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How to coach in challenging times… (HINT: challenging times are here)

At the beginning of the pandemic I found myself reeling. In March 2020, the world had shifted and I felt overwhelmed and confused.

If I’m really honest, I also felt pretty scared. 

I couldn’t think straight. I stayed up really late watching the news. And I (over)stocked the house with tons of food and resources – because it felt better to do something than nothing. 

Then, one day, my wife gave me a massive pattern interrupt…

She said, “Are you ok? I’ve never seen you so scared.”

It was like being slapped in the face. It stopped me in my tracks. 

Well, at first I stammered, got angry and tried to deny that I was feeling afraid!

But after a couple of hours, I began to see – and literally feel – all the ways fear had me in its icy grip. 

I did some journaling. I spent some time in reflection. I walked a lot. I spoke to my own coaches and mentors. I spoke to my team. 

And I realized that although things looked very uncertain, I’d faced uncertainty before. Many times. 

Plus, I’ve coached clients through incredibly uncertain and challenging circumstances. Clients of mine have lost children, had life threatening illnesses, been through painful divorces, had miscarriages, been through bankruptcy and faced the heartbreak of losing a child. 

The only way to ever get ahead of uncertainty is to breathe deeply, feel everything you’re feeling – and then to step into leadership. Even if you don’t feel ready. Actually – especially if you don’t feel ready…

I don’t pretend I have all the answers and I’ve been scared many times in my life. But I’ve learned two important things about fear and uncertainty: 

  1. Courage isn’t the absence of fear. Courage is doing what you need to do, even though you feel scared. And you can do scared. 
  2. The solution to uncertainty isn’t certainty. It’s creativity. 
  3. If you can’t solve your problems, help someone else solve theirs. That, in turn, will help you. 

In a few days time, I’m running The Last Intensive. There will be no RLI in 2023, maybe never again. 

So, if you want to learn with me, now is your moment. 

At this Intensive, you will learn:

  1. 14 different ways to survive and thrive in uncertain times. And boy, do we have uncertain times ahead of us…
  2. How to help your clients plan for failure. We all know in advance how we’re going to fail at something. Best get that out the way before you even begin…
  3. 7 ways to massively increase your impact on your clients. This will help you reach the platinum standard of business – a word-of-mouth coaching practice…
  4. How to uplevel your on-camera presence. If most people only ever see you in that little square of a Zoom camera, it’s time to make sure you make a visceral impression on your clients every time you meet them…
  5. How to coach a client with power and impact – whether you have 90 minutes or you just have 9 minutes…
  6. Why powerful coaching is magical and the importance of regularly astonishing your clients…
  7. How to effortlessly create Intellectual Property (IP) – such as articles, videos, podcasts, tools, scorecards, double axis charts, diagrams and distinctions. Great IP becomes assets that can catapult you to your next level as a coach… 
  8. How – and why – to set challenges that scare your clients…
  9. The single most important self-coaching tool. I’ve used this tool almost every week for 25 years… 
  10. I’m going to take you even deeper into creating high-performing, high-fee clients – one conversation at a time.
  11. You’ll have fun as you learn because fun is a key ingredient of building a healthy, thriving coaching practice. It gets you through the dark times and it inspires others.
  12. You’ll meet my community of extraordinary coaches. The most common feedback at over 50 Intensives is, “The quality of coaches in the room is amazing!”

Oh, and if you want tips on how to get more followers on Instagram, how to increase your social media engagement, or how to generate more views on YouTube, this Intensive is NOT for you!

At the RLI: 

  • You’ll learn how to drastically increase your income. 
  • You’ll learn how to dramatically increase your impact. 
  • You’ll learn how to massively increase your influence.
  • And you’ll do all this because you learn how to turn up the dial on your inner peace.
  • Plus, you’ll learn to help your clients do the same.

Your investment is $1897. 

After March 31 this increases to $2297. After April 11 this increases to $3497. And, if there are any tickets left after April 18, the price will be $5,000.

See you at The Intensive… There’s a reason we’ve had some of our clients return a dozen times. 

Love. Rich


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