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If I Could Create Your Website Copy In 3 minutes, Would You Be Interested?!

What if I could create website copy that is SO powerful it makes you cry when you read it, let alone your clients?

You know, one of the most common things I hear from coaches is “I HATE working on my website…”

And I get it.

Personally, I shrink with horror at the thought of having to: ‘increase page views’, ‘reduce bounce rate’, ‘increase engagement’ or optimize my ‘Search Engine Optimization’!

Since my ideal clients are often elite leaders or successful entrepreneurs who have transitioned into coaching or consulting, they are often completely overwhelmed at the thought of having to reinvent themselves online.

And they are relieved when I tell them they don’t need to!

What if you could create a single page website that your clients LOVE?

I was coaching two powerhouse women. Margalit is an entrepreneur who grew and scaled a $4 million business that she sold, before becoming a coach. Renay has a track record of delivering highly complex projects across the globe – she helped create an engineering school and a medical school – before she transitioned into coaching.

In our conversation I could literally feel their energy draining away as they talked about what the ‘marketing experts’ had told them they had to do.

And I could see the frustration on their faces when they started talking about websites and “niches…”

So I messed with their thinking…

Hey, I’m a coach. That’s my job!

I told them that all they needed was a single page website.

And I told them that I could create it for them in just a few minutes!

I began by asking them if they’d be willing to put humility to one side. After all – as the saying goes – it’s not bragging if it’s true! And I needed them to hide nothing from me.

I asked them just 4 questions:

  1. What are your 3 biggest gifts?
  2. What are your top 3 professional successes?
  3. What holds you back the most – and always has?
  4. What is the dark side of each of your gifts?

And then I took their responses and in less than 3 minutes I crafted the text for a website so powerful that it moved them deeply.

“I am going to cry!” said Margalit, when I was complete. “I’ve been spending days, hours, weeks on this.”

CLICK HERE to watch me blow their minds!

On the outside, it looks impressive.

But on the inside, I am doing what I always do.

I am helping powerful people to remember how powerful they are.

Want me to do this for you?

Then, consider joining my community of high performing leaders and coaches.

Current, former and future members (joining us this January) include:

  • Helen, who quit her job as the Senior VP of a billion dollar healthcare company, for the freedom of being a coach. She would wake up in tears in her first year of coaching, as she was now making $30K/year and she felt really lonely, meeting so many struggling coaches who’d never had success in another field. By her second year of being in 4PC, she was billing $500K/year coaching the leaders of top corporations.
  • Becky, an Air Force veteran who works in exponential technology. Within a year of working with me, her company had a billion dollar valuation.
  • Jennifer, the former Assistant Chief Scientist to the High Performance Wing of the Air Force. She was frustrated at not making a big enough impact as a coach. She is now raising $100 million to change the future of work.
  • Karen, who raised half a billion dollars in her former career as a fundraiser. She loved coaching but had no idea how to reinvent herself as a professional coach until she joined 4PC. After one idea I shared with her, this 5′ 2″ woman from Ohio, was coaching top athletes in the NFL!
  • Teo, who founded a wolf sanctuary that works with veterans, teens, and ex-offenders. He has been a member of 4PC for 4 years and now raises millions of dollars a year for his non-profit and also coaches some of the most famous actors and business owners on the planet.
  • John is also a 4-year member of 4PC. He shared recently that it was a stretch to invest $25K a year in his membership for his first two years. This year, his fourth, his coaching business generated three-quarters of a million dollars.
  • Also, Christopher, a former Navy Seal. Bay, who coaches the leaders at one of the top tv networks in the world. Shelley, the former CMO of Harley Davidson. And Mandy, a former director at an international investment bank, with a Ph.D. from Cambridge University.

4PC is a talent hotbed, where I surround top performers with other extraordinary top performers.

It’s the place where you are given honest, constructive, even painful, feedback. You see, high performers crave this. It’s actually not fun to be surrounded by people who admire everything you do.

It’s the place where you are coached to dream bigger than you’ve ever dreamed. And that’s saying something because most members of 4PC already dream bigger than anyone around them.

And it’s a safe space for support when you feel overwhelmed, exhausted, frustrated or afraid. Sometimes it’s simply nice to know that you are not alone.

As Sam Altman said: “The problem with standing on an exponential curve, is that looking backwards it seems flat. And looking forward it appears vertical.”

In 4PC, we walk along that exponential curve together.

We mess with your thinking, through games and challenges. And we’ve developed practices that allow you to fail – over and over again. Because becoming comfortable at feeling uncomfortable is a skill that can be learned.

Love. Rich  


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