4PC Accelerator

October 18, 2023 – October 25, 2023
A Deep Coaching Experience with Rich Litvin
and the leaders of his community

The ability to learn faster than your competitors is the only sustainable competitive advantage. If you’d like to accelerate your skills and talents, join us this October.

If you would like to immerse yourself in a community of top performers, you can join us for the 4PC Accelerator.

Unlike an Intensive, where we create space for up to 300 people, the Accelerator is for just 50 attendees plus members of 4PC, our community of top performers.

Unlike 4PC, which requires an investment of $25K a year (for a minimum of 3 years) the 4PC Accelerator is for 8 days and it’s a $6K investment.

The members of 4PC will be the Source Team. They’ll be teaching – and learning – alongside you.

20 Years in 8 Days

A wormhole (technically known as an Einstein–Rosen bridge) is a structure linking far off points in space, that could allow time travel.

The 4PC Accelerator is designed to accelerate your success with just such a shortcut through time…

We’re going to do that using the power of language. I’m going to teach you how to become known as the expert in your field (even when it’s overcrowded), how to create your own Intellectual Property, and how to build your own community.

I’m also going to teach you:

  1. How to prepare for an extraordinary 2025 (not a typo)
  2. How to find a single mission for the next 18 months – that will change everything
  3. How to find your voice, amplify your voice and write with power and impact
  4. The five essential sources of competitive advantage
  5. How to play “Hey Yo!” – our private 4PC game – that will enroll 50 influential leaders in support of your mission
  6. The power of 3. Why less is almost always more
  7. How to ask – and answer – more powerful questions
  8. Why you need to get better at handling uncertainty, not risk
  9. How to live with no regrets – and the 2,300-year-old tool that makes the difference
  10. Why you can’t only get good at learning—you also need to master unlearning and relearning
  11. How anti-goal setting beats goal-setting
  12. Plus, I’ll be taking you through Finishing School (no, you’ll not be learning upper-class manners—quite the opposite! You’ll be wrapping up or quitting all the open loops that are draining you of energy right now…)

You’ll also learn directly from the members of 4PC, who will be teaching you the best wisdom that has catapulted their careers or made them an expert.

My team and I were recently asked to consult with a top University on how we run events that create deep intimacy and connection – especially in a Virtual setting. We’ll be teaching you how to do this for your circumstances by modeling it for you.

And I’ll teach you how surgeons are trained to ensure deep learning. It’s the SODOTO approach—See One, Do One, Teach One.

Don’t wait 20 years. When you see a shortcut through time, please take it. I’ll meet you on the other side…

In the 4PC Accelerator

  • You will learn to navigate your next level of success.
  • You will prepare for a journey of adventure and struggle.
  • You will learn how to practice diligently and hone your skills.
  • You will learn to keep practicing – even when you seem to be getting nowhere.
  • Every master is a master of vision. You will learn how to dream bigger than you have ever dreamed.
  • You will become a guide yourself and help others to become heroes, on their journey of transformation.
  • You will learn how to build your own community.

The Path to Mastery

The path to Mastery has 5 elements:

Vision, Courage, Audacity, a Guide and Community.

I’ll be your guide and I’ve created the community.

Here’s what I require of YOU…

Vision – a mental image of who you want to be or what you want to create

Courage – a willingness to do things that scare you

Audacity – a willingness to be bold and to not follow the conventional path

The Problem

Most people live in a very restricted circle of their potential. They access a very small portion of their consciousness. They have no idea how to tap into the resources of their soul.

Most people experience the universe like gravity – a powerful hold that conspires to trap them in their zone of excellence. They never get to truly live in their Zone of Genius.

And most top performers are held back from their next level of success by almost everything that took them to their current level of success. They crave a community of mavericks and free spirits, like themselves.

The Solution

The best thing you can do on the path to Mastery is to arrange for first-rate instruction. This will be hard. But when you learn too easily, you’re tempted not to work hard. And you can do hard.

Everyone resists significant change. Joining a community of talented top performers is scary but it will help you to push beyond your narrow limits.

It’s easy to confuse pleasure and comfort with actual learning. But great coaches challenge you to get to the edge of your abilities, time and time again. Seek out coaches who scare you a little. A little scary is good.

Like almost everything I create, don’t wait until you’re ready. “Ready” will never come.

“Raise your hand. Say yes. Fly…

“Come to the edge,” he said.
“We can’t, we’re afraid!” they responded.
“Come to the edge,” he said.
“We can’t, We will fall!” they responded.
“Come to the edge,” he said.
And so they came.
And he pushed them.
And they flew.”

– Guillaume Apollinaire

This program is an 8 Day Virtual Immersion

There are only 50 spots available to join us along side members of our 4PC Community. It will be held virtually, over Zoom and you will receive the recordings of every session, once we are complete. But the 4PC Accelerator is experiential and we advise you to attend as many live sessions as you can.

Live Program Dates: October 18 - 25, 2023

Session Times will be made available as your powerful Accelerator experience is curated

Full Price: $10,000

Your Investment


(There are only 12 remaining seats at this price)

Our Policies

Cancellation Policy

We have a No Refund Policy for a reason. You see we love people who want to play full out. If you’re in, you’re in. It’s called Commitment. “Hell Yes. Or Hell No”. There is nothing else. And if it turns out that you can’t attend the Intensive – your fee can be used as a full credit toward any Intensive provided in the next 12 months – as long as you notify us more than 30 days before the intensive. If you need to cancel within 30 days of the intensive, we will not be able to transfer your ticket but you will get access to all of the recordings.

The “Power of Vulnerability” Policy

Show up and be ready to hide nothing—and hold nothing back. You will triple the value you get by playing this way. As Brené Brown puts it, “Vulnerability is our most accurate measure of courage.” She says, if you take a big step and make yourself vulnerable, then it is pretty likely that the next morning you’ll wake up thinking, “Oh my God! Why did I share that? What was I thinking?”

What we say is that if you don’t feel a vulnerability hangover the next morning, then you probably didn’t go far enough. This Immersion will be recorded, so just like life, you get to choose how far you go in sharing with others—privately or in front of everyone.

The “200% Responsibility” Policy

Great coaching relationships involve 200% Responsibility. And 200% Responsibility is how we run our Intensives. On our side, we PROMISE you, that we will show up 100%. (That’s me, Rich—and my entire team.) We will hide nothing. We will hold nothing back. We will give you the most powerful, impactful, kick-ass, life changing Intensive that you have ever experienced.

On YOUR side, we REQUIRE of you to show up 100%. Hide nothing. Hold nothing back. Take action. Even when you’re afraid. Be vulnerable. Lean into your edge. Take risks. Mess up, screw up, FAIL! Again and again and again. Because more failure is the only guaranteed path to more success.

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