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In the quiet of your mind—when no one is listening—do you ever have any of the following thoughts?

The truth is that everything you’ve done to be as successful as you are today is precisely what is holding you back from your next level of success. What got you here won’t get you there.

Being a leader is lonely. And nobody ever warned you, right? You’re a high performer at the very top of your game. You’ve been successful in life and business. Yet you still face challenges. They are just not the kind of challenges you can share. After all, it’s inappropriate for you to share everything in your world with your—directors, investors, senior team, employees, clients, or customers.

How can you tell your team that you are worried about making payroll next month? How can you tell your wife that your new initiative didn’t pan out? How can you say to your investors that your biggest competitor is ahead of you this quarter?

There’s a cost to this. It weighs heavy to carry all of this inside of you.

When top performers need help to get unstuck, I am the one they call.

Working together will be a completely bespoke coaching experience – designed completely for you. We will look at every aspect of your business and your life from the inside out and design your bespoke program.

"The greatest investment you’ll ever make is a commitment to your next level of success." ~ Rich Litivin

How we can work together


Master the Arts of Deep Coaching and Exponential Success

Do you want to truly fly as a world-class coach?

The Protege program is an exclusive and personalized coaching experience designed to elevate coaches and leaders to a world-class level of success.

This intensive two-year program offers deep coaching, mentorship, and behind-the-scenes access to my entire business. Participants receive personalized guidance and support throughout the program to develop transformative coaching skills, create a thriving coaching practice or business, and significantly impact their chosen fields.

For two years, you get my guidance and mentorship, membership to the prestigious 4PC community, access to every program we offer, and a gift ticket to our Intensives for life… With a focus on deep inner work, fearless coaching, creating clients, and building community, the Protege program is a bespoke coaching experience that empowers individuals to achieve exponential success and make a profound difference in the world.

This is behind-the-scenes access to my entire business as we set up your whole business. Please note that the program is highly selective, with limited availability.

Get “Branded”

Master the Arts of Deep Coaching and Exponential Success

Branded is an exclusive 1-on-1 experience created for coaches and consultants who are eager to speak powerfully about their work. This transformative sessions are designed to unlock the true power of your personal story, providing a unique and exclusive opportunity for growth and self-expression.

Like every superhero, you need a powerful origin story… Would you like to have me tell your story with such impact that you create clients by telling it – for the rest of your life? What if you could speak with such confidence and power about what you do, with such clarity, that dream clients call you?

We will work closely with you to draw out the essence of your personal story. He will help you transform your website copy and client interactions into powerful and compelling communication tools by expertly crafting your narrative. Participants who have gone through the Branded program rave about its effectiveness and the deep connection it creates with their audience.

This is a rare opportunity that I offer only occasionally. If you’re ready to elevate your brand and your communication style, captivate your clients and experience a profound shift in your business, secure your spot for the Branded program now Limited spaces are available.

The Thinking Partnership

Want to turbo-charge your project, idea, business, or your life?

The Thinking Partnership is an exclusive 1:1 program designed for high-achievers with a big mission who are ready to accelerate their success.

This partnership is focused on taking you to your next level of achievement. So whether you want to expand your vision, grow your business, write a book, create captivating content, launch a blog or podcast, or build an exceptional team, this program provides an accelerated approach to support your goals.

As your thinking partner, I will provide personalized coaching, valuable feedback, proven strategies, and recommended resources. The program includes scheduled sessions, laser coaching calls, and access to a dedicated WhatsApp number for quick brainstorming and Q&A.

It’s important to note that the Thinking Partnership is not a typical coaching agreement but rather a dynamic alliance aimed at turbo-charging your projects, ideas, business, or life.

Remember, every time I’ve made a significant leap in my career, it was in partnership with a coach, teacher, or mentor. Now, this accelerated approach is available for you.

Limited participation is available, so if you’re ready to commit to your next level of success, click the link to apply and become part of this transformative experience.

Master the Art of Deep Coaching

Transformative coaches get that it is possible to go far deeper than helping clients simply achieve goals and build skills. Transformative coaches who are willing to go deep with their clients—really deep—will see their lives absolutely transform.

I have spent over 20 years learning and studying with world-class teachers and coaches across the globe. I have invested hundreds of thousands of dollars in my own learning.

