A Self-Paced Teaching Experience with Rich Litvin


Are you ready to become the most creative person you know?

Creating something from nothing is a high level skill…

  • Would you like to be more creative?
  • Are you tired of just offering “coaching” to your clients?
  • Would you like to have a range of ways for clients to experience your coaching before they hire you?
  • Would you like to build a suite of programs that generate money when you’re asleep?

Before coaching, I was a high school teacher. I taught children in inner city London and in rural Africa.

I grew my creative skills in front of one of the most challenging audiences on the planet… If you want to hold the attention of a group of teenage kids you have to be really creative, really fast!

Then, I brought my skills of creativity to coaching and I haven’t stopped creating for the past 15 years. My creativity has generated millions of dollars, supported thousands of coaches, been behind raising the funds to build 5 schools in Africa, and built a community of over 20,000 coaches, around the world.

I teach a lot about the importance of being in service. But I often share with my private clients about the power of creativity.

You see, my creativity has allowed me to offer far more than just “coaching” to my clients. It’s helped me create a range of ways for people to experience my coaching before they became clients. Over the years, I’ve built a suite of resources – books, audios, videos, programs and courses. And I’ve created a menu of ways for people to work with me, that range from a few hundred dollars to over $100,000.

Some of these ideas even generate money for me when I’m asleep. And all of them were ideas that once upon a time didn’t exist.

Now, for the first time, this is a workshop
on how to CREATE.

For years, I have taught coaches how to serve their clients powerfully. But I have only ever taught my private clients the secrets behind how I create so much.

I’ll be honest with you, though. Part of the secret is something people don’t usually want to hear…


You see, when you are not creating, you are stagnating.

WARNING: Creating is challenging. Many of your creations will go nowhere – and make no money. I have failed a lot, over the years. See the bottom of this page for a list that includes all my failures…

Over the years, I’ve created so much – articles, books, audios, videos, programs, trainings, podcasts, videos, presentations, speeches and courses. And I’ve created a menu of ways for people to work with me, that range from a few hundred dollars to over $100,000. Some of these ideas even generate money for me when I’m asleep. I’ve made millions of dollars from ideas that once upon a time didn’t exist.

When you create, you think deeply. When you create, you’re a risk taker. When you create, you’re a leader. And that’s scary. And it’s why most people never innovate, and never create.

Creating something from nothing is a high level skill. If you want to create –new IP, your book, a coaching program, or something completely new – I can help. 

There are 3 ways to CREATE: Create For, Create With, Create IP.
And I’m going to teach you all three:

1. Create For

Level One of Create For is when you create value for your clients. You ask yourself, What do they need most? You ask them what they need most. Then you create it. It could be anything from an article, to a class, to a group coaching program.

Level Two of Create For is when you create value for your clients’ clients (or customers). It’s as simple as asking this:

Tell me about one of your clients… What’s their biggest dream? What’s their biggest strength? What’s their biggest struggle? What’s the biggest risk to their business?

Then, you help your client to reflect on all the possible ways they could support that client. Repeating this for every one of their clients will turn each of your clients into a raving fan!

Level Three of Create For leverages the power of community. Your community. Over time, it’s important to build a community of people who inspire you. They will be an amazing research laboratory for finding out the deepest secrets, dreams and challenges of your dream clients. They will be an amazing testing ground for your new ideas. And they’ll always be excited to hear your new ideas, first.

2. Create With

Level One of Create With is called 1×10=1,000… (That’s not a typo!)

If coaching can feel lonely, creating can feel even lonelier. But here’s the thing, you don’t have to do it alone. Share your ideas, in real time, with your peers and colleagues. A small group of fascinating peers can multiply your impact a thousand-fold.

The prolific and innovative British musician, Brian Eno, created the distinction, Scenius vs Genius.Stop worrying about how to be a ‘genius,’ instead find or create a ‘scene’ – an online or in-person community, where your creativity can be nurtured.

When you’re immersed in a productive scenius, you feel inspired. You blossom and produce your best work. And your genius comes out. I’ve created my own scenius with a group of extraordinary clients, in 4PC.

Level Two of Create With is called 1+1=11…  (That’s not a typo!)  

I’m not talking about a ‘business partnership.’ That’s more 1+1=2. You’re a great coach, I’m a great coach, let’s build a business together…

1+1=11 is when you seek out extraordinary partners. But they stay in their Zone of Genius, which allows you to stay in yours.

Here are four examples of where I’ve leveraged 1+1=11: I partnered with Steve Chandler to write a book. I once partnered with one of the world’s most well known intuitives. Clients would fly to LA, for a 3 hour session with the two of us. I partnered with the team at Mindvalley to create programs for coaches. And I’ve just founded a new business with a friend, who is one of the most unorthodox and successful marketers I know.

3. Create IP

Level One of Create IP is creating intellectual capital. 

Intellectual capital is your growing expertise and the ideas you create. You can create distinctions, ideas, tools, visuals, models, assessments, frameworks, articles, audios and videos.

The best way to create any of these is to think of one client, or one group you lead. Ask yourself, What do they need most? Then go create it.

