clearly going to transform our lives!
Inspire them? Check. I said yes! And we lived in India for the next 3 months – our first 3 months together – in a 5-star hotel, with Monique as the star performer each night.

During our time in India, I told Monique that it had always been my dream to travel around the world with a beautiful woman…

She laughed out loud and said, “I’m in!”

Bold? Check.
Make a difference? Check.
Inspire them? Check. She said yes. And we spent the next 12 months living out of suitcases and backpacks, in hotels and hostels, traveling around Africa, Asia, South East Asia, and as far away as Fiji.

Massively Transformative Purpose

The secret to motivating individuals and teams to do great things is a purpose so bold and transformative that it moves you and others to take bold action.

Peter Diamandis calls it a Massively Transformative Purpose (MTP). Or as he puts it, “Find something you would die for, and live for it.”

My Massively Transformative Purpose

6 years ago, with one of my coaches, I came up with a personal MTP: To mobilize $100 million to educate 1 million children.

I knew this wasn’t about me becoming a fundraiser. It was about me coaching some of the most extraordinary leaders on the planet to create an exponential impact. Yet, it still felt outrageous.

I was barely brave enough to say it out loud.

In fact, the first tiniest act I took was to change the signature on my personal email account.

It’s remained there ever since:

Our clients make a huge impact. So do we.

We’re mobilizing $100 million to educate 1 million children.

And now, 6 years after I first wrote that MTP down, I have one client who is raising $100 million to change the future of work. Another client who is building a series of schools to educate children who think differently. And another client who is a thought leader at one of the world’s most foremost think tanks, uniting philanthropists, investors and social entrepreneurs to solve some of the greatest challenges of our generation.

4PC’s Massively Transformative Purpose

I lead a community of extraordinary leaders and coaches. Our mission is simple. But not easy.

Extraordinary Leaders. Exponential Impact.

I shared my MTP for 4PC out loud when I was the emcee at a conference 4 years ago. A woman came up to me afterwards and said, “Great job on stage, Rich. But I’ve been a coach for 30 years. And I have never heard of you. Who are you to say that you coach the top 4% of leaders and coaches on the planet?”

I wish I could tell you I had a great comeback. But I was frozen.

I knew enough to see that this was clearly coming from her insecurity. But my own doubts and insecurities were overwhelming in that moment.

I stammered something incoherent. And I walked away feeling a sense of shame that I didn’t have a great comeback.

I shared the story with Sean Stephenson the next day. Sean is one of the most brutally honest friends I have. He’s also super sharp and funny. And he said,

When she asked: “Who are you to say that you coach the top 4% of leaders and coaches on the planet?” You should have replied, “You know, I ask myself that same question every morning!”

Give Yourself A 25 Year Mission

One of my own coaches is Dan Sullivan. He is 74 years old and has trained entrepreneurs for almost 30 years.

When he was 34 years old he went bankrupt and got divorced on the same day. He made a conscious decision that day to start his life over again and he asked himself the question:

“What if you gave yourself 25 years to transform your life?”

Dan is also Peter Diamandis’s coach. A few years back, he pulled Peter aside before he went on stage to introduce his program for CEOs. “Peter,” he said, “if you really want to make this stick, why don’t you tell them you’ll do it for 25 years?”

When I heard that story, I got it deep in my bones. And I made a personal commitment to lead 4PC for 25 years.

We are about to commence our 5th year of 4PC and our members and alumni already include military veterans, authors, martial arts experts, a former Navy Seal, a pilot of 767s, the former Chief Marketing Officer of Harley Davidson, a musician who performed at Carnegie Hall, a Navy bomb disposal expert, leaders of non-profits, entrepreneurs and coaches running 6- and 7-figure businesses. Their own clients include billionaires, celebrities, teachers, leaders at non-profits, pastors, physicians and successful entrepreneurs.  

This Thursday at 10am Pacific, you can meet one of them — Kendra Cunov. We’re calling this session “The Journey of a Superhero.”

Four years ago, Kendra flew to LA to attend my Leadership Intensive.

At that time, she already had a background of over 20 years teaching some of the most impactful personal growth work on the planet. But the past 4 years have been a time of exponential growth for Kendra…

Her business has soared. She has amazing clients, consults for leading companies, established herself as a thought leader in our field, and is raising two incredible children with more time in nature than ever before.

She also became the Chief Superhero Officer of my company – yes, that is her real job title! And she joined the faculty of 4PC – our elite mastermind for the top 4% of coaches and leaders.

But, just a few years ago, she was questioning how she could possibly raise two kids on her own, let alone build a business. Yet, the past few years have been her best ever.Would you like to find out how?

Come join me and Kendra for the fourth session in our Created Life series this Thursday, November 15 at 10am Pacific. (When you register, you’ll also get instant access to the previous sessions in the series, where you can meet even more members of 4PC.)

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Love. Rich


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