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Why Your Coaching Book Shouldn’t Be a Bestseller

Chances are you are reading this article because you once read my book.

But I don’t make money from book sales. I only get $1.50 from every copy sold. That’s not a measure of success you need as a coach. 

A metric I love is that my book has been a fantastic way to bring dream clients into my world.

Too many coaches spend years writing a memoir, or hoping to have a best-selling book. 

Yet research shows that the average book sells less than 250 copies.

So the chance of making money from book sales, after paying for an editor, a cover designer, a layout designer, an illustrator, and a proofreader, is minimal. 

But these are the wrong metrics if you are a coach.

Over the past 10 years, almost 40 of my clients have published books. Some have mainstream publishers, some are bestsellers, and many have rave reviews. 

But all of them have written a book with a single purpose… To enroll their next client.


This was the cover of a tiny book I created in 2011. Two years later it became The Prosperous Coach, and the rest is history. You definitely don’t need to create a perfect first draft…

For the first time ever, I’m running a training on how to help YOU write a TINY book that creates clients…

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Join me this July to write your book, transform your coaching business, and attract your dream clients.

Love. Rich 

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