You build intellectual capital when you make the decision to never stop creating…

Level Two of Create IP is when you create actual Intellectual Property. 

Over time, your intellectual capital will become your intellectual property. You can choose to trademark it. And you can sell it. A book, an audiobook, a course, a program, or a white paper for your industry.

Personally, I worry less about copywriting my work than focusing on constantly creating. That way, even if your competition takes your ideas – and, if they’re good ones, they will – they’ll always lag behind you.

Then we’re going to dive deep into over a dozen more distinctions behind you becoming the most creative person you know…

  • Creativity vs Productivity
  • Production vs Perfection
  • Using your voice vs Finding your voice
  • Prediction vs Persistence
  • Sharing your secrets vs Protecting your secrets
  • Telling good stories vs Creating good content
  • The courage to be disliked vs The desire to collect “likes”
  • There’s no such thing as competition…
  • Every day vs Some day
  • Build ideas. Share ideas. Build community.
  • Don’t stop. Ever.
  • Intersectional creation vs Linear creation
  • Sustaining, disruptive, and revolutionary innovation

Create! Self Paced Training:

You will receive immediate access to a 2-hour recorded training call that you can work through at your own pace.  You will have access to the recording in perpetuity to refer back to for additional insight or listen to again and again.

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Please note: we have a no refund policy because we love people who play full out. If you’re in, you’re fully in. It’s called Commitment. Or, as Rich puts it: You’re a Hell Yes. Or you’re a Hell No. Nothing in between.

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I look forward to creating with you, soon.

Love. Rich

PS. Here’s my Successes and Struggles list. Can you see why I say, “Never stop creating”?

2005 – I coached mainly men who want more passion in their relationships with women. I wasn’t very good at it!
2006 – I created and ran 30 minute Instant Confidence sessions
2006-8 – I traveled the world, studying “Natural Confidence” – I interviewed what I called, “The World’s Most Confident People…”
2007 – I created and launched The Creative Woman’s Salon – I didn’t sell a single seat in this program. It made ZERO dollars…
2008 – I created and launched The Confident Woman’s Salon – this ran for YEARS and I coached scores of highly highly successful women leaders.
2009 – I interviewed “The Forbes 100 Most Powerful Women – and those on their way…”
2010 – I launched The Intensive. We’ve been running these twice a year, for a decade.
2011 – The Prosperous Coach Salon. This ran for 7 years and helped launch many of the most successful and exclusive coaches out there.
2013 – I published The Prosperous Coach. It’s sold almost 70,000 copies and still sells 1,000 copies a month, 7 years after it was first published.
2013 – I announced the The High Achieving Introvert Project. I did nothing with it. It made ZERO dollars…
2013 – I launched The Apprenticeship and I trained a small group of highly successful leaders and coaches
2013 – I partnered with Mindvalley to launch Evercoach
2014 – I launched 4PC – my community of extraordinary leaders and coaches. We are now in our 6th year, we are oversubscribed and we have around 60 alumni.
2016 – I designed a program called The Fast & The Furious! It was so fun because it was the complete opposite of my value of “Slow Down to Speed Up.” We invested hours creating it and a lot of money on graphic design and program design. We were about to launch. But something inside of me didn’t feel right and I pulled it. I really upset a member of my team who’d spent hours on this. But it wasn’t right. And it never saw the light of day. Money and time investment = huge. Dollars generated = ZERO.
2017 – I partnered with Mindvalley to create a program called Being an Exponential Coach.
2017 – I ran The Mastermind for a small group of women leaders. I only did this once. They flew in from around the world to meet in my home. It was really fun. And then I was complete.
2018 – I launched Project Kairos to support successful executives and entrepreneurs, who want to fly as coaches. It’s been so fun that we have just launched our 3rd cohort. 75 people have been through this program. At $15K each, you do the math.
2018 – I launched The Deep Dive. I travel to interesting cities around the world and hot seat coach 10 people, for 3 days straight, in a beautiful setting. I love this program! We’ve run it 11 times – 10 people a time, $5K per person. This super fun program alone has generated over half a million dollars.
2019 – I created Be Remarkable. An online training in how to build a word-of-mouth business.
2019 – I launched my Protégé Program. I work with 2-3 leaders who commit two years of their life to truly thriving. It’s a $100K investment.
2019 – I created The Thinking Partnership, where I partner with a highly creative person to kick-start their thinking or to inspire their ideas.
2020 – I created 100 Days of Coaching. I made this up to support coaches at the start of the pandemic. It was sold out 12 days later.
2020 – I created a 3 day experience called The Laboratory, with my friends Marisa Peer and John Davy, at their home in LA. Then lockdown happened and we turned it into a virtual experience.
2020 – I created a program called Coaching Elite Top Performers. I worked on this for 3 years.
2020 – I launched a program called Get Branded!
2020 – I am about to launch a program for executives or entrepreneurs who want to be high-level coaches, called Transition Excellence. I’ve been working on this for a year.

Create! Self Paced Training:

You will receive immediate access to a 2-hour recorded training call that you can work through at your own pace.  You will have access to the recording in perpetuity to refer back to for additional insight or listen to again and again.

Register Now