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Can I coach you to make 2019 your best year yet?

Resolutions sound inspiring but they’re often too big to keep us inspired for 365 days.

They’re often too vague to be measurable.

And they’re almost always Outcome-focused, not Process-focused (they’re about “what you want” not “how to create it”).

Well, if resolutions rarely work, what does?

Here’s the secret…

If you’d like to create a powerful 2019, you need to be asking the right questions.

The reason this “secret” is question-focused, not answer-focused is because (especially when you coach top performers) your clients don’t need answers to their questions. They need better questions to live into…

  • I asked one of my clients a question that resulted in her business getting a billion dollar valuation.
  • I asked one of my clients a question that had her shift her big mission from raising $10 million to raising $100 million.
  • I asked one of my clients a question that resulted in him publishing a book that’s sold tens of thousands of copies.
  • I asked one of my clients a question that resulted in her making $79,000 in her first month as a Professional Coach.
  • I asked one of my clients a question that resulted in her signing an elite athlete as a client.
  • I asked one of my clients a question that resulted in him quadrupling his fees within two weeks.
  • I asked one of my clients (a mother of 4) a question that resulted in her scaling her business so that it can make money without her.

How would you like me to send you the powerful questions I’ll be taking all of my private clients through to create their best year yet?

Earlier this week, I coached 3 top performers through the process I have used for years to 10x my own growth in business and in life. We covered:

  • The 1 question that will make you cringe…
  • The 1 thing you need to avoid – at all costs…
  • The 1 tiny habit that will make a massive difference…
  • The 1 word that will transform everything for you in 2019…

Here’s what I require of you…

This isn’t some kind of magical session, where I wave a wand and your life transforms.

ONE: You will need to prep for the session. There is a worksheet with 12 questions to answer. Do this and I promise you that your life will already begin to change.

TWO: You will need show up to the session. Be ready to question everything about your life.

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Love. Rich

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