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Your Coaching Journey in 2022

How would your life transform if you make the year ahead focused on actively creating high-performing, high-fee clients? What if this is the year where you become visible? What if you create so much value for your clients that they tell stories about you to others? What if you build an audience for your blog, your podcast or your videos? What if you build a community who love your spiky points of view?

Now is the time. 

And I’ve mapped out a coaching journey for your professional development, in the year ahead. 

There are 7 different ways you can join me as your teacher, mentor or coach—one-to-one or in a group setting. And there are 5 different ways to learn from me—in your own time. 

Become a Master Coach—with me and my community. 

Your clients will thank you later!


  1. NEW! How to Coach a Superhero & The 90 Day Money Game 
  2. The Rich Litvin Intensive 
  3. Transition Excellence
  4. Project Kairos 
  5. 4PC 


The Thinking Partnership

Concierge Trusted Advisor


  1. Be Remarkable
  2. Coach Extraordinary Top Performers
  3. Create!
  4. Pygmalion Effect 1 & 2
  5. Master The Prosperous Coach



1. NEW! How to Coach a Superhero & The 90 Day Money Game 

If you enjoyed—or missed out on—this year’s Pygmalion Effect or Master The Prosperous Coach, I’ve got two new and exciting offerings for you, beginning in February… 

In How to Coach a Superhero & The 90 Day Money Game I’ll teach you how to apply The Prosperous Coach Approach, to raise your fees and up-level your clients. And I’ll teach you to master high-level group coaching and how to coach clients who are smarter, more successful and wealthier than you. 

Each program is $597 but you can save $150 and get them each for $447, when you reserve your spot before Dec 31. Or take the no-brainer option and join both now for $547. 

2. The Rich Litvin Intensive 

Imagine if you loved the process of creating your clients as much as you love coaching your clients. How much more successful would you be? How much wealthier? How much happier?

For over 12 years, The Intensive has been transforming the lives and businesses of coaches around the world. Join me on our flagship program, to learn Client Creation from me. 

We begin in February, kicking off 3x monthly group coaching calls. The Intensive itself is 8 days in April. Over 25 hours of teaching, coaching and challenges on Deep Inner Work, Fearless Coaching and Client Creation. Plus, you’ll be in a small group, led by a successful coach from my community. 

Get ready to grow way beyond your comfort zone. Read the title, this is designed to feel intense… 

We only run the RLI once a year. They always sell out. 82 people have already reserved their spot. $1397 (increases to $2297 in 2022) 

3. Transition Excellence

TE is my 6 month ICF accredited training that teaches you to truly master The Prosperous Coach Approach. 

Get weekly live group calls with me and my leadership team. Immerse yourself in our asynchronous video curriculum. Join our private Facebook group to access our incredible community. ($7K)

4. Project Kairos 

Go really deep with me, for 11 months of Client Creation in a group of only 30 coaches. 

The main difference between TE and PK is that you get more direct support from me in Project Kairos because of the limited size of the group and the length of time we spend together. Plus, you receive a complimentary ticket to the April RLI (value $2297).  

We begin in February and then the doors are closed to Project Kairos, for at least 12 months. 

I’ll be your coach, mentor and teacher. You’ll join our private community on our special app, called Mighty Networks. 

We begin soon and every Project Kairos has sold out. There are 17 spots left. ($13.5K) 

5. 4PC 

Do you think differently? Do you challenge the status quo? Are you tired of being the most interesting person in the room? Do you achieve what people tell you is impossible—on a regular basis? I created 4PC for you… 

4PC is a hand-picked community of 30 leaders with a track record of success behind them and big dreams ahead of them. We have members from across the US, Canada, Europe and Africa. 

There’s a minimum 3 year commitment and a $25K/year membership fee, so this isn’t for most people. But if you’re reading this, you’re not most people, right? Apply to join us in 4PC this August.


Several of my clients have PhDs. One coaches billionaires. One runs an aerospace company. My clients have built and sold multi-million dollar businesses. Two were Presidential candidates. I have coached three gold-medal winning Olympic athletes and several Special Forces operatives. Many of my clients are ultra-high net worth individuals. My clients have had extraordinary success as CEOs, SVPs, entrepreneurs, startup founders, celebrities and business owners. They have built and sold businesses, written best-selling books, run banks and created private equity firms.

When they need help, I am the one they call. This is where 1:1 support comes in… 

The Thinking Partnership

This is not a coaching agreement. This is a Thinking Partnership for smart, ambitious people. Turbo-charge your projects, your ideas, your business or your life.

Application only. Your investment is $47K for 5 months of support. You may reserve a space with your payment to start at a designated time in the future, since participation is extremely limited.

Concierge Trusted Advisor

The coaching equivalent of a concierge medical service. For an annual fee, you get access to world-class advisory support, personalized attention and coaching when you need it.

Application only. One spot a year only. Wait-listed until 2023. $185K.


Asynchronous learning means you can immerse yourself in my teachings, ideas and distinctions—in your bathroom, your kitchen or your car. Who needs Netflix?!

  1. Be Remarkable – learn the skills to build a word-of-mouth business – $695
  2. Coach Elite Top Performers – learn how to coach world-class entrepreneurs, athletes or the leader of a billion dollar corporation – $997
  3. Create! – learn how to be a prolific creator, with a range of ways for people to experience your coaching before they became clients  – $1,105
  4. Pygmalion Effect 1 & 2 – uplevel your coaching skills as you watch me coach fascinating top performers – $597
  5. Master The Prosperous Coach – learn to apply the iconic Prosperous Coach Approach – $597

Special offer until Dec 31: Get all five for $1995.

Love. Rich 


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