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Deep Coaching Masterclass At Mindvalley U

I had a really fun time coaching in front of 400 entrepreneurs and coaches at Mindvalley U today, in Estonia.

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Here are a few highlights:

1. It feels great when a client says “WOW!” but the real sound of insight is more like “Ooooh…” 

2. The 5 Elements of Deep Coaching:

(1) Deep listening: Insight vs Information

(2) Eliciting: Perspective vs Instruction

(3) 10X: Greatness vs Probability

(4) Leadership: Agreements vs Expectations

(5) Strategy: Strategy vs Tactics

3. Guilty Secrets of Top Performers

* I have everything I ever wanted but I feel empty.
* I’m bored. I could do this with my eyes closed. 

* I’m not lonely but I feel very alone. 
* I’m exhausted, but if I stop working so hard it will all go away. 

* People admire me but I feel lazy. 
* People admire me but I feel like a fraud.

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