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A Life-Changing Idea You Can Apply Right Now…

One of the most life-changing concepts I’ve ever come across is that of Zone of Genius.

When you are in your Zone of Genius you focus on only those 1-3 things that you do better than anyone else on the planet.

These are things that captivate you and energize you. You’d do them even if you didn’t get paid! And you have more energy when you finish them than when you started!

And, most importantly, when you do these things they have a 10X impact on your clients and on your business.

2 Questions

My own Zone of Genius is just 3 things: Coaching, Creating and Connecting with fascinating people.

Earlier this year, I sat down to reflect on 2 important questions:

  1. How can I step even deeper into my Zone of Genius?
  2. How can I help others discover and then step even deeper into their Zone of Genius?

The answers – it turned out – were identical:

  1. Launch The Deep Dive – where I spend three full days coaching and creating with 10 fascinating people. My Zone of Genius!
  2. Launch The Deep Dive – where I spend three full days helping people discover and step into their Zone of Genius.

Hot Seats

One of the elements of 4PC that our clients love the most is when I’m doing “hot seat coaching.” I go around the room coaching one person, after another, after another.

It’s called hot seat coaching because when the attention is on you, your seat can literally get really hot!

And since my coaching is insight-based, you’re actually being coached whether you’re on the hot-seat or you’re a witness to someone else being coached.

Time to Break the Rules!

Hot seat coaching was something I’d only ever before shared with members of 4PC.

And Deep Coaching is something that only my $100K clients have access to on a regular basis.

But I’m nothing if not a rule-breaker, so we created and ran our first ever Deep Dive in Estonia this summer.

10 people flew in from half a dozen countries. They brought with them plenty of big dreams. Plus, a healthy dose of fear and self-doubt. (It’s called being human!)

And then I coached them, and coached them, and coached them some more. All day, every day for 3 whole days. Plus, we had two additional follow-up calls to turn insights into action.

The feedback was amazing!

  • Louise is a highly successful coach and leader of her own community. You’ll see her explain in this short video clip that for a single insight from the Deep Dive she “would have paid a million dollars!” 


  • Annabel was the founder of Britain’s first ever woman-owned and run plumbing company. After the Deep Dive, she wrote:

I feel I am walking away changed at a deep level. Thank you Rich, your energy is such a gift, you are so loving and compassionate as well as insightful and truthful. It’s is a beautiful powerful combination.

I would recommend the Deep Dive to people ready and wanting to make deep shifts in their life. It is deep, so be ready for that. And it requires commitment but magic happens around Rich and it seems effortless. I like that kind of change.”

  • Al has a 30-year career in the music industry. He wrote:  

Booking onto the Deep Dive really was a no-brainer. 3 days with Rich and nine other people in an intimate setting, felt like a golden opportunity not to be missed. After the first day, any doubts that I had dissolved and by the end of the three days, a feeling of calm and purpose had filled the space.

In a heartbeat, I would recommend The Deep Dive. The only caveat being you must be prepared to turn up and be open, honest and ready to commit 100% to the whole thing. Because if you do, the results will quite possibly amaze you.”

  • Dephy is an executive coach in Singapore, who wrote:

“Running a business and being at the top is lonely. I’ve come out of this Deep Dive with answers to questions I didn’t think I had and got answers to what was absolutely possible for myself and the business.”

  • Sandra has a background in negotiation at an international level. She is also an executive coach. She said:  

Getting to work with Rich was super exciting. It also felt scary because with Rich you know that it will get vulnerable, that it will get uncomfortable.

After the Deep Dive, I’m standing taller. I feel empowered. It has unleashed energy that I wasn’t able to tap into before. The Deep Dive is a perfect opportunity if you are looking to be coached by Rich in a one-off, intimate, small group setting.”

  • Mandy is a former director at an international investment bank, with a PhD from Cambridge University. She’s a high-level coach in the UK and a member of 4PC who joined us at the Deep Dive:

“I know the power of being in a room with Rich and a group of smart, self-aware people on a mission. I’m curious. I’m a big-thinker. I work well alone, but I know that community is where real traction happens. And no one creates community like Rich Litvin. His events are so compelling that he even gets us introverts out of the house!”

There are just 4 spots left at the next Deep Dive, here in sunny Santa Monica, California. So please reserve your spot right now:

Here’s the thing about your Zone of Genius…

You love being in it. And you are energized by it.

The Deep Dive was one of the most fun experiences I’ve created in ages.

After 3 days of coaching, coaching, coaching I felt more energized and alive than I’d felt in months.

So tell me. What are the 1-3 things in your Zone of Genius?

Love. Rich


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