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The 3 word business plan for massive success…

Do you want to be an Influential Coach – coaching dream clients, commanding elite fees, taking extended vacations, and making money while you sleep?

Then it’s your creativity that will have you stand out from the crowd.

Before I was a coach, I was a high school teacher. I grew my creative skills in front of one of the most challenging audiences on the planet… Teenage kids!

I brought my creativity to my coaching and I haven’t stopped creating for over 30 years. 

As Dave Trott says, “Creativity is the last legal unfair advantage we can take to run over the competition.”

My creativity has generated millions of dollars, supported hundreds of thousands of coaches, helped build 5 schools in Africa, and grown a community of over 45,000 coaches across the globe.

Over the years, I’ve built a body of work – articles, books, podcasts, videos, programs and courses. 

And I’ve created a menu of ways for people to work with me, ranging from a $30 book, to $400 programs, to over $185,000 for private coaching.

What keeps most coaches from creating?

Creating something and putting it out in the world is scary. You might get it wrong. You’ll probably be judged. You’ll definitely be criticized. 

So we hold back. 

We use fancy names like: Writer’s Block, Imposter Syndrome, and Analysis Paralysis. 

But there’s really only one reason we hold ourselves back. 

We’re scared. 

And we hold ourselves back. 

How do you hold back your creativity?

  1. Doubt: do you constantly doubt and second guess yourself? 
  2. Procrastination: Do you put things off again and again?
  3. Comparisonitis: Do you regularly compare yourself with the very best in your field, or everyone in your social media feed, and feel inferior? 
  4. Perfectionitis: Do you tell yourself that you can’t start until you have absolute perfection – and that moment rarely comes?
  5. Spotlight effect: Do you hold back because it feels like there’s a spotlight on you at all times, highlighting your mistakes and flaws, for all the world to see?
  6. Other people: Do you pay too much attention to what other people say or think?
  7. Negative self-talk: Do you pay too much attention to the critical voice in your head? “That’s no good…” or “That won’t sell…” 
  8. Stifled expression: Do you hold back your thoughts or feelings, so that people think well of you?
  9. Premature practicality: Do you fight your intuition and creativity by demanding logical answers, or wanting to know the “right” way things should be done?
  10. Fear of Failure: Are you afraid your ideas will be rejected or ridiculed, so you choose not to share or explore them at all?
  11. Overthinking: Does your overanalysis or obsession about details block your creative flow?
  12. Neglecting Self-care: Do you work so hard that you have almost no energy left to be creative?

If you want to be an Influential Coach, you need to become highly creative

  1. Creativity requires courage to push yourself beyond your comfort zone, to speak your truth when everyone else is holding back, to take risks in the face of uncertainty. 
  2. Creativity requires confidence. Not the confidence that you’re right but the confidence to keep going, no matter what. The confidence to put humility to one side, to share your ideas with other people. 
  3. Creativity requires embracing failure. For most of human history, a fear of failure prevented you from dying. Today, your willingness to risk failure is actually your competitive advantage.
  4. Creativity requires a spotlight. Ideas need attention if they are to grow. Don’t wait for perfection. Share your work. Something small. Every day. 
  5. Creativity requires consistency. No one can predict what will do well and what will bomb. And you probably won’t find your voice until you have written your first 100 articles, or made your first 100 videos. So you might as well get them out of the way, right?!
  6. Creativity needs criticism. Sounds crazy. But there’s truly only one way to avoid being criticized. It’s to say nothing, do nothing, be nothing. You’re not an Influential Coach if you’re not being criticized every day.

Creating something from nothing is a high level skill…

  • Would you like to be more creative? 
  • Would you like to have a range of ways for clients to experience you?
  • Would you like to build a suite of programs that generate money when you’re asleep?
  • Would you like to create new IP, a book, a podcast, a video series, or an innovative new coaching program?
  • Would you like to create a ton more value for your 1:1 clients, or have more ideas for group coaching experiences?
  • Do you want to build an audience online, or a community of fascinating clients? 
  • Do you want the ability to create distinctions, ideas, tools, visuals, models, assessments, frameworks, articles, audios, and videos – with ease?

Your ability to create can multiply your impact a thousand-fold.

It’s why I designed my self-paced training that I call quite simply: Create!

It’s a 2-hour recorded training session that you can work through at your own pace. Plus, you have access to the recording in perpetuity, to refer to for additional insight, or to listen again and again.

Creating something from nothing is a high level skill. If you want to create new IP, your book, a coaching program, or something completely new – I can help.

In Create! I’ll teach you dozens of distinctions to help you become the most creative person you know…

Now that’s a competitive advantage that will bring a return on investment for the rest of your career. 

Love. Rich 


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