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What are your Choke Points?

If you want to be a thought leader, you need to be constantly thinking. If you want to create clients, you need to constantly think about your clients. 

I came across this map in 2015 and I saved it because I thought that the idea of “choke points” was a valuable concept for coaching my clients.

You see, a chokepoint is a single point of failure that can jeopardize your entire business.

Little did I know that 6 years later we’d all be talking about choke points, supply chains and shipping containers.

Here are some examples of choke points that I see in coaches on a regular basis:

  • One major client is generating much of your income…
  • You are the most important resource in your business but you don’t make your health and fitness a major priority…
  • You live in a boom-bust cycle. Whenever you sign up a handful of clients, you stop creating clients. On the day they all complete, you panic and start hustling for clients… 
  • You’re not prepared for a Black Swan event (like a pandemic or a recession) because you have less than 12 months of income in your savings account…
  • You do all your marketing on Facebook and they just changed their algorithms…
  • You don’t put money aside for taxes… 
  • You’ve spent months creating a book but no time building an audience who will actually read it…
  • You are always derivative. You share other people’s IP, but never create your own. 

What are your choke points? And what’s one tiny step you can take, to release that choke hold on your business? 

Love. Rich 


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