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What’s the #1 risk to your business, today?

I hired a new coach last week. I really thought twice about spending money at this moment in time. But I realized this wasn’t an expense. It was an investment in me. And I have to walk my talk… 

If you tell people it’s important they have support, you have to invest in your own. 

As a business owner, you’ve got to look at your numbers. But if you’re a coach who has stopped investing in support, how can you ask others to start paying for yours?

[If you’re a coach facing financial difficulties, read my note at the very bottom of this message.] 

How are you investing in yourself and your business, right now? 

I got on a 30 minute call with this new coach and within 15 minutes I was complete. I got my insight, my inner peace came back – and I was done… 

It was a great reminder: 

  1. Clients pay coaches for the insights they have, not the time they spend… 

I had a session with my finance person, last week, to review our numbers. She’s a coach by training and she reminded me: 

  1. Great coaching is about asking great questions, not giving great answers. 

Here’s what she asked me… 

What’s the #1 risk to your business, today?

My bookkeeper was in the meeting and she replied first: “Creating clients at this moment in time…”

I shook my head and said, No… 

The #1 risk to my business, today, is me not taking care of myself and getting exhausted.

There was silence for a moment. 

But then I smiled. I know what to do, I said. I teach this for a living… And we all laughed!! 🤣

How do you sell in challenging times?

You don’t.

You serve. 

You create value. 

You invest in yourself. 

When you serve… you give people an experience of your coaching. 

When you create value… people leave your conversation with more confidence and more inner peace. They leave with a clear next step and a powerful question to reflect on. 

When you invest in your own coaching… it’s easy to look someone in the eyes and tell them the price to invest in theirs. 

You’re a coach. 

You were born for this moment. 

Love. Rich 


[NOTE: If you really need a new client because you have to pay the rent, make payroll, or to pay for food, my heart goes out to you. 

You cannot create clients from desperation.

You have a different job right now… 

Your job is to take care of your family. Drastically cut your costs, apply for a loan, look for a job, delay tax payments, put mortgage payments on hold or even – in extreme circumstances – apply for bankruptcy. Get advice from a professional. 

Acknowledge your situation, look it squarely in the face, and seek professional support. It’s tempting to want to bury your head in the sand. I get it. Instead, take one tiny step.]



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