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“I’d love to work with you. I’ve just got to create the money first…” = I’m a Hell No!

Do you know what it means when a potential client says, “I’d love to work with you. I’ve just got to create the money first…”?

It means they are a Hell No.

Is that always true? 

Not always. I’ve had many clients take weeks, months and even years before they were ready to wire the money to begin coaching together.

But it’s a mindset that will empower you and your future clients… 

Assume that if the money isn’t in your account it’s a Hell No

Too many coaches sit around waiting, with fingers crossed and bated breath, for a potential client to one day hopefully sign up as their client. Too many coaches even coach people into generating the money to work with them. 

If it’s not a Hell Yes, it’s a Hell No

It’s surprisingly empowering to practice assuming that anything other than a Hell Yes is a Hell No. It frees you to put all your attention on the next client. 

It’s definitely empowering to never offer to coach someone to create the money to work with you. It frees them to get clear whether or not they really want to be coached by you. And if they do, the coaching has already begun when they need to do whatever it takes to generate the money to work with you. 

Too many coaches wake up every morning with their fingers crossed that today is finally the day when someone they coached months earlier will finally have the money to work with them. That’s very disempowering. 

It’s hard to say no…

It’s very hard for people to say no. Sometimes a client will tell you they’d love to begin coaching when it’s not true at all. Maybe you weren’t the right coach for them. Maybe your coaching wasn’t as powerful as you imagined. Maybe coaching was more expensive than they realized. Maybe you hadn’t built up enough trust. Maybe the pull of the status quo was too strong. Maybe your coaching was so powerful it scared them.

It’s easier to say yes than no. I can say yes to your face but say no later, in an email. Or if I’m really scared to say no, I can ghost you. 

You know that one, right? Someone says your coaching was great. They’d love to work with you. And you never hear from them again. It’s confusing. It hurts. 

Sometimes a yes is really a no. 

But you know when a yes is definitely a yes? When the money is in your bank account.

The next time a potential client says, “I’d love to work with you. I’ve just got to create the money first…” try one of the following replies:

  • “That’s ok, not everyone is ready for coaching the first time we speak.”
  • “If coaching isn’t a Hell Yes, that’s perfect. Let’s call it a Hell No. That will free you up from any sense of guilt or obligation. If and when you’re ready to begin, you know how to contact me.”
  • “That’s a great idea. Coaching is a big investment in yourself. Go out and do what it takes to create the money. And know that once you’ve created it, you won’t need coaching! But if you’d still like coaching, call me.”

Love. Rich


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