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Will you be my coach, Rich? Probably not…

In the past few newsletters, I have answered 79 of the most interesting questions from the last few Ask Me Anything sessions I have run. You can read my answers here, here, here, and here.

But the questions kept coming and I saved the best for last! Here are the questions I received most often about working with me…

There are 3 stages on the journey to becoming a preeminent coach, sought out by dream clients: (1) Amateur to Professional Coach, (2) Professional to Prosperous Coach, and (3) Prosperous Coach to Influential Coach…

Stage 1: Amateur Coach to Professional Coach 

You’re on the way to your first 10-20 paid clients. You dream of covering your living expenses with your coaching income.

  1. Why do you charge so much for The Prosperous Coach? It’s currently $40 and it’s been as high as $80. I used to apologize by explaining that the price is set by the publisher and out of my control. But a few years ago I met an extremely successful entrepreneur who said to me, “I saw your book was $70 and I thought it was really expensive – until I saw you have almost 2,000 positive reviews and that it’s in the top 20 books on Amazon, almost 10 years after it was published. I bought it immediately.” That was the last time I ever apologized for the price of the book! After all, if you apply what it teaches, you should make 10X your investment with a single client…
  2. I’ve read the book, how do I apply what I’ve learned to create clients? Study The Prosperous Coach Approach Playbook. It’s a masterclass on client creation – with the strategies and tools you need to enroll dream clients.
  3. Where can I learn, watch and model world-class coaching? I get this question a lot and it’s why I created a self-guided masterclass, called Coaching Elite Top Performers – to empower you to coach high achievers with total confidence. 
  4. My biggest block is around money. Can you help me? Yep. You are not alone. I have been there and I designed Money. Money. Money to help you coach your clients to live a Prosperous Life, as you live yours. This self-paced masterclass will break through your clients’ limiting beliefs about money – and you’ll watch your own evaporate along the way. 

Stage 2: Professional Coach to Prosperous Coach 

You’d love to create clients without internet marketing. You’re done with being paid by the hour and feeling exhausted from needing so many clients. 

  1. Do you work with people directly to apply the principles of The Prosperous Coach Approach? I do. In 2 main ways: 
    1. Join my flagship program, Project Kairos, for eight months of group coaching – to master creating clients by invitation and referral only. Build your professional self-esteem and the confidence to enroll high-paying clients and coach them with real impact.
    2. Apply to be my Protégé… Imagine being personally mentored and coached by me, to build your own world-class coaching business. You’ll dramatically impact every aspect of your coaching – and your life… $100K investment. One spot available. 
  1. Is there a cheaper way to learn The Prosperous Coach Approach? Yep! Project Kairos is the PhD and The 90 Day Money Game is the Master’s program. It’s self-guided, with daily insight videos from me – for 90 days straight. You’ll build a prosperous coaching business at your own pace. 

Stage 3: Prosperous Coach to Influential Coach 

You have a word-of-mouth business but you’d love to be a Thought Leader and command elite fees. You dream of taking extended vacations, and making money while you sleep.

  1. I can create clients by invitation and referral but how do I get clients knocking on my door? There are two ways: 
    1. Join me at a rare in-person event: Master The Art Of Influence. Sept 21-23, 2023, Los Angeles, California. Learn how to command elite fees and become a magnet to your dream clients. Only 9 spots left…
    2. Master the power of language, write and speak with power and impact, and create your own Intellectual Property. The 4PC Accelerator is a highly-experiential ​​8 Day fast-track to success. And it’s over Zoom, so no need to travel.  
  1. How on earth do I explain my unique value when everyone is a coach?! I hear you. It’s one of the most common questions I am asked. It’s why I developed a private coaching experience called Branded by Rich Litvin. You’ll learn to confidently communicate your value, captivate your audience, and attract clients who trust and respect you. It takes 30-60 minutes and it’s a $9,000 investment – but the pay-off is for life. You do the math.
  2. Will you be my coach? Probably not… I only work 1:1 with 1-5 clients a year. There are two main ways I work with private clients:1. The Thinking Partnership. 5 months of support. Only two spots available. $47K investment.

    2. Concierge Trusted Advisor. Only one spot available. Referral only. There’s not even a page on my website. Similar to a concierge medical service, where you get access to world class medical care, personalized attention and support when you need it. Having a Concierge Trusted Advisor gives you peace of mind and deep confidence. $185K/year investment.

  3. I hear so many people talk about your private community, called 4PC. What is it and can I join? Maybe. But we are oversubscribed and there are usually only a few spots available for entry at any one time. 4PC is a community of some of the most fascinating coaches on the planet. Coaches to leaders at multi-billion dollar organizations, former hedge fund managers, experts in luxury brands, a former world famous DJ, a former Navy SEAL, a former high-level exec at Disney, a coach to multi-generational family businesses, a former firefighter. We are currently taking applications for 2024. You are supposed to feel nervous when you apply. That’s a feature, not a bug! $29K/year investment. 
  4. Ok. I am overwhelmed with the options you have, Rich. What do I choose? I’ve got you. Take my Elite Coaching quiz. 

Whatever level you’re at, you are not alone. I’ve been there. And I’ve got your back.

Love. Rich


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Plus, whenever you’re ready – here are 4 ways you can drastically increase your income and impact as a world-class coach… 

  1. Rich Litvin’s 1:1 Coaching Playbook: Learn my top 10 proven tools for coaching elite clients in this self-paced training. 
  2. Rich Litvin’s Group Coaching Playbook: Make group coaching a lucrative and fun part of your business. Effortlessly fill and lead impactful group programs.
  3. Join me this July to write your book, transform your coaching business, and attract your dream clients: $100K Book: How to Write A (Tiny) Book That Creates Clients
  4. Join my newest program, “Million Dollar Team.” Learn how to build and empower your team of top performers. Or learn how to coach clients who are leaders and entrepreneurs that need a proven framework to guide them as they scale their team. 




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