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A client of mine wanted to join me on The Dubai Deep Dive.  

She texted me. 

“Rich, I want it all. I want coaching next year, my community and an adventure in Dubai. But my resources are finite…”

I never tell a client that they should invest their money in a coaching experience. That’s their decision, not mine. 

But I just flew 6,000 miles to spend two days with one of my coaches. For me, the ROI on coaching is priceless. 

Here’s what I wrote to her… 



Not deciding drains you of energy. 

Deciding frees you.

The word decide comes from the same root as the word homicide. It means to kill off your options. 

Which is why it’s scary. 

But if it’s scary to say yes and it’s scary to say no, the common denominator is feeling scared. 

If you’re gonna feel scared whatever you decide, you may as well decide. 

So… Decide. 

And then sit with the feelings that rise up after the decision. Sleep on the decision.

After you decide, you’ll know what’s right. 

So decide.

Love. Rich




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