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A Coach’s Guide to Power

Here are 25 ways to create more power and impact… 

A Coach’s Guide to Power

1.Silence is one of your most powerful coaching tools. When needed, say nothing. Listen far more than you talk. 

2. Create enough safety and love that your clients trust you. Deeply. 

3. Find clients you can believe in. Then believe in them fiercely.

4. Discover what your clients really need, not just what they say they want.

5. Go deeper. Listen for the real problem, not the presenting problem. 

6. Ask “interested” questions not “interesting” questions. (eg. “Tell me more about that…” vs “Here’s what I think … How about you?”)

7. Ask provocative and ‘obvious’ questions

8. Listen between the words for what’s not being said.

9. Draw out your clients’ secret desires and deepest fears. Find out what really scares them.

10. Draw out the dark side of their gifts and their guilty secrets. When you can say out loud what the voices in your clients’ heads are saying, they will think you are a genius.

11. Be more curious about how they think, than what they think.

12. Pay more attention to the context of your clients’ stories than the content.

13. Most people are more willing to fight for their limitations than to go after what they really, really want. Don’t indulge them.

14. Most people focus only on what seems probable or possible. Expand their thinking. Help them dream big. Help them create what currently seems impossible.

15. Challenge and stretch your clients to the very edge of their comfort zone—and beyond.

16. Your clients should say, “I hate you!” on a regular basis. (They should smile when they say this, or you’re doing something wrong!)

17. Bring up uncomfortable topics that will really help your clients to grow.

18. Balance challenge with recovery. Don’t just push them, help them to switch off. Most top performers are working far, far harder than they need or should.

19. Serve your clients, don’t please them. 

20. Be willing to make mistakes and to look silly in front of your clients.

21. When needed, lead powerfully. When needed, take a back seat.

22. Hide nothing and hold nothing back. Speak your truth and draw out theirs. 

23. Let go of the need to look good. Share your biases, your limitations, your weaknesses and your struggles. (Do this in service of your client, it’s not meant as therapy for you.)

24. Break the rules.

25. If you want clients who are “Kings,” look for the “King” in everyone you meet. 

Love. Rich 


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