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Are you hunting, fishing or CREATING clients?

A friend of mine is in the movie business. He’s a director who has worked his way up from being a runner.

A runner is the most junior role in a film company. You basically make the tea and do whatever you are asked. My friend put in blood, sweat and tears over more than two decades. And he rose to one of the most significant jobs in his field.

He wrote to me recently asking if I could refer him to a great coach.

So, I sent this message to some of the incredible coaches I know:

“My friend is a film director, looking for some support. He’s a bit disillusioned with the film industry right now. There’s not much money in it. Until recently his entire career was built by word of mouth, which speaks to how good he is at what he does. He’s had some great successes but a career in this field can be pretty up and down in financial terms. He is interested in an inside-out approach to life and when he comes from that place, life is always better. And he’s interested in support but right now he’s not really sure what for or from who.Basically, he’s in need of a powerful conversation!”

A bunch of coaches emailed me and said, “I’d love to coach him. Please send me his details.”

That’s a hunting approach to creating clients.

Some coaches emailed me and said,

“Please send him this message, telling him about me.”

That’s a fishing approach to creating clients.

But then one coach did something different. He looked this film director up on IMDB – the internet movie database.

In fact, he took out a professional subscription to IMDB.

He watched every movie this guy had ever worked on.

He noticed patterns in the movies.

He researched who produced, directed, or casted each movie.

He read the bios of the writers, directors, and producers he’d worked with.

He looked for subtle themes in the projects he’d work on.

He then offered to have a deep conversation with him.

I was blown away by the quality of attention to detail and love he put into this research project.

That’s a serving approach to creating clients.

How deep would you be willing to go to create your next client?

Love. Rich

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