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Want clients? You need a menu.

When you go into a restaurant, you want to know what’s on offer, right? Sometimes you want to know before you even walk inside. It’s not complicated. You look at the menu.

As coaches, we forget this. We pick one number. A client asks what it costs to work with you and you reply with a single number: $250/hour, $5K/year or $25K a year. That’s it.

That’s like walking into a restaurant, asking what’s on the menu and having the waiter look at you and replying, “Beef!”    

You need a menu.

This wine list has bottles of wine that range from $395 to $3950. It also has bottles that start at $50. Some people are wine connoisseurs who will order one of the most expensive bottles. Others may order a coke or a sparkling water.

Your clients need choice. From high end coaching packages to easy ways for them to say yes to you… 

How To Create a Simple Menu… 

The simplest menu has just 3 items on it. Let me share one I helped create recently for a former executive who now coaches leaders in the corporate world: 

  1. The Boardroom – I’ll be your personal board of directors. We begin with a private, one day Intensive – either in person, or on Zoom. Then you have a coaching call with me, every week, for 7 months. $17K
  2. The Corner Office – I’ll be your trusted advisor, showing up “in your office” for advice, guidance and support. Coaching calls every 2 weeks for 100 days. $7K
  3. Rent Paula’s Brain – Sometimes people don’t need weekly coaching. Spend 3 hours with me, instead – in person, or over Zoom. I’ll help you solve your biggest challenges, or think more creatively than could ever manage alone. $7K

That’s it. That’s all you need. 3 ways to serve people. (And if the person you are speaking to says that those are not a fit but they’d love to work with you – then get creative!)

Here’s My Menu… 

My menu may have a few more items than yours. That’s ok. I’ve been in the game a while!

I’ve helped launch many of the world’s most successful and exclusive coaches. And I’ve found the fastest breakthroughs always happen with a world-class mentor, or when you’re working in a group of top performers…

1. Be Remarkable  
Build a word-of-mouth business – so that you stand out – in a world where everyone seems to be a ‘coach’ or an ‘expert’.
4.5 hours of self-paced learning
Your investment: $695

2. Coaching Elite Top Performers
Coach high-level leaders with total confidence. You need these skills before you enroll leaders as clients.
6 group calls, a personalized assessment of your coaching skills and an “Ask Me Anything” with Rich
Your investment: $997

3. Create!
Become more creative than any coach you know. Develop programs that generate money when you’re asleep.
Create: a 2 hour live training – $900
The Create Sprint:  a two week sprint, where you actually create IP, with my support – $3,700 [Only 17 spots available]

4. Get Branded by Rich Litvin!
Craft your personal story with such impact that you create clients – for the rest of your life. Speak confidently and with power about what you do.
A 1:1 coaching experience with Rich Litvin
Your investment: $9K [One spot per month. May and August are already taken]

5. Project Kairos 
Have me as your mentor and join my group of coaches and consultants – to build your business by invitation and referral only.
9 months of coaching, teaching and support from Rich. Plus a dedicated Slack channel for questions and guidance.
Your investment: $1,500/month for 10 months. Or $9,970, if paid in full. [22 spots left]

6. 4PC
Imagine being surrounded by a community of extraordinary leaders and coaches… Become a member of our Flagship Community of Top Performers.
Small group coaching with Rich. Live and virtual events. Plus regular “Brilliance Sessions” to learn from the wisdom of your peers – and to sharpen and share your own.
Your investment: $25K/year (a minimum 3 year personal commitment required). [Two spots available for August entry. Three spots available for February 2021]

7. Protégé
Do you want to truly fly as a world-class coach? I have created the most powerful model on the planet for a coach or consultant to take their life and their business to a world-class level.
For 2 years, you’ll have my personal guidance and mentorship. Plus access to every program we offer. Plus membership of 4PC. Plus a gift ticket to our Intensives, for life!
This is behind-the-scenes access to my entire business, as we set up your entire business. World-class coaches and consultants – and those on their way. Application and interview required. Only 1-2 spots per year.
Your investment: It’s a $100K investment – a two year commitment – and a certainty of success


Love. Rich 


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That’s what we do.

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