And I have captured the essence of everything I have learned in order to support my protégés to develop their own transformative coaching skills to a world-class level.

Together, we’ll 10X your impact, your business, your contribution, and your free time.

Rich Litvin has transformed the lives and businesses of some of the world’s most successful coaches and entrepreneurs…

“Rich Litvin is a world class coach but that doesn’t capture who he is and what he creates.

“When I first saw Rich’s coach, I knew that I had come across a very unique person, coach, and leader. Rich works with high performers, with passionate and highly successful people who make a difference in the world, and he helps them to both bring more of themselves and become more of themselves. Now that creates impact!

Working with Rich, I have appreciated his depth, his immense perceptiveness, and simply: his humanity. And also, the fact that he helps me hold the bigger agenda of my leadership persistently and fiercely and to go beyond what I first imagined – always. When working with Rich, expect to discover that what you came for is not what you are here for and that you can go much further than your initial goals.”

Sylvia Rohde-Liebenau
Leadership development, executive and team coach, European Investment Bank
“I have doubled my income and gotten better at creating clients.”
“I like watching and listening to a master coach who is several steps ahead of me. Just spending time in that context helps me grow. I have found a lot of marketing guru’s who will give all kinds of advice and some has been useful for me. But, my business didn’t really start to take off until I started applying Rich’s teaching. Since then, I have doubled my income and gotten better at creating clients. I am confident about where my business is going because I am building the skills for enrolling clients and seeing results. My skills as a coach grow from watching Rich coach.”
Leah Zimmerman

Family Conflict Expert, CEPA

“The amount of content was overwhelmingly great! It helped me level up in a huge range of different areas and I felt supported by it for a long time after.”

“The connections in the small group were heart warming and empowering. Seeing the power and dedication of the people hosting the Brilliance Sessions was very aspirational. Tapping into the energy of people was absolutely transformational.

I am now showing up as a different person with friends, family, in professional relationships and with any new person I meet.”

Patrick Plaggenborg
Leadership Coach
“You will gain so many insights for yourself that it will blow your mind.”
“My biggest learning was the idea of “Slow down to speed up” and how to set impossible goals. How to coach a superhero was very insightful both for me being coached by Rich as he asked the questions, and to see how other people at the top of their game also could continue to have insights. Due to the program I gained courage to step into deeper coaching and also create programes I have been holding back on. You gained incredible value for money and best money I’ve spent in a very long time. You will gain so many insights for yourself that it will blow your mind.”
Joanne Morley
Growth Marketing | CMO | Marketing Director | Strategic Marketing and Leadership
“Learning from Rich is the #1 factor that has contributed to my success as a coach”

I’ve been his client, a member of 4PC – and I’m now on the Faculty of 4PC and the Transition Excellence Ambassador.

One question Rich asked me totally shifted my thoughts about transitioning from my corporate role into full-time coaching. I am only halfway into this year and have already made over $300K, and that is spectacular!

However, I am most grateful for the expanded leader I have become working with Rich.”

Varian C. Brandon
Leadership Coach & Mentor to Women Leaders and Entrepreneurs
“I felt seen.”

“I loved sharing the intimacy of our group with the larger group. The biggest benefit for me was that I felt seen and I let go of old patterns. Letting go of your inner limitation in a caring environment frees up your own voice to be expressed- so the growth occurs organically.”

Sophie Chiche
Founder and CEO at
If Rich were to be cast as a Superhero in the next Marvel Movie, his superpower would be empathy

Rich’s gift for listening and understanding the motivations, dreams, and unique talents of others is extraordinary. By listening with his heart, Rich is able to mirror back, using the speaker’s own words, a seemingly revelatory perspective. Armed with this sacred new outlook, his clients are able to see beyond blind spots that have taken them a lifetime to create, to the version of themselves they’ve been longing to share with the world.Being with Rich for three days at his deep dive allowed me to witness him create transformation up close. I know of nowhere else that I could have learned as much as I did in three days with Rich.

Those with unrealized dreams, who have lived their lives as an underutilized asset, come to Rich. After a conversation with him, they leave as the best possible version of themselves, ready to own the greatness he mirrored back to them. ”

Tom Rubens

Coach to Entrepreneurs