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How do you build a massive email list?

I sometimes run an Ask Me Anything for my private clients or my Facebook community. 

I’ve gathered together 88 of the most interesting questions and my answers from the last few sessions. 

You can read my answers to the first 44 questions here and here.     

Here are the next 18 questions… 

45. How do you create a great coaching website? 

Nobody is likely to find you – or me – by searching for a coach on Google.

Which means the primary purpose of a website is to reinforce the impression someone had of you when you met in person, or when they were referred to you. 

If your website matches you energetically, people will trust you. Ignore all the Internet, marketers and website designers trying to get you to create a beautiful website with hundreds of links, dozens of pages, pop-ups and email sign ups.

  1. Create a one page website. That’s all most coaches need. 
  2. Start with the word “You…” Describe your dream clients to themselves. Their hidden dreams, their secret fears. Pro tip: your dream client is you! 
  3. Write a formal bio. That’s your resume or CV. Add the accomplishments you’re proud of, especially from your former career. It’s not bragging if you’ve done it. 
  4. Write a “real” bio. Tell your story. Include your fears, failures, doubts and insecurities. You’d be surprised how attractive that is to your clients. 

46. Do you ever get tired of teaching the same thing?

I’ve never taught the same thing twice. And if you ever hear me say something you’ve heard before, listen deeper. There’s something you missed the first time!

47. When should you advise a client to see a therapist rather than a coach?

If your client is having ongoing distress, or their physical, mental or emotional health is in immediate danger, then you should refer them to a mental health professional.

48. How do I balance my drive to serve more clients and my desire to have a fun life?

You are not alone. E. B. White once said, “I arise in the morning torn between a desire to improve the world and a desire to enjoy the world. This makes it hard to plan the day.”

Forget the Four Hour Work Week and aim for a Four Hour Day…

Wake up. Move your body. Serve one person. Create one thing. No more than four hours later, close your laptop or your office door. And go do something even more fun than creating clients!

49. I am still on my coach training. Can I make a proposal to a potential client who was referred by a friend?


50. How do you stop procrastinating?

There are only 3 reasons you procrastinate…  

(1) You’re scared = take the tiniest possible next step. 

(2) Someone else should be doing it = find someone who would love to do it. 

(3) You don’t actually want to do it = drop it, immediately. 

51. I love your distinction of serving vs pleasing. How do I know if I am serving rather than pleasing the leaders I work with in corporate settings?

They’ll be saying, “We hate you!” more often! 

52. What is one thing you did differently from your peers a few years ago that served you well in the long run?

Watch what the majority are doing and do the opposite. 

53. I’m new to coaching but you’ve been coaching for 20 years. How can I ever offer the value that you do to my clients?

A Zen master told his student about a woman who raised a goose in a bottle. 

When the goose had grown, she wanted to get it out without harming the goose or breaking the bottle. 

He asked the student, “How do you get the goose out of the bottle, without breaking the bottle?”

The student contemplated the puzzle for hours but couldn’t solve it. 

When he returned to the Master to confess he was stumped, the Zen Master said, ask your child. 

The Zen student asked his daughter, “How do you get the goose out of the bottle, without breaking the bottle?”

She replied, “Break the bottle…”

54. How do I respond when a potential client asks, “What results do your clients get?”

Here’s what you say: “There are 3 specific results people leave my coaching with. First, absolute confidence in themselves. Second, total clarity in their next steps in life or business.”

Then go quiet…

When they ask what the third result is, say: “The third result is always highly unique to each client. Let me know if you’d like me to help you discover what that might be for you…”

55. How do you keep a client focused when they are pulled in 100 different directions?

Ask them what they get from focusing on so many things at the same time. Then ask them what it is costing them…

56. How do you fill group coaching programs?

The same way you enroll one-on-one clients… One powerful conversation at a time. 

57. My client is resisting what’s needed to get to their next level. How do I best support them?

Sounds like they don’t want to grow as much as you want them to grow. You can never want something for a client more than they do. Maybe it’s time to filter for a new level of client. 

58. How do you build a massive email list? 

Stop trying to build a “list.” Instead, put your attention on creating value for people in everything you do. 

If you want to write, write about things your clients will find valuable. If you want to start a newsletter, commit to writing something every single week for a year. Invite your current clients to read your newsletter. Then share your insights, thoughts, ideas, and IP on social media.

Building a list is about getting attention. Instead, give value. When people get value, they’ll contact you. That’s your mission… 

59. What books do you recommend every coach read – besides The Prosperous Coach, of course?

Since 96% of coaches are reading the same books, I recommend you read anything but books on coaching!

60. Was there ever a time when your coaching career wasn’t working out and you wanted to quit? 

When I left England to become a coach, I sold my house. I made a decision to burn my bridges behind me. I wanted to be fully committed, with no way back. 

I’ve been a professional coach now for almost 2 decades. There have been times when I’ve felt frustrated, overwhelmed, exhausted, sad, angry… I’ve made money and I’ve been broke and I’ve been in debt. But the idea of quitting has never crossed my mind. I’m in this for the long haul. I’m fully committed. 

61. What gave you the most leverage when you first started coaching? 

Serving my ass off. 

62. How do you coach a client who is in victim mode?

Stop seeing them as a victim.

63. I have a belief that European markets are not ready for the pricing that I would hope for (>€20k). Do you feel there might be some truth in there?

If I presented you with clear evidence that your premise is wrong, what would you do differently? Go do that. 

This Ask Me Anything continues next time. Future questions include:

  • I’m struggling to feel congruent with my fee for a year of coaching. How did you get your first $20,000 client?
  • What’s the most counterintuitive advice you give to clients?
  • How do you handle a client who is uncoachable?
  • What do you wish you would have known before you started coaching?

Love. Rich


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