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There are 3 traps for coaches. Which one are you in?

When I first started coaching, I would often feel frustrated because I knew I was a great coach but I struggled to get clients… I’d watch mediocre coaches enrolling tons of them. Sound familiar?

As I got much better at enrolling clients, I would get frustrated for another reason. I was having a big impact on my clients and I received great testimonials but I was a best kept secret… I would watch mediocre coaches get invited to give keynotes at big events, to coach celebrities and successful entrepreneurs, and be interviewed in the media. Sound familiar?

There are 4 types of coach and 3 traps that hold them back the most. Where are you now and where would you like to be in the next 12 months?

  1. An Amateur Coach loves coaching, but struggles to get paid for what they love.
  2. A Professional Coach has great coaching skills but struggles to get clients.
  3. A Prosperous Coach can enroll great clients but can’t yet take extended vacations or make money when they sleep.
  4. An Influential Coach is a renowned thought leader. They are like a magnet to their dream clients. They command high fees, they have a wide audience and a vibrant community. They are known by experts in other fields.

Which of the following traps would you like to free yourself from?

1. The Amateur Coach Trap: You love coaching but you struggle to get paid for what you love

An Amateur Coach is studying or training to be a coach. They may have coached up to 50 clients, even if they haven’t been paid. They tend to coach friends and family, without asking for permission. They tend to tell people what to do and they try to solve people’s problems without being asked. Don’t worry, we’ve all been there!

When you’re caught in this trap, your challenge… is that your lack of professional self-esteem means that you coach far too few people – often just friends or family. You may constantly compare yourself to more experienced coaches. And you feel overwhelmed, so you do nothing.

The solution is to coach your ass off, to build your confidence and a bank of kickass testimonials. Once you’ve built your professional self-esteem in this way, you’ll enroll your first paying clients. It doesn’t matter how much you charge, my first-ever client paid me $10/per month…

2. The Professional Coach Trap: You have great coaching skills, but you struggle to get clients

Once you’ve coached at least 10 paying clients, the challenge and desire become to make more money in less time…

When you’re caught in this trap, your challenge… is to increase your fees. To stop charging by the hour. And to build the confidence to coach people who are more successful, wealthier, or more famous than you.

The solution is to learn and practice The Prosperous Coach Approach. You’ll build your coaching practice one meaningful conversation at a time – without the need for fancy websites, optimized SEO, social media, or the need to stay on top of the latest marketing trends. You’ll build the freedom of covering your living expenses – solely from your coaching income. And you’ll do it all by connecting deeply with clients and making a lasting impact.

3. The Prosperous Coach Trap: You can enroll great clients, but you can’t yet take extended vacations or make money when you sleep.

Can you cover your monthly expenses with your coaching income? Can you create clients by invitation or referral only? Do you have a great lifestyle? Can you treat yourself to luxuries when you choose to? Can you take extended vacations? Can you create income while you sleep? Would you love to be a published author? Host a podcast? Launch a YouTube channel? Would you love to be sought out by experts in other fields?

When you’re caught in this trap, your challenge… is to become more visible. Visibility feels uncomfortable. But, if you want to feel comfortable, you’ll remain a best-kept secret forever. Visibility is scary. So, we tell ourselves we just need to wait a little longer until things are perfect. But perfection is the enemy of action. And imperfect action is the path to impact and influence.

The Solution is to become an Influential Coach – a sought-after thought leader who has dream clients calling you. You’ll command high-fees, build a vast audience and have a community of raving fans.

Whenever you’re ready to be a world-class coach – at any level – I’ve got you covered…

1. If you want to move from Amateur Coach to Professional Coach – you’ll build your confidence and enroll your first clients…

a) Read The Prosperous Coach. There’s a reason this book has been on Amazon’s top 20 books on coaching for a decade. Discover its time-tested lessons for coaching success.
b) Master The Prosperous Coach. Become a client magnet. My self-paced masterclass equips you with the strategies and tools to enroll your dream clients.

c) Coaching Elite Top Performers. Become an authority in elite performance coaching. My self-guided masterclass empowers you to coach high achievers with total confidence.

2. If you want to move from Professional Coach to Prosperous Coach – you’ll create clients by invitation and referral, and create a great lifestyle with your coaching income…

a) The 90 Day Money Game. Harness the power of The Prosperous Coach Approach. This self-guided program has daily insights from me for 90 days straight. You’ll build a prosperous coaching business at your own pace.

b)  Money. Money. Money. Learn how to coach your clients to live a Prosperous Life, as you live yours. My self-paced masterclass will break through your clients’ limiting beliefs about money – and you’ll watch your own evaporate along the way. 

c) Project Kairos is our elite group coaching program that will accelerate your business growth. You’ll have me as your coach for 8 months. Build a flourishing business, fueled by invitations and referrals. Amplify your success and your impact in ways you’ve yet to imagine.

I don’t know about you, but when I’m interested in a service I’m always drawn to the most high-end, high-touch and highly personalized. I’m willing to invest significant time and money for that. If that’s you, too, I’ve got your back… 

3. If you want to move from Prosperous Coach to Influential Coach – you’ll command high-fees, build a vast audience and have a community of raving fans…

a) The Deep Dive is an in-person coaching experience in Los Angeles. You’ll learn the keys to influence, to become a sought-after expert, commanding premium fees, leagues above the rest.

b) The 4PC Accelerator is an 8 day immersion in Thought Leadership, alongside the members of my high-end community, 4PC. You’ll learn to create impactful IP that becomes a powerful body of work. You’ll massively increase your creativity. You’ll learn how to build an audience and your own high-end community.

c) Private Coaching:

    • (i) Protégé: Imagine being personally mentored and coached by me, to build your own world-class coaching business. You’ll dramatically impact every aspect of your coaching – and your life… $100K investment. One spot available. 
    • (ii) Thinking Partnership: Imagine the impact of me as your personal coach? There’s a reason world-class entrepreneurs, coaches, athletes and special forces operatives work with me… Only two spots available.

Whatever level you’re at, you are not alone. I’ve been there. And I’ve got your back.

Love. Rich 

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