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Ready, Set, Launch: How to Craft Your High-End Community

Many coaches mistakenly believe that they need to be perfectly polished to build a high-end community. 

In reality, your high-end community loves to see your vulnerable, messy, authentic self. 

And your high-end community is the ideal space to test out your roughest new material. They’re not looking for perfection, they’re looking for provocative ideas and fresh perspectives. 

Leading a high-end community often involves nuances that might seem counterintuitive.

Launch your high-end community before you are ready…

  1. Less is More: Offer fewer features and less information to enhance the value for your high-end clients. Create opportunities for deep engagement and unique experiences.
  2. The Power of Vulnerability: Admit your fears, doubts and insecurities because this can actually increase trust. It makes you relatable and shows you value authenticity over superficial perfection.
  3. Facilitation vs Information: Instead of always being the primary voice, step back and facilitate conversations. Allow your members to take the spotlight.


Great leaders create more leaders, not more followers…

  1. Listening vs Talking: The most effective leaders spend more time listening. This will help you understand the needs, concerns, and aspirations of your community members.
  2. Quality vs Quantity: Don’t be tempted to measure the success of your community by its size. The caliber of your members, the depth of engagement and the quality of interactions matter far more than sheer numbers. 

I’ve turned away millions of dollars over the years because I choose to cap 4PC at 30 members – and I turn away anyone who doesn’t inspire me…

  1. Personal Touch: Automated processes and systems are useful, but they can never replace the value of a deeply personal interaction. A handwritten note or a personal call can make your members feel truly valued and appreciated.


Launch your high-end community before you are ready. You can thank me later…

  • Set your bar high for membership. 
  • Ruthlessly filter for dream clients. 
  • And raise the bar higher still each year.


There are two ways to join 4PC, my high-end community:

🔥 You can join me at the 4PC Accelerator. You’ll attend a private virtual Intensive that I’m running for the members of 4PC. Over 8 days, you’ll learn how to create IP and how to become known as a Thought Leader who stands out in a crowded marketplace. 

To invest in the 4PC Accelerator is currently $6,500. However, with only two seats left at this rate, the price will soon rise to its standard $10K. Our program kicks off on Wednesday, October 18th. Don’t miss out – secure your spot now, as we won’t be reopening for another 12 months. 

🔥 You can also apply directly to become a member of 4PC. Your journey starts with an interview conducted by me. Following that, you’ll have conversations with at least two current 4PC members to ask questions and gain insights. 

As a member, you can attend our two annual in-person events. In 2024, we’ll be gathering in South Carolina, US, in February, and then on Vancouver Island, Canada, in September. Plus, you’ll have bi-weekly group coaching sessions, which I lead personally. We also offer a dedicated app for round-the-clock community support. 

Your membership also grants you complimentary access to almost all of my programs, such as Project Kairos and my entire suite of self-paced learning courses. That alone is a total value of over $27K. 

Joining 4PC requires a substantial commitment, in terms of time, energy and finances. Membership is an annual investment of $29K. Additionally, depending on your preference for luxury, travel and accommodation expenses can add another $10K to $15K per year. Beyond the financial aspect, members make a profound personal commitment to stay in 4PC for at least three years. It’s worth noting that many members have chosen to remain with us for 4, 5, 7, and even 9 years. 

Love. Rich 


PS. More transparency here: almost 20 years into my coaching career, I still get nervous every time I launch a new program. When the first person signs up, it always feels like a fluke! And it’s only after the second person is in that I believe it’s real.

Well, the first two people have already signed up for The $100K Club, so strap in, we are ready to fly!!

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